Sorry, I’ve kinda been misleading you…

…about Two Second Abs.

You see in a number of my recent emails I claimed “Two Second Abs” can work your abs and core as a single unit.

In fact, I said it works all of these muscle groups at once.

1. Upper Abs
2. Lower Abs
3. Obliques
4. Glutes
5. Lower back
6. Serratus (Those cool muscles on the sides of your rib cage)

Yah I know that sounds crazy and I want to say I’m sorry for misleading you.

Because in truth “Two Second Abs” works even more muscle groups than the above when done correctly.

What I realized yesterday after really paying attention to my body when doing 2 Second Abs is this…

It also strongly works your thighs too.

(Though it does not work the thighs strongly when doing the Ab Walker variation where you can get in a great ab workout while walking. It does work the thighs a little bit not nearly as much as when you do the ORIGINAL “Two Second Abs.”)

And doing the new Ab Walker Exercise is how I realized that Two Second Abs also works the thighs including quadriceps and hamstrings. Because I realized if I tried to do the original “Two Second Abs” while walking it would slow down my walking tremendously because my thighs were flexed quite hard too.

So not only does 2SA’s work ALL of your ab muscles (including the ab muscles that many ab exercises don’t easily reach like obliques and serratus)

And not only does it work ALL of your core muscles (which includes the glutes and lower to mid back muscles)

It also strongly works your thighs at the same time.

So I’m sorry I’ve overlooked that fact in previous emails. But the truth is I just didn’t realize it until yesterday. It increases strength in so many muscle groups at once it’s hard to keep track.

The great news is that I’ve not been misleading you about our “Two Second Abs” world wide launch sale.

It’s still possible to pick up Two Second Abs for pennies on the dollar but not for much longer.

“Two Second Abs – The fastest and most convenient ab and core workout on the planet.”

Use this Coupon Code at Checkout: FASTESTABEXERCISE

Jump on this quickly as I’m about to add some really cool bonuses (about 3 more that I found recently from my archives) and I’m about to make two price points for “Two Second Abs” and when I do the price is definitely going to increase and likely without warning as I have often done in the past.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

P.S. Here’s what Jake had to say about his mind-blowing experience with Two Second Abs…

Hi Roger,

I just want to let you know that I just tried 2 second abs a couple days ago as part of the Superbeing membership, and I am blown away at how well it works the entire core.  When I read it initially, it seemed way too easy to actually work, I basically dismissed it without giving it a fair trial.

Then, 2 days ago while I was walking, I decided for some reason to see if it would work.  I did it about 15 times for 2-4 seconds, not even thinking it would do anything substantial.  I mean, I’m used to doing 1 hour insanity workouts and hardcore lifting, along with the pushup blaster and LSFP.  Very rarely do I get muscle soreness for more than a day or two, and it’s usually only if I neglect a specific muscle group.  i do a 10 minute abs workout once a week, and they are never sore.  These are also the hardcore ab workouts from various Beach body programs.     I’ve also used an ab roller (really tough!) and can normally do over 100 of these.  The only reason I stopped that one was due to the back pain I would eventually get from all the reps.  And that exercise did not get the obliques even close to the same level as the main ab muscles.

Getting back to this mind-blowingly simple exercise, I did it at night while walking, well after my workout.  Not expecting anything, the next day I noticed my entire core, all the way around, was noticeably sore.  I did not do any other ab exercise, the main workout I did that day was pushups and plyometrics, which never did serious soreness to my core.  Now today, 2 days later, it’s still sore!  Not too sore to function, but like I did a very solid ab workout.  This is definitely going into the regular rotation for me at least 3 days a week now, seeing how easy it really is.

I know by using all of your products in the past that I should not be surprised by how well it works after 10 years, but I can honestly say that about the 2 second Abs workout.  I can definitely see people complaining about paying money for this due to how simple it is.  But there really is value to how well it works, and if you didn’t come up with it before, it is information well worth it.  fortunately I am a Superbeing member, or I may not have even considered it.   Knowing how well it works now, I would say it’s Absolutely worth paying for, just in the time savings, not to mention the overall lack of toll on the body.  Low back and neck pain will not happen, yet you will get the same results.   Excellent product, Roger!

I absolutely allow you to use this for any endorsements and/or testimonials regarding this product, Have a great day!

Jake Wall

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