2nd Illogical Factor That Explodes Energy Levels

Here’s another mind-blowing idea for increasing your energy levels. And it’s another way that defies logic, science and common sense.

But if you do this, I think you’ll find yourself as excited and energetic as a Mexican Jumping Bean. At the very least you’ll be much happier with yourself and with your day.

It’s a way to create the kind of excitement you used to experience a day or two before getting presents on your birthday or Christmas. Imagine every day filled with incredible excitement and joy for what the day will bring no matter what your current outer circumstances.

When you can generate this much happiness and excitement it’s little wonder you also find yourself with more energy to get things done.

So what is this Magical Idea? Well I’ve already used the word in the previous part of this article.

Ok, I know, that’s not enough information but maybe you want to reread what I wrote and see if you can figure it out. Even if you don’t figure it out, just the exercise of doing so before you continue will sharpen your mind and give you much more value out of reading this.

Here’s what it is, whether you figured it out or not.

Each day collect great ideas. That’s pretty much it.

I’m always on the lookout for great, life improving ideas. The better my ideas the better I can serve you my reader and my customers. So it’s natural for me to be on the search for ideas.

Realize that all of the inventions, all of the books and anything created and brought to this physical world of reality by humanity was first an idea in someone’s noggin.

Ideas are incredibly important, but most people waste the great ideas that come to them every single day. The reason I get so many great ideas is because I actively seek them out daily. Imagine you might come up with an invention that improves the lives of millions and earns you millions. All you have to do is ask for it and you shall receive.


Then I make sure to write them down in my Idea Factory notebook. If I didn’t write them down, I’d only get about a quarter of the ideas that I get or even less. You have to write them down or record the ideas in some form like using a digital voice recorder.

Get the ideas out of your head. This makes more room for new ideas. There’s only so much room in your conscious mind — it has a small capacity. To free it up and access the unlimited stream from your subconscious you need to write down your ideas and do so as soon as you get them.

Then continue to write and refine your ideas. As you write, you’ll be given even greater ideas or refinements of the original idea.

All writers know this incredible fact. They start writing with a basic idea and have no idea of all of the new and more powerful ideas that come to them while they are writing. Heck this happened as I wrote this article.

Do you think I had all of these ideas in my head as I started to write? All I knew is that I’ve discovered that actively seeking for "magic ideas" and then writing them down was a great way to increase your energy and motivation levels.

Then I just started to write. As I wrote I came up with refinements to my idea. Most of these things I already knew but they were lurking in my subconscious. The writing process brings those elusive golden nuggets to the surface of your awareness.

This is why if you want to succeed in anything in life it’s good to write about it. I highly recommend blogging or keeping a daily journal about your progress towards a particular goal in life.

Heck, I just got another idea. Here I am recommending it to you because it’s such a great idea, but I wasn’t using for my own current goals. I think I’m going to start a blog or at least a journal about my writing and business goals.

That is the big area of concentration in my life. I want to bring the Raw Food Diet, Freedom Principles and the Superbeing message and many other very important ideas to the world. The better I can reach more people, the more efficient I become, the better people I have working with me, the faster we can expand. So on and so on.

All of this requires better business and marketing ideas. I spend a lot of money and time on my education. But I know I’d do an even better job of it if I had a daily journal and kept myself more accountable. This would get me even more focused. I know it has worked extremely well for others in terms of weight loss, fitness or succeeding with the raw food diet. Why not do this for myself and my business and inspirational writing goals.

Would you be interested in reading my business blog? I’d be sharing lots of my best writing and business building secrets.

If you’d like to hear what I have to say in this regard then please leave a comment to this post. If I get enough interest I may indeed make my journal public.

Now do you see how many incredible ideas came out of this writing exercise for me? I mean by writing this blog post. As an exercise, you should go back and reread this article. Then extract and write down every single valuable idea you got from it. You can get at least 5 magic ideas from this article alone.

It may not be something I said it could be an idea that my ideas triggered in your mind.

Maybe you’d like to leave me a comment noting the ideas you generated for yourself as a result of doing this exercise.

To get more ideas you have to be on the lookout for them. And if you write down your ideas daily as they come to mind, your subconscious mind will know that you’re serious about this issue and it will come up with a stream of ideas that can help your life and by extension help improve the world.

Wow, I have so much energy that I’m typing at a frenzied pace. You see the power of great ideas. I’m so excited and MOTIVATED because I get to come up with ideas and share them with you.

I just love doing that.


On another note, I wanted to mention that I had a problem with my autoresponder service yesterday. I meant to send out an email to you much earlier in the day. They had some kind of glitch and so my message to you got out there really late.

So I’ve decided to extend the Incredible Special Offer on the Lightning Speed Fitness Program until Midnight tonight to give you enough time to actually look it over. There are some really powerful bonuses, if you don’t yet have Lightning Speed and Fitness well, then I think you need to check it out.


I hope the ideas I’ve given you on the last two blog posts will dramatically improve your energy levels. After writing this I’m going to do Lightning Aerobics the Super Energizer and Oxygenator so I can cram as much energy exploding oxygen into every cell in my body. Even the cells in my big fat toes.

I’m already having an awesome day. Why not join me by capturing your ideas and doing Lightning Aerobics with me.


Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer and The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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