Schmoopie Magnet

So it’s Valentine’s Day and you don’t have anyone to go Schmoopie, Schmoopie, Schmoopie with.

(Thanks Seinfeld and the amazing Soup Nazi episode.)

Well then, don’t you think your chances of finding a partner will increase as you become more confident?

I know an easy way to boost self-confidence.

It happens automagically without using any affirmations or psychobabble.

What’s the secrit?

Make yourself stronger, leaner and more athletic.


Having a strong, lean, athletic and virile body gives you a sense of confidence. And when you do the “1 to 5-Minute Super Workout” it releases natural drugs manufactured in your brain to give you this incredible calm and euphoric feeling.

And when you’re feeling good it AUTOMATICALLY attracts members of the opposite sex. Heck it attracts anyone and everyone. That’s means a strong body is great for business too.

Of course, how you look is important too.

And having a lean stomach that reveals an armor-plated 6-pack really helps too. Not to mention that strong abs and core will increase your every day strength, speed and athleticism too.

Well I’ve got you covered on creating your ideal body in 15 minutes or less of exercise per day.

With “Two Second Abs” you can build the most amazing abs and core in just 30 seconds a day.

But what about the rest of you?

Well that’s where my classic Lightning Speed Fitness Program (LSFP) comes in. It works the other end of your muscular chain… your upper body and lower body.

Therefore giving you the complete link.

And when I say 15-minutes that’s if you last that long. Most people can do great with just 10-minutes of LSFP per day. That’s about how much time I spend using it on average.

The really cool thing is that you just do TWO easy body weight exercises that work many muscles at the same time while also expanding your lung capacity.

No need for expensive exercise gadgets, weight lifting or gym memberships.

I 100% guarantee that your confidence will soar through the roof when you combine the Lightning Speed Fitness Program with “Two Second Abs.”

And I’ve got a little secrit for ya…

Did you know that currently you can save an EXTRA $10.00 off of “2-Second Abs” when you become a Lightning Speed Fitness Program member?

You will get the exclusive coupon code for that only in the LSFP member’s forum. And in that same forum you’ll find the instructions of how to do the “1 to 5 Minute Super Workout”. In as little as 60-seconds (if you’re a beginner) you can do a single exercise that improves your fitness, upper and lower body strength, strengthens the abs and improves explosive power and athleticism.

Getting fit and gaining confidence is not difficult or time consuming if you follow my simple fitness systems.

And soon you’ll start attracting so many Schmoopies that you won’t know what to do with them. You can start giving away your excess Schmoopies to your best friends.

Get the amazing Lightning Speed Fitness Program and the extra $10 off coupon here…

Now if only want the Lords of the Abs exercises then you can get it here during our world wide launch. But will cost you $10 more than if you were a Lightning Speed Fitness Program member.

“Two Second Abs – The fastest and most convenient ab and core workout on the planet.”

Use this Coupon Code at Checkout: FASTESTABEXERCISE

But get a move on as I’m about to add some really cool bonuses (about 3 more that I found recently from my archives) and I’m about to make two price points for “Two Second Abs” and when I do the price is definitely going to increase and likely without warning as I have often done in the past.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

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