We Were Really Worried About Andrew

Andrew pointing at the xray of his fractured elbow

Andrew pointing at the xray of his fractured elbow


Earlier this year when we came back from Mexico in late March we went to Las Vegas to check it out and stay for a while because there was nothing affordable or available in Lake Havasu City, Arizona because it was during Spring Break.Then a day or two after arriving our son Andrew was playing on the swings at the park and he decided to jump off the swings just like the other kids were doing.

Only problem was when he released himself from the swing he landed with the full weight of his body on his left elbow. And he was in MAJOR PAIN and crying like 10 babies combined immediately after impact.Karmyn came home with him and I could see that just the mere thought of bending his elbow at all was giving him a lot of pain.I tried a remedy at home that I know reduces swelling and pain. And about 15 minutes later he was able to bend his elbow and his pain reduced. But soon enough his pain just came back.That’s when we decided it was time to take him to the emergency room.Turns out Andrew had a fractured elbow and they referred us to an orthopedic surgeon thinking he’d need surgery to fix the problem. And of course, we really did not want Andrew to have invasive surgery if it was not necessary.

Andrew petting a live snake with Rainbow on his right side

Andrew in the picture above is petting a live snake with Rainbow on his right side and some other boy on the right.

[NOTE: You can see the ice pack and his sling on the floor in front of Andrew. He was often in severe pain as a result of this injury and needed to take pain killers for quite some time.]

Anyways, for some reason the Emergency Room doctor told us to wait a few days or so before seeing an orthopedic surgeon so that the swelling could go down a little bit.

So we had an appointment in Las Vegas later the next week but we ended up moving back to Arizona over two hours away that next week. (We were really in a state of flux with no fixed place to live.)

Then we realized back in Arizona that we were not going to take him all the way to Vegas, that maybe we could find a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon in our much smaller town.

Luckily we found a doctor and took Andrew there.

After examining him he told us that we should have seen him or another orthopedic surgeon right after the injury and not to have waited so many days. By this point it was too late an operating on him might do more harm than good.

He also told us that Andrew’s elbow was actually fractured in two places instead of just one.

The doc told us that Andrew’s elbow would likely heal but let’s face it, “he’s not going to be an elbow model.” In other words, he fully expected Andrew’s elbow to be misshapen as a result.

Andrew with fractured elbow going down the slide together with Rainbow

[Andrew and Rainbow on a slide – Turn on or enable images in your email account if you don’t see the pictures in this email]

Well of course, I knew something that our orthopedic surgeon didn’t know a thing about.

I knew the incredible bone healing, strengthening, reshaping and building power of the Bone Builder protocol. Well actually it’s the Cavity Crusher AND Bone Builder System.

This protocol can actually remold bone to it’s proper original shape without surgery. For instance, let’s say you have arthritis and your bones are getting deformed. If you do the protocol as instructed in my program you can actually reverse years of arthritic bone damage.

Yes it will be a bit painful at first but what do you expect when you’re remodeling bone? The pain will be well worth it because you’ll have bones sort of melting and remolding themselves back into their natural shape.

So as soon as Andrew broke his elbow we started to make sure he was getting plenty of the important bone building nutrients that so many people in this day and age are deficient in.

We also made sure he ate plenty of mineral rich raw greens every day with Savory Veggie Stews.


And we also learned that healing bones requires extra protein. So each day we made sure he ate plenty of the Anticraver Secrit Recipe which is a raw vegan food that is really high in protein.

You can get the Anticraver on sale here as a bonus:


Well when we took Andrew back for his final checkup the orthopedic surgeon was stunned. His elbow showed no signs of deformity whatsoever. In short, his elbow was as good as NEW.

And the best part he didn’t need painful and costly surgery for it to happen.

Wow what a relief that was.

I think we were lucky that we got “bad” advice from the emergency room doctor and that we were also moving and could not make it right away to the orthopedic surgeon.

Andrew’s elbow is perfectly fine and fully functional now and I’m quite sure we have the information in The Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder System to thank for that.

Get more info on  “The Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder System” at the link below.

No question this is info is powerful and life changing.

It not only strengthens bones but strengthens teeth and nails too because they’re all part of our bone system.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King


Corrections from Karmyn from the original email (now a blog post above).

NOTE from Roger: I wrote the previous email largely from memory but I was not the one dealing with the doctors and all of the emergency room visits this caused. Not to mention the lack of sleep Karmyn got when Andrew would wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain.

Therefore Karmyn has made some corrections and included a remarkably important additional detail. Actually she wanted to include a lot more info but I told her she could email you that at some point in the future.

1. Original Email:  “Anyways, for some reason the Emergency Room doctor told us to wait a few days or so before seeing an orthopedic surgeon so that the swelling could go down a little bit.”

Corrected: It was not a few days they told her (actually two ER doctors told her this) that we should wait a full week before sending Andrew to an orthopedic surgeon. This turned out to be “wrong” advice from the ER doctors but I believe this wrong advice spared Andrew a needless surgery.

2. This is some extra detail which I did not remember but Karmyn certainly did.

According to Dr. Heiner (Andrew’s orthopedic surgeon) not only had his elbow COMPLETELY HEALED, it healed so perfectly no one would be able to tell that it was ever broken.


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