How To Do 5 Exercises in Two Seconds

The trick is doing one exercise that combines all of these exercises into one.

An exercise that powerfully works all of the muscle groups below as a single unit.

Typically if you want to get a strong core you’d focus on doing at least 5 different exercises.

Exercises for:

1. Upper Abs – Crunch
2. Lower Abs – Leg raise
3. Obliques – Side Plank
4. Glutes – Plank
5. Lower back  – Superman

Of course, there are endless varieties of exercises that hit these same muscle groups. Some with medicine balls, stability balls, gym equipment, planks, etc.

But why waste your time doing all of them when you can hit all of those muscles in a single unit with 2-Second Abs?

Who’s got time these days?

I know I’m busier than ever.

If I can get in an awesome ab and core workout in 30 to 60 seconds then I’m all for it. But even better than that is the fact that “Two Second Abs” works your muscles way harder than most other ab exercises.

Plus you can do them just about anywhere.

No equipment required.

You can do them while standing, sitting, lying down and even a modified version while walking.

So you hit all of those muscle groups at once super hard. That’s why you can get a phenomenal ab and core workout by doing a mere 10 repetitions of “Two Second Abs”.

Don’t believe me?

Then listen to what Ben had to say about his experience with “Two Second Abs.”

Hi Roger,

Loving the “2-Second Abs”!

I used to do the “FBSF” years ago, but found I could never get to full intensity cos I was so focused on making sure all the different parts were happening at the same time. Two Second Abs are way simpler though, and I can easily get full intensity now.

Also, I never felt any effects the day after doing the FBSF’, whereas these Two Second Abs… I feel it the next day without a doubt… all the way round too… feeling it in my core muscles… and not just at the front, but the lower back muscles too.

I like the fact that it seems to be bringing my entire core muscles (back and front) together as one unit, without having to bend at the back and cause more damage to my herniated discs. That’s my favourite part as I have lower back problems and have trouble finding ways to strengthen it without doing more damage to the discs.

And it’s great to be able to work on my core while just going about my daily job. Finally feeling a bit of support around my core area instead of feeling like a walking sack of potatoes.

I would definitely recommend “Two Second Abs”, it’s quick, easy, non-intrusive of your schedule and seems to engage the whole core as a single unit instead of isolating individual muscles.

Anyway, thanks Roger.

I love your work!

Ben Rudge

PS. I also experience a nice feeling of well-being after doing 2SA’s which I reckon is due the blood being extra oxygenated from the extra pressure in the lungs. Just a theory though.

The great news is that you can still get “Two Second Abs” at the lowest price during our world wide launch.

“Two Second Abs – The fastest and most convenient ab and core workout on the planet.”

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But run don’t walk as I’m about to add some really cool bonuses (about 3 more that I found recently from my archives) and I’m about to make two price points for “Two Second Abs” and when I do the price is definitely going to increase and likely without warning as I have often done in the past.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

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