9/11 Who Do You Believe?

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Today is 7 years after the day that changed the world forever. I remember I was driving in my car toward a tennis lesson I was about to give when I heard on the radio that one plane hit the Twin Towers in NYC. Then during my outdoor lesson some guy came up to us and told us the news that the second tower was hit.

He was going up to a hill where he said you could see the World Trade Center on a clear day. This was right by where I was giving my lesson. Living in the area and driving in to NYC the Twin Towers were to me and many others a symbol of NYC and really of the greatness of the United States. I loved them and once even ate lunch at Windows on the World with my mother and brother when we were young.

So when those towers fell and all of those people died I was extremely upset and angry. I have a close friend who was actually scheduled to go to a conference that day and at that very time at the top of one of the towers. Luckily they decided not to go.

One of the kids I taught tennis to lost his father in the collapse. Many people I know, knew people who died there. The world would never be the same after that. At least for me and many others in the Tri State Area.

After being told the second plane hit I knew instantly that it was terrorism. I watched the T.V. after that constantly for at least 3 days. I was so incredibly mad at what happened. For years I believed the official 9/11 story. I was even closed minded when I had this guy on the street in Toronto telling me it was all an inside job. At the time, I thought this guy was a whack job. He had set up a booth with all sorts of flyers and information to disseminate what he believed to be the truth behind what really happened. But I was already convinced from what I had heard that the conspiracy theories were just that, THEORIES and LIES.

After all I’ve had years of study of corruption in government starting as a teenager. My first exposure was reading a book called, "None Dare Call It A Conspiracy," that my father gave me. But I believed the radio talk show hosts I listened to. I thought it was a bunch of conspiracy theory nonsense. But then again, I never closely examined the evidence on the other side. Hard to tell the truth when you have only one perspective.

However, one day I got the chance to look with an open mind at different perspective on 9/11. I watched some video, likely it’s not even one of the ones I’m presenting below.

At this point in time it seems to me the evidence is overwhelming that 9/11 was an inside job. But in fairness I’ll also present a link to the article in Popular Mechanics supposedly debunking the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Below I’ve compiled some videos, articles and websites for you to view. You can make up your own mind. Look in detail at both sides of the story. Who gains from this? Follow the money and power and things start to make sense.

 9-11 Justice: This video is brief and will give an overview of some of just a small slice of the overwhelming evidence.

Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut: This video had over 5 million views and goes into much more depth. It’s about 89 minutes long.


Professional Demolition of World Trade Building Number 7


A Refutation of the Official Collapse Theory: Building Collapsed Faster Than Gravity Would Allow


Buried Interview Proves Bush Planned Iraq War Before 9/11




Mark Cuban Exposes O’Reilly Hypocrasy on Radio Broadcast


Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the Official 9-11 Story


Debunking the 9/11 Myths: Popular Mechanics Article: This article goes against the previous evidence I’ve been showing you. So please read this too and see if it makes sense. Someone is lying the question is who. Who gains by lying about this?


For many of you this information is nothing new. But I’m hoping it will open some eyes for those of my readers who’ve never heard or been exposed to this information. I’m not bringing this up in favor of one political party over another. I believe that the Republicans and Democrats are on the same team behind the scenes anyway.

I was a supporter of Ron Paul but as now he’s not even running for President anymore I’ve found a great candidate. His name is Bob Barr and he’s the Libertarian Candidate for president. After all that’s really what Ron Paul is all about. He was the Libertarian Candidate for president in 1988 and his policies are 99.9% in line with Libertarian principles anyway.

So if you supported Ron Paul and thought you had no one to vote for, think again. Check out Bob Barr and the Libetarian Party:


Bob Barr was recently endorsed by Ron Paul.

To Liberty,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager




9/11 Who Do You Believe? — 21 Comments

  1. I don’t get your newsletter for political idealology. I don’t care about your political views. Please remove me from your distribution list.


  2. There is not a single point here that is supported by looking at the facts. Not to mention the huge number of people that would have to all "keep quiet". Only four people would have had to keep quiet for Bill Clinton to have gotten away with adultery. Not one of those four did. Human nature invalidates large scale conspiracy. Human behavior is proven and predictable. Then there is the fact that Bin Laden fessed… Who was dancing in the streeds the day of? Muslims or GoP? AHAHAHAHA Come on. As a professional in the facilities industry I can tell you, it is impossible to plant charges without the facilities department knowing about it. Then how many floor were charges supposedly planted on? Yeah all of them. Nope. Ask any security manager…unless you are saying THEY were in on it and died for the cause on PURPOSE! Yeah. No.

