Illogical Secret Factor Explodes Energy Levels

If you believe in science it would seem that the more you exercise the less energy you’ll have during that day. After all you’re expending calories and your energy comes from calories only.

Or does it?

I’ve come to believe something different. Sure I believe calories are needed and important. But I also know with 100% certainty that I can increase my energy the more I do certain kinds of exercises.

What do I think the secret and yet illogical factor is?

I believe it’s oxygen. Get more oxygen into all of your cells and you’ll increase your body’s ability to produce energy.

There are a many ways to get more oxygen into your cells. One way is to eat an Optimal Raw Food Diet the way I teach. The Hollywood Raw or High Fat Raw Diet cannot possibly give you the same oxygen levels because of the high fat content.

The more fat in the blood the less oxgen can reach your cells. It’s a fast road to numerous diseases and the dreaded cancer.

Next and this is really important. You actually gain energy by exercising. Doing aerobic exercise is great for this.

But over the years I’ve found something even better. I call it Lightning Aerobics. Doing aerobics in this way will explode your energy levels through the roof and give you way more energy than the typical aerobic workouts or even running.

I love starting my day with Lightning Aerobics. I did it today and I’m just buzzing. I also can’t wait to do my next workout.

So if you do Lightning Aerobics to start your day, even if only for 5 to 10 minutes, it will be like taking the natural and healthy version of coffee. Then don’t be shocked if you find yourself getting much more done at work and therefore getting a raise and a promotion.

All of this from spending 5 to 15 minutes each morning doing Lightning Aerobics.

So how can you learn more about Lightning Aerobics. Well I’ve put together a series of three audios that will give you all of the details when you jog on over to the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

But you need to get it before midnight tonight as these audios are so valuable I could be selling them as their own separate fitness program. Plus I’ve included a couple of other incredible goodies to make this an offer you simply can’t refuse.

You’ll also get the full details to learn how to do the fun and time saving Wall Walking Exercises.

Remember, you’ll get more energy by giving some of your energy early in the day. You get more by giving and this doesn’t just apply to exercise. It applies in all areas of life, it’s one of the mysteries and secrets of success in this Magical Universe we live in.

To Your Success and Super Energy,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager



Illogical Secret Factor Explodes Energy Levels — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Roger!

    Continuing to love your posts and fantastic info, and the spirit with which you share it all! Recently I accidentally broke my hard-drive and lost all. Realized I lost your "Lightening Fast Fitness" program I had purchased awhile back. Is there a way to get it again?

    Thanks and Best!

    Bernadette Penotti

    ps- this is just a "placeholder" site I created at moment but I have linked to your site here as I intend to again on main site ( "good links’ under blog) . Cheers!

    {RH: Bernadette, thanks for the compliments. I’ll be emailing you the download information to the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. Very sorry to hear about your hard drive. Believe it or not I get a lot of customers telling me the exact same thing happened to them. I suppose I should be more diligent in my backups.

    Thanks for linking to me. I just checked the link and it’s not clickable though.

    Good to hear from you again, Roger}

  2. Hey there Roger,

    One of the few sites worth taking note of is yours. Thanks for all the great information.

    While I’m not a 100% raw foodie, I have upped my intake massively, and feeling awesome.

    The key for people starting out is to get as much knowledge as they can, start out, and stick with it, and your newsletter is a great inspiration.

    Personally I had some headache spells for a while which I reckon were “detox” symptoms, but they’ve passed.

    I look forward to every piece of fruit and veg that I’m going to eat every day, and I keep getting fitter and fitter.

    Here’s to you & your health and fitness.

    All the best,


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