Isolation Exercises are for Dummies

Isolation exercises like weight lifting and using most exercise machines you’ll find in the gym can actually make you weaker and cause a lot more injuries.

I know you may be thinking I’m crazy but here me out on this.

Why is that?

It’s because by isolating certain muscles your causing an imbalance.

You’re working against the design of Nature.

Do you know how many muscles you use in a coordinated fashion just to get out of bed every morning? Or how about picking up a heavy bag of cat litter? There are a whole host of muscles from the body that are used and have to work TOGETHER and in HARMONY with each other.

When you’re lifting something heavy you use many different muscle groups at once. It’s not an isolation exercise but a multi-muscle exercise. Real world strength is compromised by doing excessive body building and isolation style exercises.

And it also dramatically increases your chance of getting injured.

This is because you’re training against your body instead of with it. Muscular imbalances cause a lot of needless injuries. Overly strong muscles in one part of your muscle group can easily tear the weaker ones that have not been equally developed due to inefficient isolation exercises.

Often times, weight lifters and especially body builders are not nearly as strong as they look.

I once read a story of a 220 pound Olympic style power lifter “Eddie Baran” having extreme difficulties with picking up his 140 pound  grandmother up a flight of about 5-steps. Before he started he thought this would be a cake walk. But he was already in major trouble by the first step and was so fried he was afraid he would pass out upon reaching the 5th step.

Considering he could curl much more than 140 pounds and lift his own body weight over his head with weights he knew something was very wrong.

Eventually he discovered the real world strength building power of body weight exercises and his functional strength sky rocketed.

Think of gymnasts…

They don’t do isolation style weight lifting to build their absolutely incredible strength. They do lots of body weight and calisthenic style exercises. Now they are true athletes.

Same with boxers and mixed martial artists.

I’ve seen a number of fights (both boxing and MMA) with a real muscular dude who I thought for sure would kick the other guy’s arse only to find the muscle bound meat head getting knocked out in a round or two.

Weight lifting and isolation exercises in general can REDUCE their punching and kicking power.

Not to mention that you’ll never see a successful body builder as a boxer. Reason being is all of that heavy muscle will tire him out in no time. No way you can have great muscular endurance if your muscles are overly huge.

Huge bulging muscles just aren’t great if you want to be a truly rounded athlete. And they’re not even that great for building pure strength.

So if you wanna be a dummy than keep on doing isolation exercises. But don’t come crying to me if you find yourself constantly getting injured and that when you really needed strength and endurance during an emergency you didn’t have it.

The solution to having real world athletic power can be found in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

You’ll build real world or functional strength because you’ll be working many different muscle groups as one unit. You’ll be integrating your muscles instead of isolating them.

In fact, just two exercises cover most of your fitness needs for both the upper and lower body.

Now check this kitten out…

We’re running a “30-Day Speed Fitness Challenge” in the member’s forum. And to make it easy, the minimum amount of exercise you need to do in a day is just ONE minute. But that one minute will be way better for your body than ten minutes of isolation exercises.

Especially if for that one minute your doing the Lightning Speed Exercise like our new member Veronique. She was really huffing and puffing but she loved it. And yet that is all she did on her first day. Second day she added the incredible upper body exercise we teach in LSFP. So her second day was maybe two minutes of exercise.

That’s not too much to ask of you is it?

Hop on this link below to learn the non-dummy way to exercise.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

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