    {RH: Actually Mark there are very few points or facts supported by the so called "official"side of the story. I’ve done my research on both sides. As far as I’m concerned there’s overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence supporting what I say. All you have to do is look and open your eyes. I’ve read the Popular Mechanics article and it just doesn’t jive with the facts. Then when you find out the connections of the people and agencies that provided the information for the Popular Mechanics article you see they’re just doing a coverup job.}

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  4. Roger,

    My respect for you has ratcheted up a bunch. You’ve got guts to put this out there.

    Most of the people we rub elbows with will not accept that in almost every area of life in the US there is a false reality, a fantasy, that is provided by the media, educated and licensed authority and government at all levels. Most of the people we interact with daily are living in this fabricated world that is not real.

    A shadow world or genuine reality is in play that underlies almost all perceived reality.

    To illustrate what I mean let’s consider a great example from the medical world…the perceived reality that we must all lower our cholesterol or we will die of cardiovascular disease. We must take statins, avoid certain foods and do whatever licensed health professionals tell us to do. This perceived reality is supported by the media, the government, drug companies, medical professionals at all levels and our families and friends.

    Those of us who have studied the reports, looked at the research and understand how the body works, know that the official story about cholesterol is a complete fabrication. It is a lie. It is a conspiracy. It is a fairy tale.

    We know that avoiding cardiovascular disease has nothing to do with lowering cholesterol. We know that there are certain amino acids, vitamins and minerals and diet that will prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease. This is the shadow reality that is the truth but is hidden from the general population. They are never supposed to know this truth.

    Who of us had not had the experience of talking about the cholesterol myth over and over only to be met with blank stares and absolutely no perception of what we know to be true.

    The official explanation about what happened at the World Trade Center on that beautiful September morning on the 11th day in 2001 is the perceived reality that is pushed by all that is ‘official’ and millions believe the fairy tale.

    None of us want to sound like whack jobs however with 911 if you do any studying at all of the observable phenomena it is self evident that something other than the official story happened.

    The signs are everywhere that there is a perceived reality that is a complete lie and there is a shadow reality where the truth resides.

    How is it possible to hoodwink millions of sane people? Why is it that these dual realities are able to exist and perpetuate?

    Einstein said that 5% of the people actually think, 15% of the people think they think and 80% would rather die than think. However there may be an even more significant factor at play here.

    In my judgment most people are living in a trance. All that is official is involved in perpetrating the trance. Millions draw their livelihood from the way people live in the trance. Power and control is derived from perpetrating the world of the trance.

    The trance is possible because of the subconscious mechanism that protects us from shock and distress.

    In my judgment most people are protected at a subconscious level from allowing the truth of the shadow world all around them to enter their conscious mind.

    I say protected because I believe a part of their mind sees the evidence but the protective subconscious mind will not allow the conscious mind to consider the evidence.

    Why? The truth is perceived as a danger from which the conscious mind must be protected. In my judgment the emotional shock that your trusted doctor is willing to support a lie and let you die painfully with cardiovascular disease when simple solutions are available is just too much for the mind to handle for most people. Why would you want to confront that everything you have been told is a lie and all the people you have trusted are con jobs.

    The emotional shock that people in your government would kill or allow to be killed, thousands of Americans on our own soil and then go on to destroy our freedoms and way of life, start two wars and waste billions and kill more Americans is just too much for the mind to handle.

    When you couple this protective mechanism with the constant propaganda for the official story and it is a hurdle almost too great to overcome for most.

    What I have found is when someone if finally hurt in someway by their government, the medical establishment or any other protector of the trance, they are shocked out of it and are finally open to consider the shadow reality. There lives are changed and the group of the clear thinkers grows larger.

    At some point there will be a tipping point and it will all seem so obvious to everyone after the fact.

    I sincerely hope the transition will be peaceful.

    Thanks Roger for the opportunity to comment.

