Below I’ve included a book review done on for a book I think every single person should read. The reviewer below describes the book much better than I ever will.

It’s called "The Creature From Jekyll Island." And you can read more about it at the link below.

The Creature From Jekyll Island


By  Joanneva12a (USA) – See all my reviews

The United States has been ransacked…The average citizen would be shocked to learn that in 1910 a small group of international private bankers and a US Senator, devised a plan shrouded in secrecy to persuade Congress to give up its constitutional authority over the control of our nations’ funds with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Ever since that day, author G. