Take the Wussy Challenge

About an hour ago I took the Wussy Challenge.

If I could only hold out for 30 seconds or less I would have been a wussy.

If I could last for a minute I was in fairly good shape.

If I lasted 90 seconds that meant that I was truly macho.

So what the flying farg am I talking about?

I’m talking about an easy way to measure your potential for real world strength and athleticism.

I’m talking about doing a test to measure core strength.

And you do it by doing a plank and trying to hold for as long as possible while keeping a straight or rigid back. Your upper body and legs literally form like solid plank.

You get on the floor and rest on your elbows and forearms while your toes are the only other thing hitting the floor. If you can’t hold that for at least 30 seconds without bending or dipping then it means your core is weak.

And if your core is weak it means you are weak from a strength, athleticism and balance perspective. Because basically most all activities run through your core.


And even sitting properly are all improved dramatically by having a strong core. Because the core connects your lower body to your upper body. It’s super important for any sports. Have a strong core gives you an immediate advantage in all sports and in everyday living.

Even non speed related sports like golf and bowling. You can be sure you’ll drive the ball further and more accurately with a strong core. You’ll also be able to throw the bowling ball a lot harder and with a lot more control.

OK then, so go test yourself now and then come back to this email when you’e done…

Plank Test Results:

30 seconds or less = weak core
60 seconds =  decent core strength
90 seconds or more = exceptional core strength

Now the test I did was significantly harder than a basic plank. I figured if I’m going to use up a couple minutes of my time then maybe I should do something that will also improve my push-ups.

So I did a Push-up Plank.

I simply got into the top push-up position and held it without dipping my hips. My back and legs held in a straight line.

I suppose I wasn’t too surprised but I easily held it for three minutes (or double what is considered exceptional by the online fitness shmexperts on the much easier plank test). And I held it for 3 minutes with absolute ease. Even at three minutes I had very little shaking. But at that point I figured I should stop… why waste my time doing an inferior core exercise? I passed the Wussy Challenge with flying colors.

Plus I could have easily gone another two minutes.

And the thing is I RARELY do planks. So it wasn’t like I was specifically training for this Wussy Challenge.

Yet my core is beastly in its power.

Wanna know my secrit?


By the way… even if you somehow managed to squeeze out 90 seconds realize that doing all sorts of planks is like child’s play compared to doing “Two Second Abs.”

And you only have to do about ten sets a day for about 20 to 30 seconds of total exercise time to get incredible results on the wussy challenge like I did.

Or instead you can do the 1-Second Ab Walker Exercise while you’re taking a pleasant walk in the park. Or even when you’re walking around your house or at work. And you don’t even have to walk when doing the Ab Walker. They can also be done standing, sitting or lying down.

But to get good results with the Ab Walker you have to do it at least 40 to 70 times a day. Remember, it only takes one second to do. So if you do it 60 times that only took you a minute.

Got an extra minute per day to create a lean and ripped mid section?

And it was likely while you were doing other stuff anyway.

Yet still it kicks major rumpus over doing planks, leg raises, crunches, sit-ups etc.

All of those ways of exercising the abs and core are relics of the dim past when personal trainers didn’t know any better.

Anyone still doing those is wasting their life away on time consuming and slow progress ab and core workouts.

Why not dewussify yer perty little self and give the fastest and most convenient ab and core workout on the planet a shot while it’s still hot during our world wide launch SALE?

And remember, I have a full year guarantee on this kitten because I know it works like gangbusters and most people will realize it if they simply give it a fair shot for a week or two.

“Two Second Abs – The fastest and most convenient ab and core workout on the planet.”

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Jump on this quickly as I’m about to add some really cool bonuses (about 3 more that I found recently from my archives) and I’m about to make two price points for “Two Second Abs” and when I do the price is definitely going to increase and likely without warning as I have often done in the past.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

P.S. Now wouldn’t you rather take the Wussy Challenge rather than the Pepsi Challenge? LOL

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