  5. Hi Roger,

    I am in agreement with you, at first I believed what “they” wanted me to believe like all the other “sheep”…but soon the gaps in the story were just too big to ignore.

    Another great video about this is zeitgeist, people can just google that and watch it.

    Trust your gut feeling and…like you said “follow the money” and you will find the criminals every time.

    I honor the memory of all those innocent victims by not accepting this “official” report and supporting more research to get to the truth of the matter.

    To quote Thomas Jefferson “Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.”

    Thanks for this information.


  6. Mark.

    What makes you think that people have kept quiet? Speaking out and getting a national stage that people will accept are two different things.

    The arguments you postulate to support your position indicate that you have not really considered evidence that counters the official version at all or you are part of it.

    Actually the official version is a conspiracy also.

    When you look at the observable phenomena, you have to suspend greater disbelief to believe the official version than to not believe it and ask for better explanations.

    If only…along with the official version they had included discussions that could explain how these “guys with box cutters” suspended the laws of time and space.

  7. Thank you for your post I am so glad to see you using your site to not only cast light some truth and lies about the Standard American Diet and raw food but other truth and lies about our world governments….as well.

    I know that it can be difficult for some people to let go of seeing the government as some benevolent father figure here to do the best for us all when we have been lied to and manipulated in so many ways for so long.

    Sometimes bringing out truths can empower people and other times can cause fear, apathy… inability to know where to put our energy to make change in our world on our planet.

    I am hoping that you can circulate information on the upcoming ” PEACE INTENTION EXPERIMENT ” on September 14th (the largest such experiment in history) as a means of empowering people to put their energy towards change

    the site is http://www.thepeaceintentionexperiment.com

    Thank you

  8. I think your out of your mind if you think President George Bush would have anything to do with this.
    People in the world trade center died by people from another country. They hate the U.S. If you love this country maybe you should support our troops who are keeping your ass safe.

  9. Roger, well done again in being unafraid to post your views on more than just raw food. I’d note that Joy who made the first post never had to open your email, she could see from the subject line what it was about, a pity that she is throwing away the wealth of health information, just because she disagrees with your politics! We can’t draw a convenient line between anything in our lives, everything … and I mean everything … is linked. Things become incomprehensible only when we discard what we perceive as being irrelevant – like having the shortsightedness to think there is actually ‘junk’ DNA for example.

  10. Jim Zook, very nice commentary. The Vaccination issue is what woke me up out of my slumber.

    As the juggernaut continues, more will awaken. The process is speeding up. I knew it was an inside job on the day it happened. A lot of Mulims did because this routine is becoming old hat to us. I trust the transition will be peaceful for those that practice peace.

    Lillian, picking up a gun as a profession is dishonorable at best.

    Peace, Muslimah

  11. This is sad…

    Bin Laden confessed and not only that Bin Laden himself has never claimed that Bush had anything to do with the attack. I asked the guys from We Are Change . Org at Ground Zero one day why Bin Laden himself has never even claimed that the US Government helped in the attack and their answer was that they paid Bin Laden not to say anything! The American Government would have fallen in a day if Bin Laden had been clever enough to make such a statement. But even Bin Laden is not as clever as the " Blame America 1st crowd."

    It’s also sad that as Europe is becoming Eurabia within the next hundred years with Muslim majorities exploding across Britainstan, Hollandstan and Swedenstan ( oh and by the way the Muslims see your smug little pretend to be liberal tolerance for what it really is…FEAR you Pussies!) and as Africa continues to be Islamisized while the Arabs still practice the Black Slave trade which they started and never ended by the way…Notice the Deafening silence about the Sudan in the liberal media. No premium specials on WBAI about how the Arab word for Blacks is Abd meaning " Slave." It’s sad when you hear more about the true nature of what is really happening in Darfur on Michael Savage than you do on Democracy now.

    This is why Sarah Palin is going to wipe the floor with the Defeatocrats come Novermber. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. Don’t believe me? Wait and see!


    {RH: Thank you for your points. You and everyone else should realize that people who believe 9/11 was an inside job do not necessarily hate America. I love my Country and what it used to stand for — Liberty for the Individual.

    The problem is we’ve had a silent coup starting around the year 1913 when the Federal Reserve and Income Tax were created. The Federal Reserve is one of the big reasons we no longer have control over our government. For the most part decisions are made by people behind the scenes. It doesn’t matter if we have a Republican or a Democrat in office. If Clinton were in office during the time of 9/11 I’m certain we would have had very similar results.

