Lazy Bum Trick That Got Them Into Amazing Shape

I’ve been working with a number of people who’ve gotten themselves into much better shape doing something drop dead friggin easy.

The beauty of it is in it’s simplicity.

What did they do to get in such great shape?

They publicly committed to exercising a mere one minute per day for 30 days straight.

And that’s it…

Some of them had higher personal commitments that they themselves chose.

But they were not onerous at all.

It was exercises they could complete in about 5 minutes or so.

Yet 30 days later all of their fitness levels have improved dramatically. I’ve gotten a lot of Lightning Speed Fitness Program group members stating how much they now love exercising daily and how it has been a fitness breakthrough for them.

Of course, as the challenge members got into their workouts they started increasing the difficulty as that is natural. But if they had a hard day, were really busy, or tired or even if they had a fever, they stuck it out and did their minimum exercise commitment.

This way they kept the chain of EXERCISE days going no matter what.

But it wasn’t just them who had BIG improvements.

It was me too.

Because for the first time in my life I also publicly committed to exercising daily.

I simply committed to doing 100 Lightning Speed Exercises (LSE’s) and 200 push-ups per day. For me at my level of fitness that is rather easy to do. I can get that done in seven minutes no sweat.

So after 30 days of me doing this daily workout challenge I can tell you this.

I’ve never been more muscular in my life. (I feel like I’m made out of iron now. The feeling of the bigger, stronger and harder muscles is one I really enjoy.)

I’ve never had stronger abs or core in my life. I literally have abs of steel at this point. They are impenetrable.  That’s thanks to adding in “Two Second Abs” to my daily routine too.

My legs are getting a lot bigger and more muscular simply from doing the Lightning Speed Exercise.

My endurance is going through the roof due to doing the Lightning Speed Exercise and my Pushup Blaster Plus exercise.

For instance, yesterday we went to the beach and I had to go back to the car to get something. So I told the fam to walk ahead as I would catch up to them.

By the time I got back to the beach they were way far ahead of me. I could barely see them.

So I started running (with my backpack on) and I noticed how easy it felt.

So then I started running faster and faster until I was in an all out sprint. And it was quite a long sprint running barefoot on the sand. And yet it still felt almost effortless like if I had wings. Sure I was breathing hard but somehow I just didn’t strain nearly as much as I expected.

I can assure you that was not the case 30 days before.

Then soon after I caught up with the family, I put my daughter Rainbow on my shoulders while I was still wearing the backpack. Soon I started running with her and going in all different directions and twisting her from side to side.

Then I stopped.

But Andrew thought that was fun (and so did Rainbow by the way) and wanted me to do it again. However, I had a trick in mind for Andrew. I felt so much energy that I just decided to sprint full speed with 40 plus pound Rainbow and backpack on my shoulders and see if Andrew could catch me. And he could not.

Again I sprinted a long time and this with Rainbow on my shoulders. She LOVED that.

Heck I’m almost 49 years old but you’d never know it.

My stamina and endurance are incredible right now.

And all of this came because I exercised (at least a little bit) EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30 days. Normally I’d take a day or two off per week.

But not this past month.

And quite frankly it feels great to exercise every day. It’s much, much better for consistency to just do it every day. Even if you have to alternate exercises because you’re sore or tired. The key is to get in that workout daily so that your exercise chain never breaks.

And with my simple system you can do it without getting sore.

Now let me tell you this…

There is no way I would have actually made myself do 30 days of exercise in a row without taking part in this 30 day challenge. There’s something about the group accountability that makes you really want to stick to it. Sure there are other things I should be doing every day too. But I made my workout a priority because of the accountability.

Now it gets a lot better than that.

I’ve been giving our 30 Day Challenge members a load of great training advice. Helping them to take their workouts to the next level while still having a lot of fun. I’m sure our members realize that I’m giving them way more value than they ever imagined before they began the challenge.

This challenge is helping them get results when nothing else worked for them in the past.

And since this has been so fun and the results so good, I’ve decided to start another 30 Day Speed Fitness Challenge and I’m inviting you to join.

Plus you can do it at a hefty savings if you take action prontomente…

I’ve put the Lightning Speed Fitness Program on MASSIVE SALE but the price goes up automatically at midnight… TONIGHT.

Yes I know that’s short notice.

But it will still be on sale tomorrow. Just a bit more expensive as the price goes up one dollar every 24 hours as this is a FIRE SALE. However, the FIRE SALE will end this Sunday at midnight.

Too me this is a no brainer.

This could easily be worth one thousand or more dollars in value for you as the personalized fitness tips I give you may make all the difference it the world for you.

Yet it will cost nothing close to 1,000 smackeroonies.

Get it here while the getting is good…

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

P.S. When you become a Lightning Speed Fitness Program member you also get an exclusive coupon for “Two Second Abs” in which you can currently pick it up for a mere 7 bucks.


Lazy Bum Trick That Got Them Into Amazing Shape — 2 Comments

  1. Roger, I am wondering why you only do 100 LSE and 200 pushups daily? I am trying this great challenge and I am doing 200 daily of each, 4 sets of 50 of each throughout the day. Is doing 200 LSE daily too much? I really like your two second abs approach, very effective.

    • Bob,

      This is better discussed in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program member’s forum of where the challenge is actually taking place. However, the 100 Lightning Speed Exercises and the 200 Push-ups is my personal MINIMUM commitment. On most days I’ll actually do more.

      But I find it’s good to set a minimum number of exercises for days when you are really busy, tired, sore etc. Or maybe you want to add in other exercises as well but don’t have the time to do 200 LSE’s that day and the other exercises. That way you will at least get a workout completed versus doing nothing at all.

      Also it’s not always how many of something you do but how intense you do it. I could easily do 500 push-ups a day for instance, but my current push-up workout derived from my Push-Up Blaster Program is more intense than just doing push-ups. So when I do 275 push-ups in a day that’s the equivalent of doing 500 or more. It’s easier for me to just crank out 500 push-ups than to do 275 the way I’m currently doing them. If I then add in even more push-ups to get to 500 then it was a really amazing push-up workout for that day.

      And yes you can certainly do 200 or 500 LSE’s in a day if you wish for your workout. I’m not trying to imply that you need to do less. I’m just building myself back up to doing more. Because in the recent past I’ve been focusing on other exercises for the legs like sprints. But no question that doing the Lightning Speed Exercise is an amazing workout for improving stamina and even running speed. And also with those exercises it really depends on how you do them too.

      There is a way to do them where just one repetition is more intense than doing 30 in a row.

      I hope that helps,


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