10 Reasons Why You Should Walk On Walls

And see a picture of me when I was 13 years old.

In a world where people walk on the ground, you’ll be one of the few who can walk on walls… And that will make you better, stronger, faster.

A couple of weeks ago I started using this exercise which is basically like walking up the wall. You literally walk on your walls.

I can just imagine my mom yelling at me, "Roger, stop walking on the walls, you know that makes them dirty."

10 Reasons Why You Should Walk On Walls

1. To piss-off your mother, wife or neat freak husband.

2. To do wheelbarrows without needing a partner. I used to do these every day with my dad when I was a little kid. Because of doing those I was one of the strongest kids for my age and it gave me a real athletic advantage. Not only that but the one time I did a wheelbarrow race in Camp Noam when I was maybe 12 years old, I destroyed the competition. I left that kid eating my dust.


Picture of me around the summer of 1980 in summer camp which was called Camp Noam. At least I was told it was 1980. I just got this picture yesterday from the person who took it at Camp Noam 28 years ago. I suppose that Facebook is good for something after all. Apparantly at the time she had a little crush on me (why she circled my face) and on the last day of camp her friend forced her to go take a picture of me. Those were the good old days and in a way my glory days.

3. To strengthen and tone your entire body in 32 seconds or so.

4. To make your shoulders super strong.

5. To strengthen your abs at the same time you’re working most of the muscles in your body.

6. To do something really cool that nobody else is doing.

7. To build up your strength to be able to do handstand push-ups.

8. Tense nearly every muscle in your body with just one exercise.

9. Multitask by getting an aerobic workout while building strong muscles at the same time.

10. Save time by not going to the gym. All you need is a wall and you.

So the question is how do you walk on walls and why do it in the first place. What you do is get your body near a wall and get into a pushup position. The soles of your feet will be facing the wall with your toes on the ground.

Then you just walk your hands backward and move your legs up the wall. Then you keep on walking up until you’ve made it into a handstand position. Your final top position is with your face and front of body facing the wall and your hand at this point at like your feet normally would.

You’re standing on your hands. Then of course, you just walk your hands forward and walk your feet on the wall accordingly. And you walk all the way down the wall and back into a pushup position.

What’s so great about this exercise is that it forces you to tense nearly every muscle in your body. And it’s fun.

 It’s also a great exercise for your abs and even more so when you follow a few tweaks that I’ll be giving to members of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

When you buy the Lightning Speed Fitness Program within the next 48 hours, I’ll throw in detailed instructions on how to do Wall Walking safely and how to make it work your abs like crazy. This is an extra bonus on top of the many secret and life changing bonuses that are already part of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

You can do a whole wall walk exercise in 32 seconds and feel completely energized and refreshed. You see, it even works you from an aerobic perspective. Because walking on walls gets your heart rate up quickly.

Another thing I’ve learned is how to take this exercise and really make it work the shoulders even more. There’s certain hand positions you can use to increase the intensity on your shoulders and work your shoulders from different angles.

Wall walking also works your legs because you have to put a decent amount of pressure on them while your walking up and down the wall. If you don’t keep the pressure, you fall down. And we wouldn’t want to do that — would we?

So who wouldn’t want to walk on their walls? Especially when your mother told you not to do it.

I’ve been using Wall Walking to strengthen my shoulders so that I could do an even more difficult exercise, handstand pushups.

So yes, Wall Walkers aren’t for people new to exercise, you’ve got to be able to do at least 20 to 30 military style pushups in a row before you should attempt doing a full wall walk. If you want to improve the number of pushups you do in a row quickly, then there’s nothing better than my Pushup Blaster Program with Muscle Blaster X.

And there are other easy push-up variations as discussed in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program that will get you strong enough to be able to wall walk and eventually to be able to do handstand pushups.

So take a trip on down to the Lightning Speed Fitness Program so you can learn how to make your walls really dirty and get a quick, total body workout in the process.

Be strong — all day long,

Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer and The 41-Year-Old Teenager

P.S. Please note that this post is unedited and may contain some grammatical and spelling errors.

P.P.S. Also note that I have not mentioned the Wall Walker bonus on the actual Lightning Speed Fitness website yet. But be assured if you get your copy within the next 48 hours, you will learn all of my secrets for maximizing your results with wall walking and making it safe as well.


This bonus is not on the download page, you’ll be receiving it via email about a week after you become part of the larger Lightning Speed Fitness family. Be aware that there are many other bonuses that you’ll be getting via email during that time and of which I don’t even mention on my website. That’s one of the hidden perks for signing up today.

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