“I am wit you”

I was thinking about the stray cat we’ve been feeding and that Karmyn named Sasha.

There was a day about maybe ten days ago where Andrew was outside and trying to get Sasha, I then came out and called her and she appeared for me. In fact, she walked straight too me. Andrew was simply not able to get her to come to him. But as soon as I came out there she came right up to me.

It was at that point that Andrew realized how much Sasha liked me.

(Even today Karmyn told me that Sasha came looking for ME. She didn’t want food, nor her nor the kids. She was looking for me.)

And I also felt a VERY strong sense of she wanted to be with me. She flashed that feeling to me somehow and I picked it up on that particular day.

The days before Sasha had disappeared for a couple of days and didn’t come back to eat anything. At first I was unconcerned because I’ve had cats before and they will sometimes disappear for a couple of days and then just come back. But the kids were quite upset.

Then after a day or two I started thinking about Sasha and myself getting concerned about whether or not she was alright. I started getting quite upset thinking she may be hurt or dead or injured.

But I put it out of my mind and went on with my day.

Yet I think it was my strong feelings of concern for her that connected with her telepathically.

So it was the next day what I was describing above happened. She just seemed to connect with me very strongly on a psychic level much more so than when we first ran into her on January 13th. From that moment (where she flashed me the psychic message) I knew that she wanted to live with us and with me.

That’s when we decided to start getting her used to coming inside of our house. And two nights ago was her first night sleeping with us.

At first she was very afraid inside. Actually soon after we first started feeding her she came in the house but the kids were around and she just tried to escape. She was totally terrified. So I had to get her out of the house because she was hiding behind the refrigerator and just trying to get away from the kids. That was just too strange and threatening for her at that time.

And I knew that we had to train her gradually and always give her an open door to escape from so that she could come and go as she pleased.


It was Sasha who decided take our relationship to another level.

Before she was taking our food and getting to know us. But somewhere along the line she made the decision that she would like to live with us.

And it was that day about 10 days ago that I recognized her decision with a very strong telepathic sensation.

Before that point we considered Sasha to be Andrew’s cat as he spent the most time with her and she was very friendly with him.

But from that day forward she connected with me deeply and told me in her psychic cat language “I am wit you.”

Now the funny thing was that I could not quite remember where I heard that phrase. I knew I saw it on TV or in a movie while watching TV many, many years ago. I’m talking my childhood.

After searching online I found out where I had heard that phrase.

It was from an old Abbott and Costello movie “Abbott and Costello Go to Mars”. And there were a couple of criminals and one of them was always saying to the other “I am wit you.”

Now during my spiritual exercise this morning I thought if Sasha was with me then who am I with?

And I realized the best person or consciousness for me to be wit is with God.

So if Sasha is wit me, then I am (or should be) wit God.

And if I am wit God then she would be too automatically.

At least when I remember to be. And when I thought that thought during my meditation, I instantly realized (I could feel it) a vast world of power and freedom awaits anyone who decides to be wit God. This is what makes Saints… Saints. It is the God or Divine consciousness flowing through them.

For you get or absorb the consciousness of the person or being you hang around with most.

So I am wit God.

Now I just have to remember this more often as I have to constantly remind myself to be wit God.

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P.S. I put up yesterday’s email about Sasha with a few pictures of her here…

“I couldn’t believe she followed me to the beach”

Plus I’ve added a few details that I did not include in the original email.

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