Our Adventure Day in Guaymas y San Carlos

Wow did we have a fun day today.

We started with a beautiful hiking adventure with a new friend of ours that we bought some stuff from in the Tsiangus market in Empalme, Mexico.

We seemed to just hit it off with him over a couple of weeks and he invited us to go hiking with him. He took us to a place where few tourists would ever get to see. It was a beautiful climb (not too hard so the kids were with us) and we got to see beautiful views of the peninsula.

Then we went over to his house briefly and then we started driving up the highest local mountain. You can drive to the top with a car.

But part of the way up I realized I was low on gas or gasolina. So we had to turn around.

Then we were talking to our new buddy Christian (he speaks to us in English and we speak to him in Spanish and we both are learning at the same time) and I mentioned that we recently saw Orcas.

He was really impressed. Then we told him that we saw dolphins here several times as well. But he never saw them and yet he lived in the area for 4 years.

So we decided to invite him to come over to our place and maybe we could see the dolphins and I also wanted to show him how I feed the seagulls. I’ve gotten to the point of trust with the seagulls where some of them will fly in the air and take bites out of a banana that is in my hand.

So we went to Bahia Delfin or Dolphin Bay where dolphins actually live and I guess sleep there at night.

But we didn’t see any dolphins. Instead we had another treat in store.

It was a very low tide. And we went out to the estuary and we were all able to cross the water and walk out to islands that we had never been too before. It was so beautiful with the fishing birds, crabs and clam shells.

And of course, the whole time we were Grounding and healing our bodies by walking barefoot. It took a while before we could convince Christian to take off his boots but eventually he wanted to because he wanted to cross the water in the estuary so we could explore the many “low tide” islands and the mangroves.

Christian absolutely loved the place. He had never been here to this particular beach before. He does not have a car and we found out that for his rent he only pays $16 a month. Yes it was a small place but good enough for one person and 7 dogs.

Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked from our adventure.

We just had an amazing time communing with Nature today. And right now he’s with us and I’m about to prepare him some Savory Veggie Stews for dinner.


Christian told us that in Guaymas it’s very unusual to meet vegetarians. But I told him we’re WAY beyond vegetarians because we eat our food RAW or uncooked.

Earlier today we had some cocos or young coconuts with him we get them Natural none of that Coco Loco stuff.

Now another interesting thing I realized.

In the past I’d carry my daughter Rainbow on my back during stretches of the hiking and after a while my shoulders would get very tired. I noticed today that I could hold her a lot longer. Heck I had her on me going horsee while we were climbing Cerro Fourteen.

What I’ve noticed is that with my new and consistent workout routine (thanks to our “30-Day Speed Fitness Challenge” in the LSFP forum that I can carry Rainbow for double the time without it bothering me.

A big part of that is my incredible ab and core development thanks to using “Two Second Abs.”

The every day benefits of developing a strong ab and core are many and I’ll be getting more into that in a future email.

And in case, you didn’t know “Two Second Abs” is currently on sale during our public launch. Details below.

* Two Second Abs – The Fastest and Most Convenient Ab and Core Workout on the Planet *



But now I have to finish making dinner for Christian. After the Savory Veggie Stews I plan to finish up by making him my Anticraver Secrit Recipe.

Of which you can find out more about that here…


OK then time to get back to making dinner. But I forgot to mention that I was doing several sets of Two Second Abs while hiking Cerro Fourteen and while we were walking at the beach of Bahia Delfin.

Two Second Abs truly is the most convenient ab workout on the planet.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening. Unless of course you live in a place where it’s already the morning hours now.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King


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