Famous Dr. Claims Raw Diet Leads to Malnutrition

I actually know many doctors who believe this to be true. Even two famous doctors I highly respect otherwise and whom I’ve mentioned before on my blog.

But the truth is these doctors haven’t studied raw food nutrition enough to have a RAT’S ASS IDEA of what they’re blabbing on about. They haven’t run the nutritional numbers.
And if anything, they’ve been seeing people who’ve been eating the failed "Hollywood Raw" or high fat, superfood, and super expensive version of the raw food diet. That is a diet that should be criticized and rightly so.
If you’ve tried to eat a raw food diet before, you might have had the experience of telling a friend or family member about your diet and they ended up scaring you off of eating raw. Their argument actually made a lot of sense to you and matched your experiences with eating raw.
Or maybe you read something on a raw food forum somewhere and it really scared the crapola out of you. This is happening to people every single day. Everyone is trying to scare you off eating raw. Even the raw gurus will try to scare you off eating low fat raw. It’s a constant onslaught of fear and misinformation.
After reading that scary forum post of a certain person’s experience with eating raw there was no way anymore you were going to eat a raw vegan diet. You finally realized that you must eat meat to be healthy and all kinds of nonsense like this.
This is the reality of the world we live in. In order to fully succeed with the raw food diet, you have to be thoroughly educated so that when you get the nay saying opinion, you can understand the reasoning behind it and why the naysayer is actually wrong.
Below I answer a question that Katie asked a while ago on this blog. Sorry it took me so long to respond but 182 questions is a lot to cover. You’ll see how my reply to her and the testimonial below tie in with what I’ve been talking about so far.
My answer ends up having some deep spiritual and freedom principle implications. I think you’ll find it enlightening and maybe even a little bit entertaining.
Katie @ 1:13 am
How do I engage the support and reduce the resistance from the ones I live with while transitioning to the raw food diet without them thinking and believing I am doing something wildly irrational, harmuful and unnatural?
Roger: Why does it matter what other’s think about what you’re eating? The only thing that matters is what you think. A free person makes her own decisions regardless of the opinion and support of others. Unless of course, you’re living with your parents and you’re still a minor.
Maybe you should focus on gaining your freedom first. Or learn to ignore the opinions of others when something is none of their business. Too many people make decisions based on what other people think. It’s your health, happiness and wellbeing on the line, not theirs.
If you want to succeed with the Raw Food Diet you need to be a leader. At least until that time when mostly everyone else is eating raw. But that could be a long time coming. Then again great results are contagious.
And if the people you live with think it’s irrational, harmful or unnatural it’s only because they’re picking up your own lack of confidence in what you’re doing.
No One Criticizes me Anymore for Eating Raw — Why is that?
I almost never get people questioning me about my diet anymore. In my early days of going raw, I got that a lot. I even got scared off eating raw when what they said seemed to match my own experiences. But now after many years I know they didn’t know what they were talking about.
They’d only scratched the outer surface of knowledge about the Raw Food Diet. I was taking advice from people who failed. That’s never a good idea.
And the rare times I do get limp questioners I try to explain things to them rationally. But it matters not to me what they think, because I know it works and have 100% confidence in what I’m doing.
If they don’t like it they can keep on being fat, prematurely old, sick and ugly. It’s their choice if they want to continue living a lie because they don’t know how to break free of their own addictions.
But the point I’m trying to make is people pick up on my vibrations and there is no doubt in me so they instinctually know that I am the master and they are the student when it comes to nutrition. If you get my drift.
I’m not kidding… this is completely true. I meet new people all of the time and tell them about what I eat and virtually never do I get warnings of them trying to scare me off. My VIBE doesn’t allow it in them.
It’s because I’m like a highly trained salesman, I know the response to every possible objection people have to eating raw. My confidence on the subject is so strong they can feel it and people just don’t challenge me, instead they listen.
Hence the people in my Universe react to what I send out and I get no resistance. This is a valuable life secret if you understand it. You are the all powerful creator of your Universe.
You get in life what you expect.
You can also gain that kind of aura and confidence via what I teach members of HowToGoRaw.com. It takes a while to overcome all of the false trainings and beliefs you might have. And that is part of my job in the forum there.
Any time somebody finds a certain study warning them about the dangers of this and that I come in and clarify for them. Or some doctor said not to eat fruit because it raises triglycerides kind of nonsense, I’m there to shine the light of truth on the matter.
I’m not talking about some religious dogma, but common sense and scientific principles. There are very good reasons for the way I eat. And the results I get and that my clients get speak for themselves.
On that note, let me share a related post / testimonial from a member of the HowToGoRaw.com raw family.
First let me set the stage. Erik had recently read some stuff about monkeys having problems with eating commercial or non-organic bananas. Because of this he started wavering on the concept of eating bananas in general. As if something really bad was going to happen to him.
I could sense his doubt building from his response to what he just read. Something by the way, which I read several years ago.
So I gave him my answer in the How To Go Raw Forum and this was his reply back to me: And by the way, Erik is also 100% raw but fairly new to it. About 6 months or so.
Testimonial from HowToGoRaw.com member Erik
Thank you. That’s just the kind of answer or information I was looking for.
I’m very pleased with your answer(s) to my question(s).
When I read what you respond and write here on the forum, I often think
to myself that "He hit the nail on the head with that one".
You really help to put things into perspective – and straighten out
my thinking when it comes to the raw food diet, natural health & living,
etc. I feel you have really helped me with this with all of your writing and
other work. Just wanted to mention that and say thank you(!). It’s very appreciated.
Thanks Erik,

