Earth Shattering — Atom Smashing Discovery UNLOCKS Superhero Powers

Last night while watching a multi-millionaire, slow-talking, bald guy telling stories on a DVD about improving writing I had one of the most important breakthroughs of my life. I discovered – or realized – something – a MIRACLE really – that I’m quite certain will revolutionize every single aspect, atom and fiber of my being. 

The funny thing was, that I didn’t spend my 1,400 silver pieces intending to acquire this particular secret. I spent the moollah to find ways to serve you better and in the process extract loads more money from your wallet.

Yes, the secret is out, I want you to give me money and lots of it. But I do expect to give you more value — much more value in return — than you gave me in terms of dollars. And that’s exactly what I felt I got out of spending that $1,400.

It’s a fair trade or bartering. You give, and I give as well and we’re both happy we did so.

But now I’m getting off my point a bit. I want to tell you about this secret that is revolutionizing my life.

The Secret Is:

Pretty much "The Secret" as in what was taught in the movie "The Secret."

However the bald guy with the mustache never mentioned that movie. He comes at it from a different angle. But I realized that what he was talking about was the "Law of Attraction" or what I call Imagination Science.

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Now getting back to the DVD. I used to do lots of public speaking many years ago. I went to all sorts of training programs to help me do it better.

And one thing I always wanted to figure out is how to speak without getting nervous. But without fail, every — EXPERIENCED — speaker I asked always told me that nervousness was natural and that you had to and needed to be nervous before a talk.

But that bald marketing guru guy on my T.V. was far from nervous. He was so incredibly calm it looked like he just got out of bed. And he spoke for 3 hours and 15 minutes almost completely off the top of his head and without notes. He briefly referenced his notes two hours into the presentation to give everyone a list of about 20 specific tips.

He just kept on calmly and slowly telling story after story. But in these stories were the keys I needed to unlock the power of this NUCLEAR secret. I also learned about some of the most incredible people on the planet. The speaker being one of them.

These people were true Superbeings. They literally did things beyond what most scientists would consider possible.

One 61 year old, Zen monk made the Navy Seal training look like child’s play. I couldn’t believe what this guy accomplished. In a word, it was — INCREDIBLE — or better yet — Triply Frickin INCREDIBLE.

Incredible SQUARED and just plain — AWESOME.

To tell the truth, I’m not quite sure, if I’ll be able to take full advantage of this secret. I’ve had many similar realizations in the past.

But this time, I got the real life stories of people using this secret to mold their lives into unique works of art like the Mona Lisa. Something just clicked inside of me.

And it’s not only about visualization. You have to take action and make plans, etc.

But if you understand and realize this concept, you can skyrocket the speed of your success and accomplishments in all areas of your life. It’s literally like having the KEYS to a Golden Kingdom.

What used to take you ten years or never, might happen in a month or six months. It’s the fast track to success in all areas.

Most people know about the Law of Attraction. And yet most of them are not as successful in life as they wish they could be.

So it’s not about knowing of this law. It’s about knowing how to use it with — ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. It’s simply a deep and true realization of your own — infinite power.

So I’ve been taking notes on this talk and adding my own insights and realizations from over 20 years of study on personal development, spirituality and the Law of Attraction.

Last night I saw my mistakes. They became glaringly obvious for the first time. Sure I’ve had plenty of success in my life. Sure I’ve mastered my diet and have a wonderful life and am living my dreams.

But I want more, much more. You see, I want to become the most powerful being I can. I don’t want to be just human. I want to tap into the 95% of my brain that isn’t being used.

I know I have incredible spiritual powers — and so do you — that are just lying dormant.

It’s like owning the QE II but trying to get across the Atlantic in a rowboat.

I’m starting to really believe we have no limits whatsoever. That we are special beings, unlimited beings of awesome power and scope. But most of us just don’t know it.

And some of us know it, but just don’t know how to access that power for everyday life. It’s like we have our spiritual side and our everday side. What if we could mold them into one reality?

Do you want to learn what I learned? Do you want to see my notes? Do you want to see what I gladly paid 1,400 bucks for?

Well you can’t.

At least not yet.

In the very near future, you’ll have a chance to get my notes on this most life altering of secrets. And maybe you’ll use your understanding to walk on water, to fly, teleport or heal the sick or yourself.

Imagine being a superhero on multiple levels. If you can realize this power it’ll be like being able to split the atom and making a nuclear explosion of positivity in your life.

You must value this secret above all others. If you don’t, it means you haven’t got it yet.

In any case, I have an exciting new program coming out. It’s called — The Superbeing Academy

Make sure to watch my next emails closely for more information on this. I’ll be giving it to you gradually in small chunks. There’s going to be a doozy of an opportunity for you very soon.

Anyone who doesn’t get this will need to have his or her head examined. It will be an absolute no brainer. I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

So keep on reaching for the stars and HAVE what you want.

I’ll be in touch real soon,

Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer


The 41-Year-Old Teenager

P.S. I have a little surprise for you that can add some LIGHTNING and some SPEED and some ripped abs to your life. Whenever you get a chance take a look at — and see if you can find my surprise to you.

I can’t say what it is here, but I think if you don’t yet have the program, you’ll really like the surprise. And that surprise won’t last for long, so don’t dilly dally if you’re curious.


Earth Shattering — Atom Smashing Discovery UNLOCKS Superhero Powers — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Roger,

    I am on my way with the rawfoodist steps, and at the same time stuck soooooo heavy.
    Facing everything that is in the way off being the best I can be feels like hell at the moment.
    Broke, and yet 32 landing pages with the potential to make millions a week.
    Alone, and yet in love with someone whom left me.
    Father, and yet my 2 beautifull daughters live at their moms.
    Fit, but yet a body thet shows otherwise in the mirror, knees hurting like the explode.
    What a pain.

    I trully do not reccocnise myself any longer.
    Knowing it will all be OK again, I have a hard time keeping up, feel like dying, with a spirrit that loves live and lives forever.

    Anyway, I want to tell you how gratefull I am for your inspiration.
    Really greatfull, despite the hurdels off my self made missary.

    God bless, and keep sending the good stuff.

    Robert Buser

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