Simple Trick Helps You Fall Asleep & Learn More

Yesterday I sent you an email why you may not feel like exercising.

“Could This Be Why You’re Not Exercising?”

The main conclusion was that if you’re not getting enough sleep (like most adults) you simply won’t feel like exercising.

Well then if you’re overly sleepy then this here just might be the cure.

Why not try doing this…

An hour before your “planned” bedtime you simply turn off your computer, smart phone, TV and any other electronic devices that are artificially stimulating you into being awake.

The only device I allow myself is my Kindle Paperwhite because it’s not too distracting and is only in black and white. I use it only for reading.

I have come to realize that the main reason I end up staying up late more often than I should is that the computer is always keeping me awake with something else of interest.

So what I’ve decided to do is give myself a 30-Day Challenge.

I’m going to shut my computer off at 10pm starting tonight for the next 30 days in a row. And I’ll use that time to catch up on my reading. Either through a book or books on my Kindle or an old fashioned book.

If I have ideas that I’d normally write into Evernote, I can write them down in my Idea Factory journal on paper and with ink.

The only excuse would be if there was some kind of business emergency that required me fixing something right away. But that doesn’t happen often. Or just some reason where it was of vital importance to be in communication with someone over the computer.

And to make sure I stick to my challenge I’m making it public and I’ll be posting about it daily in our new Superbeing Club forum. I’ve got a bunch of exciting new techniques up there that will help take your life to the next level. This is going to be a total transformation of the Superbeing Club experience as members will be interacting with me daily and we’ll be helping each other to unleash our infinite potentials.

[Only problem is I’m having issues connecting the forum to the Superbeing Club backend now. So hold on SIPC members as I figure out {or pay someone else to figure out} how to integrate this forum.]

Public accountability is amazing for helping you stick to goals you may not have otherwise stuck with.

I plan to be doing challenges for our Superbeing Club members too once I can get the technology actually working.

More info on the Superbeing Infinite Potential Club:

In terms of fitness I’ve now done 54 days of workouts in a row thanks to our “30-Day Speed Fitness Challenge” in the new Lightning Speed Fitness Program members group. And a whole bunch of other members have been cranking out daily workouts too. Some as long as me.

And as a very short part of their workouts many LSFP members have been doing 10 or more sets of “Two Second Abs” each day.

That’s an easy challenge to stick to because you can easily finish a full ab and core workout in just 30 seconds a day thanks to the integration of all of the ab and core muscles at once. Plus it squeezes your abs like a mo-fo which is why you only need to do 10 sets if you do it right as per my video instructions.

Why not give the fastest and most convenient ab and core workout on the planet a shot during our world wide launch sale.

[Wowza… I just cranked a wicked rep of “2-Sec Abs” now while typing. This is just the most amazing ab and core exercise ever.]

Use this Coupon Code at Checkout: FASTESTABEXERCISE

Jump on this quickly as I just recently added three new bonuses and the price will go up as soon as I can update the website to indicate these new bonuses. That means the price can go up at any time now. (I made some progress on this yesterday and will be doing more work after I send out this email.)

So chop, chop if you’ve been delaying on the most powerful and portable ab workout on the planet. Remember, you can do 2SAs while standing, sitting or lying down in just 2-seconds. And now with the Ab Walker variation you can do them while talking a pleasant walk on the beach, at the park or down the block.

Training your abs and core doesn’t get any easier than this.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer

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