This Belief Ruined My Life for 6 Years

In October of 1996 I first started doing the Raw Food Diet seriously. The discovery of the Raw Food Diet and Natural Hygiene were absolute breakthroughs or Magic Ideas for me.

It completely transformed my life overnight. The day before I was still stuck in a hell some people call DEPRESSION. I suffered with it severely for 6.5 years.
I remember at first when I got my depression I was quite certain that diet had nothing whatsoever to do with my depression. I thought it was my karma. I thought it was a punishment for things I had done wrong within my spiritual path at the time. (Boy was I wrong on many levels.)
Yet I looked everywhere for solutions. Read all sorts of books, tried all sorts of self-help and spiritual techniques but found nothing for 6.5 years. Those were pretty much wasted years. Not in terms of life experience but in terms of an enjoyable life.
The Unbearable Pain of Living
I was so lonely and yet unable to relate to people anymore. Simple interactions between even my best friends was difficult. I was afraid to look anyone in the eye because I might start crying.
All I could handle at the time were the simplest clerical jobs. Here I was a very intelligent guy, with a 4 year college degree and I could only do the most menial of jobs. And I was on the verge of getting fired from most of them and either I quit before I got fired and I was actually was fired a couple of times and not rehired another time.
Life was emotionally very painful and I was scared as hell that I would be living out on the streets real soon. I came very close to that point many times. I had long period of unemployment or under-employment. But then one day, I started reading a popular diet book which claimed it could help you with depression.
A Possible Breakthrough
So I tried the diet and felt some minor improvement in my depression. That book was "The Zone Diet" by the way. Unfortunately the improvement didn’t last very long so I dropped that diet. Plus the reasoning behind the diet seemed highly flawed after I examined it more closely.
But that was enough evidence to give me hope and got me searching other diet books that made similar claims.
Eventually I ran across the famous diet book, "Fit For Life." I read the whole 287 page book in a day or two. That book changed everything for me.
You probably would have never heard about me had I not read that book. That was a major turning point in my life. Because as soon as I finished reading the book I added way more raw fruits and vegetables to my diet.
As a result of that. The very first day I switched to this diet, my depression went away. I’m talking in one day. Luckily for me I never took any anti-depressants. For people on those medications getting rid of depression can take a bit longer. There’s a lot of ondoing you have to do from those mind destroying drugs.
Why Was This Book So Important To Me?
1. Helped me relieve my depression in one day.
2. Made me realize that fruit was our ideal food.
3. Gave me clues to research. They mentioned Natural Hygiene in the book and therefore I researched that for more information.
I reasoned that if a 50% raw food diet could get me out of my depression then what might going 100% raw do for me?
Do you see the significance in all of this and how it relates to every aspect of your life?
I’m not just talking about diet, but about a fulfilled and happy life. Not just from eating a raw food diet, but from any other ideas that can unleash your full potential in life.
One idea alone could be worth a billion dollars to you. Had I a billion dollars I gladly would have traded all of it to get rid of my depression. For money and life is useless if you can’t enjoy it and are constantly living in fear and misery.
Let’s look back at my story. What if I continued to stay stubborn and believe that diet has nothing to do with depression. I might still be depressed today, 11 years later.
One stubborn belief was ruining my life. For within 6 months of me figuring out that diet may indeed be connected to my depression I was able to get out of my 6.5 years of hell.
Did you catch it?
One change in my belief system allowed me to blossom into what I’ve become today. One stupid idea was holding me in a prison of pain, fear and ignorance needlessly for 6 years.
Your life is limited only by your beliefs:
How many false beliefs do you have that are keeping you poor, limited and unhappy? I get so many emails from people living with beliefs that are making them poor. I run into them in my daily life. Most people are far from achieving their Superbeing potential. And it’s all because of the limiting ideas they hold true.
They think it’s their outer world or circumstances causing their lack of money or being overweight, etc. It’s the victim mentality. They’ve never questioned whether or not there was something they could do about it.
For instance, so many people are pummeled by parents and society to believe that being rich is bad. How many movies portray the rich guy as being evil? So how could you go after a goal which deep down inside makes you feel bad. If you want wealth, then you first have to get rid of your poverty consciousness beliefs.
What are beliefs if nothing more than mental pictures or ideas you hold true.
Belief: An idea or mental picture you hold true.
If you want to change your life, you must change your mental pictures or your ideas; which comes down to changing your beliefs. Same pictures equals the same results.
The key is not to OBSERVE reality but to CREATE it. You are the molder and master of your Universe. If you do not have this belief than you are doomed to a life of mediocrity. You have incredible powers for success and creating your ideal life, but you may not have realized it yet.
Let me help you break free of the cocoon of ignorance to your true nature and potential.
I know a great way to give you new and more empowering pictures to look at with your mind’s eye.
I’m running a Super Duper Sale right now on something I guarantee will make HUGE destiny changing breakthroughs for your life in five minutes flat.
It’s the Premiere Edition of my Magic Ideas Newsletter and it’s on sale at a 74% discount. With the right ideas success, health and happiness can come quickly and without struggle.
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You can change your life for the better five minutes from now.
Create your dreams, don’t recreate your observations,
Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer
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You’ll even get to see exactly how I broke one of my addictions. With these Magic Ideas you’ll be making real improvements to your life almost effortlessly. Ask yourself the right questions and it will seem easy to break addictions and bad habits. Heck I’m an expert at breaking habits. And that’s the name of the game in self-improvement. Learn how to change limiting habits or limiting thoughts and you can be anything you desire.
P.P.S. Remember just one of these ideas might be worth a Billion Dollars to you. Realize I wouldn’t be capable of writing this to you today had I not changed the limiting belief that kept me in a deep depression for six and a half years.



