I Give Debbie Some Surprising Raw Diet Advice

Here’s an email I received from Debbie asking a common question related to doing the Raw Food Diet correctly. I get a lot of people asking me the same exact question and I wonder why this is such a big problem for people. Especially from people I know, who should know better. But sometimes people don’t use their common sense.

Also see if you can notice the subconscious limitations she imposes upon herself. I hope with what I say, she can start to see a bigger picture of her potential. You can see Debbie’s email in the italics and then my responses are interspersed.
Dear Roger,
Hi! My name is Debbie. After being a meat eater all my life, I have been vegetarian now for about 6 years now. My age is 51, soon to be 52. I do take some dairy(fat free or low fat milk ocasionally, yogurt, and occasionally curd which is like homemade cheese). I have been overweight for a long time. In the last few months I have managed to lose 17 lbs, but I need to lose 80 more in order to be at my ideal weight for my height which is 5 foot 2 1/2 inches. Right now, I would be considered obese, weighing in at 200 lbs, even though I can say I am pretty active….not so much in exercise, but in always being busy ….cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. 
I live in a temple and engaged in full time devotional service. I take very little time for myself, which I am finding that is an obstacle that I will and must change in order to be more fit mentally, physically, emotionally, etc… 
Roger: Good observation Debbie. You’re not taking care of the most important Temple, your body. And that does take some time, highly enjoyable time, but time nevertheless.
Is there some kind of guideline that you can share with me in the approximate amount of food(fruit, vegetables, nut, seeds, etc) in order for me to have what I need as far as calories, fat, protein, etc..) for better health. I guess what I am asking is a sample of the meal plan, as I can get a good idea of how to plan my meals. 
Roger: I must admit, this always puzzles me when people ask me for a meal plan. And I get this question a lot. Eating raw is simplicity itself; do you see any chimpanzees with a shopping list and making out a meal plan?
The fact is that you don’t need a meal plan. You just need to know that you need to eat lots of delicious raw fruits and vegetables and to make sure you get enough calories so that you’re not hungry all of the time.
Adding variety whenever possible also helps. But you can thrive with a relatively limited number of fruits and vegetables if they are particularly high in nutrients.
Since you’re trying to lose weight, getting enough calories won’t be such a big issue for you. The only other general guideline is to keep your levels of fat to no more than 15% of your total weekly caloric intake. Entering the foods you eat into a free account at Fitday.com could easily help you to determine that.
Sure there are other factors that are helpful to know, in fact, at – http://HowToGoRaw.com I provide members a 27 Guidelines for succeeding with the Optimal Raw Food Diet in the Frequently Asked Questions forum.
We also have a list of many of the different raw foods that you could include as part of your diet. And we have a post there called, Basic Guidelines for the Optimal Raw Food Diet. This gives you a more comprehensive overview of how to make this as simple as possible.
And finally we even have detailed guidelines as to approximately how many calories you are going to need depending on your height, weight, activity levels and weight goals.
Of course, if you wish to get even more details and more support I recommend my highly affordable membership at http://HowToGoRaw.com. The members there are finding it much easier to go raw with the raw food education I give them as well as the motivational and visualization techniques and of course the direct support via our active member’s only forum. 
We’ve got a couple of newbies to the forum who are just starting out going 100% raw and reporting back their experiences every day. Maybe you will become one of them.
Once you know how about how many calories you need and that you don’t want to overdo it with eating fatty foods. Then figuring out what to eat becomes fairly easy. You’ll mostly be eating fruits for your calories, antioxidants, phytonutrients, etc. and lots of mineral rich vegetables to make sure your mineral and electrolyte levels are well balanced.
I had read a blog from someone that you had coached and was very encouraged when he said that you had been his coach. As much as I would be overjoyed to get this coaching, too, I can not ask, as I have nothing to give you in return. 
Roger: Debbie, do you really BELIEVE you have nothing to give me in return? Here you are trying to serve God and yet God could not serve you to somehow be able to get the things you need. The very information you need to be able to serve God, your family and friends for as long as possible.
We all have unimaginable gifts and potential but most of the time these gifts are wasted due to the subconscious governors we place on our own potentials.
Your statement: "I have nothing to give you in return" is a prime example of what I was speaking about in my last post about the poverty mentality that many people have.
Do you believe that God is poor?
God is everything and in everyone. The creator and owner of all things. The bestower of the miracle of life. After many thousands of experiments no scientist or group of scientists have ever been able to manufacture a living being of any kind.
There’s no particle of matter that isn’t touched by Divinity. May I suggest, the only thing that is poor is your image of yourself and your image of God.
If you wanted my coaching all you’d have to do is to visualize yourself as already having it. Be joyful about having it. In other words, be thankful for what you know you already have. Then listen to your intuition as to how to go about getting my coaching in a carefree and effortless manner. Your intuition that’s God speaking to you.
Then simply do what you feel inspired to do. Maybe an opportunity for paid work will suddenly come along, enough so that you can pay for my services. Or maybe you’ll come up with a brilliant new invention or money making idea inspired by your desire to have your ideal body and radiant health.
Maybe you have something you could give me or a way for me to be able to reach more people. Use your creativity and imagination for in it lies the seeds of gold and opportunities to grab diamonds everywhere you look.
God is not stingy. We’re the only ones who are stingy because we don’t believe God will provide for us. We get what we picture. If you picture yourself as not having means, then that is exactly what you’ll experience in your life.
If you’re only a believer in logic and common sense then you can’t imagine a greater reality. You can only recreate what you see before you and your Imaginative Spiritual Eye becomes dead from disuse.
But if you would be so kind in helping me with the above questions, I would be dearly indebted to you. Thanks in advance.
I hope my response helped you Debbie.
If you want to learn how to start seeing "Gold Dust in the Air" and "Acres of Diamonds" where you used to see trash then I want you to read every word of my Magic Ideas Website.
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I Give Debbie Some Surprising Raw Diet Advice — 2 Comments

  1. Hey, Roger!

    I love this newsletter & the idea that God is everything & is therefore a God of abundance. I just wanted to take issue with your statement that scientists have never been able to manufacture a single living thing. You may have heard of Wilhelm Reich. He heated ocean sand & discovered that sufficiently high temperatures destroy what life there is, but these same high temperatures produce “bions,” which in turn can develop into living bacteria. He did state that this experiment was not newly creating life, but merely demonstrating the natural process by which protozoa develop spontaneously from disintegrated matter.

    Also, an amazing site called rexresearch.com, devoted to cataloguing suppressed technologies which could have greatly benefited mankind, has a section on abiogenesis. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the details since it’s been a few years since I’ve read this, but I remember them mentioning a 19th century scientist who ran an electric current through a solution for 2 weeks, and noticed a group of a theretofore unknown species of bug starting to grow off of the electrode inside the solution.

    I just thought you might also really like the rest of that website, as I know you like exposing conspiracies that keep people enslaved, & the number of suppressed technologies on this site, especially for producing energy & for healing, just go to show how all-pervasive these conspiracies are.

    Just some food for thought: )

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