Donald Trump Wants to Hire Me as His VP

Last night I found myself riding in the back of a limo with Donald Trump as my driver and he had some business associate of his in the passenger seat on his right. (Pretty funny that Donald Trump was my limo driver and symbolic as you’ll see later.)

It turns out I had been working for Trump in some role for a short amount of time.

Anyways, in the limo it look liked “The Donald” very much wanted to hire me as his top Vice President that looked over all his corporations. He knew I was really smart but I think this was sort of an interview to confirm that he wanted to hire me for his top position. Yet I was coming from such a place of power and confidence I really didn’t give a crap if he hired me or not. It was my way or the highway.

The guy in the passenger seat who was part of the interview process was bringing up one of my weaknesses. That I like to sleep in late and have weird hours.

But I told them if you want me that’s how I am and I’m not going to change.

Also Donald was talking about how he had just purchased a bunch of physical gold. I said I thought that was a great idea since the price of gold has been kept artificially low for years to prop up the fiat (or paper money and backed by nothing) global financial system we have now.

I explained that it is not possible for the price of gold and silver to be freely traded because they would always sky rocket in a fiat based system and no one would buy their treasuries. This in turn would rapidly destroy a monetary system based on nothing but faith in governments. And by the way, you can see that faith being destroyed right now. The end of the paper manipulation is coming soon.

This means that the gold and silver markets are not free markets and that the prices must be kept artificially low so that most investors would think it’s a horrible investment and not to bother buying it. For instance in the media recently gold was referred to being as valuable as a “Pet Rock”. Yes the media is one of the ways they use to control the financial markets by tricking people into believing their lies and BS.

The Donald was super impressed with my understanding of gold and silver markets too. To them I was like some kind of genius they just had to have on their team.

I suspect that by now you realize I was having a dream. It was one of my parallel lifetimes. I seem to have many lives currently going on in different dimensions.

In any case… I personally do NOT support Donald Trump as a candidate for president. I like that he “seems” to be very anti-establishment. But in reality he’d NEVER get that much TV time if he wasn’t very much part of the establishment.

It’s all a show folks.

There are so many pieces of evidence pointing to him being an establishment candidate. Even if it looks like he’s pissing everyone off in the Republican party. Funny how even Newt Gingrich admitted on FOX TV that Trump is not part of the insiders.

This is what Newt said on FOX TV and I quote:

“He’s an outsider. He’s not part of the club. He’s uncontrollable. Hasn’t been through the initiation rites. He didn’t belong to the secrit society.”

(Yes I changed the spelling of the word secrit as I almost always do in emails.)

And no, Newt was not joking.

Well for one thing I was STUNNED to see this admitted by Newt Gingrich and on mainstream television. Finally an admission of what is really going on in politics. Finally an admission of the reality of the power of secrit societies like the Illuminati and Freemasons.

That means Newt was definitely one of those insiders and all of the previous major presidential candidates were part of secrit societies. And that means the other current candidates at least on the Republican side are part of this “secrit society.” Of course, the Democratic candidates are part of these secrit societies as well. No way the super criminal Hillary would not be in jail already had she not had the protection of these secrit societies that are controlling our government and media. And don’t think for a second that Bernie isn’t part of these secrit societies for he definitely is. When you look at his voting record you can see he’s been a big supporter of Wall Street.

But I don’t believe for a second that the Trumpster hasn’t long been part of devious secrit societies. Did you know that he and Hillary are actually distant cousins?

And yes he may very well be a Freemason as seen by Masonic hand signs he has been caught displaying on video and in pictures. No way you have a top ranked show on NBC “The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice” if you’re not a so called insider. For TV is their medium of control and they only allow vetted and controlled people onto their shows. Just like the major newspapers are controlled by editors that don’t let anything into the paper that would harm the secrit agenda of the corporate owners of the news paper.

This is almost certainly another staged event to get the average Joe to vote in another person who is going to screw this country up even more than the last president. And trust me that would be hard to do.

OK then take a deep breath.

Think calm and happy thoughts because I’m changing direction in this here email.

I believe with the imminent destruction of the financial system that the good guys or alliance that has been fighting in the background will take over from this evil secrit societies that have been raping, pillaging and murdering the people on our beautiful planet.

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