This Belief Ruined My Life for 6 Years — 7 Comments

  1. Dear Roger
    I have realised so much from your many e-mails that I already intuited but somehow seemed unable to realise. While I doubt I will ever become a total
    fruitarian ( I love steak too much), I have over the past six months adopted a regime of fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch and whatever you like in the eveing. This has been enough for me to shed 1.5 stones and recover my ideal weight of 12.5 stones.
    But really it is the mental thing that has happend which is so mind-blowing, as finally at the age of 50 it looks as if, after several differnt careers, my life-long passion is coming true, that is I am on the verge of becoming a professional pianist. I have played the piano since I was a kid but family opposition always forced me to fine a ‘respectable’ job. Well, now it looks as if my dreams may be coming true. Thank you so much for giving me that little extra push and helping me to think positive and have faith in myself.
    All the very best


  2. Roger I have had so much usefull information from your emails. Many thanks! I am sitting in front of the computer and to my left i see my 300 odd book library on natural health from all angles. In the middle is Fit For Life. The book that did it for me was Howell on Enzyme Nutrition. And so today i am the 66 year old teenager. Fit healthy excited and most of all improving every day. Keep up the good work and you are well ahead of the President and the Queen on my list of people to meet in this lifetime. John

  3. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this valuable information.
    Can you please provide a sample layout indicating what a 3 raw food meal a day, 7 days a week meal plan should include.

    Thank you for your service,
    Peter Blair

  4. Hi Roger!

    I ordered the newsletter on Thursday 21 Aug. I read
    this blogpost and ordered it afterwards. I hesitated
    at first, don’t know why now.

    I guess because this wasn’t the usual raw food stuff,
    more about personal development which is more of a new thing for me.

    But I’m VERY pleased with what I’ve read so far. It’s great ideas and good ideas are worth a lot, they really are priceless. And I highly recommend it to anyone who’s reading and can’t decide weather they are going to buy it or not.

    I decided to give it a shot when I read that I could get my money back if I wasn’t pleased. That made the
    choice easy for me.

    One question though. When will I get the bonuses? I
    just thought they would come with my order. This may be
    a silly question, I guess it’s coming soon in my mail. I just got a bit worried thinking about this because I don’t want to miss out on that or anything. 🙂

    Thanks Roger – keep the good work up!


  5. Erik,

    Thanks for the great testimonial. I look forward to seeing how you use some of these Magic Ideas in your life.

    Just so you know I’ve finally uploaded the bonuses to the customer autoresponder list. So you should be receiving an email with the download information within the next 24 hours.

    Cheers, Roger

  6. Dear Peter Blair:

    I have the same question as yours.

    “a sample layout indicating what a 3 raw food meal a day, 7 days a week meal plan should include.”

    Would you please e-mail to me at
    j o 3 h n @ i n b o x . c o m the answer to your question.
    Please remove all spaces in the above e-mail address.
    Sincerely jo3hn

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