The Secret to Creating Magnetic Visualizations on Command

The other day I was really struggling to visualize my goal and use the law of attraction on a conscious level. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was having a hard time seeing and feeling my desired image.

Instead I was feeling a bit anxious and worried that I wouldn’t achieve my goal. All through that day I struggled. But I knew that I wanted to create a powerful image so that I would start attracting the ideas, people and even vibrations to make my dream become a reality.

But not to worry, we can always turn our problems into our greatest assets. I wouldn’t be writing you this article or any other articles for that matter, if I didn’t have problems.

The cool thing is later that night the solution finally hit me like a bolt of lightning.

I knew why I wasn’t able to visualize properly. It’s because I didn’t have gratitude.

Did you miss that?

It’s because I didn’t have gratitude.

Instead I was focusing on the lack of my goal and why I wasn’t doing as well as I had planned.

I love the idea of gratitude, but in the past I’ve poo pood it as not being something very important. Sure it was good to have gratitude.

But what I didn’t realize was it was one of the most important keys for activating the nuclear powered spiritual magnets. What I know for sure is that the more powerful your image and the more powerful your feelings for it, the faster you’ll achieve your goal.

So I wanted to have the secret for creating ultra powerful internal images. And it turns out that all that is required is for me to be grateful.

If I can be grateful then I am magically opened up to my higher self and the higher planes of consciousness. This is hard for me to explain because when I’m in these states I can feel the difference and so can the people around me.

There’s actually high levels of spiritual energy flowing through me. But if I feel fear or have anger I just can’t access that higher power and make my visualizations magnetic attractors of all I desire.

So all I have to do is to remember some of my greatest achievements in life and or note anything and everything I’m grateful for and my inner vision opens up magically.

That’s when I turn into a spiritual magnet and radiating station. It’s like I’m a radio tower.

And I know when I’m in this state I’m communicating on the Inner Internet with you and everyone else.

Realize that even the idea for this article came as a result of me putting this technique to use. It’s a long story of how I got to actually writing these ideas down. But I was inspired to read a certain book.

Then an article in that book inspired me to write an article in a certain way. Then I realized I had just recently discovered the incredible importance of gratitude and love to open up and magnetize my visual images.

And that’s how this article came about.

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The Greatest Power is Your Imagination – Now you’ll know how to use it,

Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer and Perma-Teenager








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  1. Roger, You are again right on the money. I actually a found another way to enter the zone of positive feelings with a machine that removes negativity. It is a bio-etheric machine that boosts the aura above the plains of duality consistently. Free trials are available on request.

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