That’s what I’m here for. To make it easier for you and the other members to go raw.

There’s so much misinformation out there and you can come to me for a common sense approach which will help to alleviate your fears.

There’s likely more of that kind of stuff to come in the near future. The more you research, the more you’ll be scared off.

Then come back here and I’ll help to straighten you out.

And that’s precisely why I struggled in staying raw the first five years of trying to do it on my own. But then I got some expert raw food mentors and information and I finally saw the light. And then it became easy for me to stay 100% raw.

Those who eat cooked matter — will splatter,

Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer and Perma-Teenager

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Famous Dr. Claims Raw Diet Leads to Malnutrition — 6 Comments

  1. I couldn’t find the name of the Famous Dr., or where the doctor made the claim that the Raw Food diet leads to malnutrition.

  2. I believe that the problem lies simply in terminology. When I first got on to your website, the term ‘Raw Food Diet’ almost immediately turned me off. I imagined raw potatoes, raw cauliflower, raw pumpkin etc etc and especially raw meat! Raw fish didn’t do much for me either and so I think that the whole thing calls for new words. Processed on its own is another problem word but maybe ‘naturally processed foods’ coupled with ‘no cooking’ or ‘uncooked’ might be a better description.
    Your ideas and beliefs are fantastic and you have more than adequate proof of what you are about but I have to tell you that when you start talking about ‘raw foods’ especially on a cold winter’s day, there has to be a better way of phrasing it. “raw’ also equates with ‘cold’ and here in Australia where we are experiencing an unusually cold winter in spite of the so called ‘Global Warming’ hype, the word raw doeds not stimulate much immediate interest. What do you think ? Jack

  3. Yeah, I agree with John known as Jack Leech. I’ve always wondered why they don’t just call it the fresh diet – fresh fruits & vegetables – doesn’t that pretty much sum it up? Also it implies that frozen is not preferred, though I remember Roger saying that frozen isn’t all that bad.

  4. No, Jack, Roger said that eating frozen vegetables isn’t a good idea because they are pre-cooked before packaging.


    Note From Roger: You are correct on the frozen veggies but as for fruit eating them frozen is not a problem so long as they aren’t ice cold when you are actually eating them.

  5. Hi Roger,

    I love your response to Katie’s question. It’s 100% true, first of all a person should make a decision based on what THEY want, know, believe etc, NOT based on what Tom Dick and Harry TELL them.

    And secondly, if you have a lot of faith in something, people won’t second guess you. And of course, faith comes from understanding and information on whatever the situation is.

    This answer goes into all areas of life and not just the raw food department.

    Good job.

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