Why I Like Grey Seagulls Better Than White Ones

Pretty much ever since we came to Mexico I’ve been feeding seagulls at the beach near our house almost daily.

At first we had these very aggressive grey, black and white colored seagulls with just a few white ones.

Not only are these grey seagulls aggressive but they’re also super athletic. It’s incredible their wing / eye / beak coordination.

What I do is feed them bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, honeydew melon and other raw vegan foods. We’ve even fed them avocados, papaya and also some eggs that we initially bought for our adopted kitten but she wouldn’t eat the eggs.

Over time the seagulls started coming closer and closer to me.

And they got so friendly with me that they would sometimes take a bite of banana out my hands while they were flying. And I’ve even bumped into them or felt their wings a few times. And one time a seagull bit me while taking the banana out of my hand (though it did not hurt me).

In the early days I felt sorry for the white seagulls and wanted to see more of them. They just couldn’t get that much in the way of bananas because the grey and sometimes brown seagulls were much more aggressive than they were. I had to make a special effort throw the bananas directly to the white seagulls as they would always hover above the grey seagulls.

Also I found that the white seagulls although very athletic themselves were not quite as good at catching the bananas I threw to them in the air. They would drop them more often than the grey ones.

What we also really loved about the grey seagulls is that they would make these incredible noises (that you can hear in this video at different times) that just made us roll with laughter. And they would arch their necks back and yell out their battle call. The white seagulls do this too sometimes but their voices are not as loud nor as interesting. The sounds they make are completely different.

The grey seagulls would get very territorial and sound almost like dogs. Actually all of the seagulls are territorial but more so within their particular group. Basically the white seagulls would only bully other white seagulls.

And there was this one sound the greys made that was like a human male saying the word “What” in a very strange way.

But then it happened… my group of grey seagulls just disappeared one day.

Then I had a whole bunch of white seagulls to feed. And honestly they’re just a bit boring compared to the grey ones. They don’t make the same funny noises. They’re not as aggressive or athletic.

And I am naturally biased towards animals and people that are athletic, energetic and healthy.

Now here’s what I suspect.

The reason the grey seagulls are more athletic is because their abs and core are stronger than the white seagulls.

I mean they’ve repeatedly seen me doing my “Two Second Abs” workout on the beach after I fed them. So maybe they were copying me.


Truth be told… they were highly athletic, aggressive and noisy from the first day I saw them.

But it is true that your strength, speed, endurance and athleticism is only as good as your weakest link.

And if your core is weak (like in most people) you simply won’t be able to do very basic things that someone with everything else being equal but a stronger core could easily do.

This is a HUGE problem as many baby boomers are getting old and not exercising like they should be. And even if they start exercising their results will be poor until they get their abs and core in order.

For all of your basic motions like walking, running, sitting, standing, lifting, pulling with your hands etc. require the use of the stabilizing core muscles.

If you had no core you couldn’t do anything really. You couldn’t even stand up.

The core which includes all of your ab muscles, lower and mid back muscles plus glutes is CENTRAL to your overall fitness.

It’s called your core because it’s in the center of your body. But it’s also of CORE importance to being strong, youthful and energetic.

Plus a strong core means it’s less likely you’ll have lower back injuries as well.

Why not give the fastest and most convenient ab and core workout on the planet a shot while it’s still hot during our world wide launch SALE?

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Training your abs and core does not get any easier than this.

Anytime you have a second or two to spare you can crank out a “Two Second Abs.”

And you can do a whole ab and core workout in about 30 seconds of actual exercise time. Or if you do them all at once including breaks between sets it will take you about two minutes to complete a set of 10.

And that’s all you need for a full day’s workout. Because when you do “Two Second Abs” the way I teach it produces such incredible force or contraction on your abs that totally blows away crunches, sit-ups and all other non-equipment or machine ab workouts in its intensity.

This is why you only need to do 10 reps a day. But like many of our Two Second Abs customers you may find this so easy that you do 20 or more per day like it’s nothing.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

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