90 Yr Old Chinese Monk Does 1 Finger Handstand

You’ve got to check this guy out, his finger must be made of iron. And he’s got to have incredible strength to do this as well.

After you watch this some of you may think this is a trick done through video. But I know of several people who have seen this one finger handstand in person. And certainly having seen people doing handstands with the pointer finger of both hands.

Maybe this guy isn’t 90 years old. But he’s no spring chicken either.

So this isn’t fake.

Here’s another similar video.


Why do I show these videos to you? It’s to inspire you. What could you be achieving if you stopped using your age as an excuse?

Every now and then I run into people who say they can’t do a certain exercise because they are too old. But it’s not their age that stops them from doing the exercise.

It’s their belief system. If you eat right and exercise, age won’t be an excuse for 99% of the things you wanted to do and experience in life. These are factors fully controllable by you.

For instance, ten years ago I thought I was way too old to try to become a professional tennis player. Now I don’t believe that at all. Yet I’m ten years older.

It’s just I don’t have that desire anymore. I know my age is not an excuse because I’m biologically quite young due to my Optimal Raw Food Diet and doing my vigorous exercise training program.


Use it or Lose it

Stop making age your excuse. When you do so, it clearly shows your ignorance of the true causes of your lack of ability.

Take another example. Look at the accomplishments of Jack La Lanne. I’m quite certain that I would not be able to keep up with his workout and he’s 94 years old.

Heck I had a hard time keeping up with my grandfather’s workout ten years ago. That was because he had been doing exercises for years that I don’t normally do. So it made me quite sore and I could not keep up with him on everything he did.

And yet when he tried to do my workout, he wasn’t be able to keep up with it either.

But Jack La Lanne is a different story. His workouts are so intense and rapid that even the most fit gym rat will have no chance of keeping up with him. It would take years of intense training Jack La Lanne style to be able to keep up with him. I’m sure his younger self could beat his older self, but then again, he’s not eating a raw food diet either.

He even used to have a $10,000 challenge that no one could keep up with him in his workouts. And no one who took that challenge was able to win the money. And he did those challenges well past 60 years of age.

What about the 61 year old Japanese monk Sakai Yusai, who ran 1,000 marathons in 6 years. It previously took him 7 years. Yes, he did that unbelievable feat twice. He’s now considered a living Buddha in Japan. You can look him up and read his story online.

Part of his training was to do a 9 day fast with no water, no food and no sleep. If he were to fail to complete any part of his training he would have to commit suicide. On each run and the monks have to bring a knife with them in case they can’t finish the task. No do-overs allowed. Yet there have been other monks who couldn’t make it and killed themselves.

And imagine this he did the marathon in rice sandals and in the most severe weather conditions in the mountains. Including snow and typhoons and deadly animals to deal with. Plus he still had to attend to his daily monk responsibilities. 

And the last group of marathons he was doing were 100 double marathons. That means running the equivalent of two Olympic length marathons in a day. If he were to get injured and or just give up, he would have had to commit suicide. And I believe he had to do those for 100 days straight.

So please folks, age is only a number. You become old because of your thinking and your lifestyle. Your beliefs cause you to make certain choices and those choices and your beliefs are what make you old.

Don’t let age be an excuse as to why you don’t think you can do Wall Walking as a previous person commented in my blog. You can still get the detailed instructions to learn the safe and easy way to do wall walking by getting a copy of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program before Midnight this Monday.

I’ve extended that deadline until Midnight on Monday because I’ve been so slow to get my emails out to you this week.

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There’s no age – be a sage,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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90 Yr Old Chinese Monk Does 1 Finger Handstand — 3 Comments

  1. WWOOOWWWWW!!!!! It is truly unbelievable feat of strength!!!! He must be possessed of some kind of spirit! I only can image how thier stength must be developing in an awful long time to achieve that certain level.It must be a real hard and very intense kind of training to have that kind of strength.I believe a certain diet may contribute to their secrets feat of strength.There is only way to that, period!! My hat is off to that guy stands on the finger, whooo wow!!!

  2. That’s amazing I know it’s true but all of the people that I have show it to believe it’s a trick or a camara trick but I’ve seen how shaolin monks train and seeing this after seeing their training it becomes easter to believe

  3. i didn”t know the world woke up a little, i had finger tip hand stand on three finger and no wall ,finger tip v not a l but a v and a iron cross just with my finger,all the way until 45years, thin i went up to 325bl:now i am 51years old i will do it again be for i am 52 years old,i just loss 60bl:i am opening a fitness place, it good to know there are people out here like me,keep up the good work! Detroit mich:

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