    The president is just a puppet. You think Bush really cares about terrorism? Then why did he do nothing to close the borders? He’s really a globalist and has no concern over the rights and freedoms of the American people. Even Michael Savage is willing to admit this. Haven’t you often heard him mentioning the New World Order and that Bush is a part of it. But Michael Savage doesn’t know everything or at least he can’t say it all on the air.

    As for Bin Ladin. Who cares what he said. It’s very likely that he and his team actually worked for the CIA or some other covert black opps unit to help bring about the 9/11 attacks. Apparently some of the supposed terrorists who were on the planes on 9/11 are still alive and have been seen in other parts of the world. If you want to open your eyes to the incredible corruption in our government, I recommend two incredible resources.

    Watch this documentary: Freedom To Fascism


    Then read this book: "The Creature From Jekyll Island." by G. Edward Griffin


    That book is all about freedom. Realize that elites that are secretly running this country want socialism. For they know that is the easiest way to control the masses. Everyone wants something for nothing and think the government is sustainable in this way. Which it is not. When our economy finally falls they don’t care because they knew it was coming ahead of time and they can switch their assets into hard assests like real estate, precious metals, oil etc.

    Then check out the Libertarian Party and you’ll realize that they stand for what Republicans should stand for. Electing a Republican is going to do little (unless it was Ron Paul) for they are mostly controlled by the behind the scenes power brokers.

    And talk about the worst sort of socialism is this corporate welfare. Saving all of these banks and lending institutions is making us all pay the silent tax of inflation. Notice prices going up lately. They’ll continue to do so as we bailout huge institutions like Fannie May and Freddie Mac.}

  12. Ok…I get it…and not surprised….but what can we do about it?? I mean REALLY do???


    {RH: Dave you can become an activist. Tell other people. Just the way I did. The more people that know the better chance we have to fight this problem. And support the only party with a chance to give us real Freedom, the Libertarian Party and Bob Barr for president.

    We still get to vote in the United States, even though the elite media does as much as it can to give little coverage to the candidates that could make real change. You think Obama would have had any chance without constant media support? Obama was basically a nobody until the media latched on to him. But he’s one of the approved candidates of the elitists so he’s given a lion’s share of the media. Same with McCain.

    Had Ron Paul gotten that kind of incredible and free media coverage I’m quite certain he’d be the Republican candidate for president. But that is just one way they control the masses by controlling the major media outlets.

    So get out and tell as many other people as you can. If everyone knows and votes with their knowledge it will be hard for the charade to continue.}

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  14. Lilian, interesting comments, but history tells us that the Bush family (Prescott Bush-Bush Juniors’ gandfather) made their Fortune originally by becoming a major funder of the Nazis in the Second World War. Truth is stranger than fiction, there isn’t anything these people won’t do for power. You might also look up what the U.S. government call false flag operations, and wether they would ever consider carry them out. e.g. Operation Northwoods, go on google it, I dare you, prove me wrong…. anyway good luck, you owe it to yourself to at least have a quick look. Peace!

  15. Hey, credits to you for daring to speak up!!

    It’s easy to see how everything is connected. We are told to eat poison and drink flouride so our brains are barely able to get our asses from bed to a work we hate so we can get money to buy more poison.

    It’s time to stop this viscous cycle that the hamster of human population is running desperately in.

    Here’s a new vid by the way:

  16. The clip of muslims dancing that you were shown had nothing to do with the Twin Towers. Fox News is all a big show. Turn off the TV (Tele Violator) and do some research for yourself.

  17. Roger,

    I was interested in your products, but when I saw your link to Freedom to Fascism I knew that you were the type of person that I needed to talk to.
    Thank you for being brave enough to put this information out there. I have been involved since 2002, I too believed the official story.

    My respect for you is boundless now you have really shown me another side of you that I did not expect. thus excitement to get a chance to give you a call!

  18. I watched the towers drop from my rooftop. The first thing that I thought was it was a demolition job. My sister screamed no way, you and your conspiracy theories. Well, 9 years later, I still believe the same thing and now she is finally asking me for help from her 9-11 created Asthma from volunteering down at ground zero which I refused to do.

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