Why women SHOULDN’T do push-ups

I’ve come to realize something over the years.

And that’s this… most women don’t like doing push-ups.

And you know what?

That’s a good thing.

Really, I don’t think women should be doing push-ups.

Here’s why.

1. They will just get way too strong:

Do you know how emasculating it is when your woman can carry 4 grocery bags in each hand up the steps? If my woman could do that then what need is there for me?

What happened to the manly tasks like carrying a 50 to 100 pound bag out of the car and into the house? What good would it be to be a man if my woman could do those things.

Even worse what if she decided to have some fun with me and overpower me in bed? That would be truly emasculating.

2. They’d start looking too attractive:

Do you know how sexy a woman looks when she has strong, athletic and yet feminine looking muscle tone? If my partner started looking so hot I’d be worrying all of the time that she’d be cheating on me.

Better for her to look flabby, blah and always wearing a frown. That way she’ll always be around to keep on making me sammiches.

I don’t need any competition from young whipper snapper males who have the hots for my babe.

3. They’d have way too much energy:

I don’t know if you know this but doing a hard core push-up workout will give you a boost of energy. Just give it a try first thing in the morning. Do a workout of 50 to 100 push-ups and make sure each set your getting close to your maximum. And you’ll be sucking in oxygen like crazy and oxygenating every cell in your body.

And of course, with the extra oxygen comes extra energia.

And if my woman had all of this extra energia she’d have the house so clean I could eat off the floors. And she’d be doing so much more work than me she’d be putting me to shame.

Better to have her tired and lazy and that way she’ll let me keep on watching Tee Vee.

4. They lift a woman’s boobs:

Again I can’t have anything making my partner look more sexy as I discussed in reason number two above.

5. They improve posture:

And when your posture improves then you become way more confident. And I don’t need my woman developing spine when I’m telling her how things should be done around the house. Even if I’m wrong.

Better to keep her spine out of whack and her confidence down so I can properly dominate.

6. They strengthen the heart and lungs:

Because when you grow your heart and lungs you slow down the aging and disease process dramatically. You increase the amount of oxygen to your cells and you literally grow the size of your lungs preventing pneumonia and other lung problems. It even helps to reduce the common cold.

Well this is something good for me, yet I’d not want it for my woman.


I don’t know why.

I’m just a male chauvinist jerk and I don’t want her to feel so good that she’s always happier than me.

7. Because doing push-ups saves her time and keeps her in the house:

If she was working out like most women she’d be spending a good portion of her day in the gym doing one time consuming isolation exercise after another. That gets her out of my hair for at least an hour or two.

But with push-ups she can do her full workout at home in like ten minutes that would take her about 45 minutes at the gym.

And then I don’t have the house to myself anymore.


Well, well, well… I hope you had a good laugh. 🙂

You do know I’ve been pulling your leg right?

It’s quite obvious that women should be doing push-ups and lots of them. Because as a general rule women are naturally weaker in the upper body. So it’s important for women to strengthen themselves so that they can handle some of the heavy lifting.

I mean who really prefers being weak?

When you’re strong you take command of life and you don’t get pushed around.

And no, doing lots of push-ups won’t give you huge bulky muscles. That’s just not gonna happen unless you start taking illegal substances designed to turn you into a man.

But they will give you muscle tone and highly attractive looking muscles that are just the right size.

Me personally, I can’t stand the skinny model that I can’t see a single muscle on. Give me a girl with some strength and muscle tone any day.

And then again, I don’t like the look of female body builders either. Most of them start looking way too much like a man. But that’s not going to happen from doing push-ups. That happens from juicing up.

Don’t let the men have all of the fun when it comes to being strong.

In any case, I’m not at all a chauvinist pig. That was really my buddy Al Bundy (and Ben Settle helped as well) writing the first part of this email.

I want all women to be strong, energetic, happy and beautiful.

And to prove my point I’ll show any woman how to go from doing zero full push-ups (even if you start with doing wall push-ups) to doing several full or military style push-ups in just 30 days during our 30-Push-Up Challenge.

We’re running it right now in the Push-Up Blaster 2.0 forum and I’m hoping to see you there.


Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer


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  1. It’s not rocket science! You don’t need fitness gadgets or join a gym to get and stay fit. All you need to do I have found out is to do what Roger advocates, pushups and the lightning speed exercise. I have tried all sorts of programs in my life, and Roger’s simple effective program has given me the most benefits, and I do them throughout the day, which makes it easy to follow this program, anytime and anywhere. Kudos to you Roger, on your program and your great articles on this website, that encourages people to maintain their goals for health and fitness.

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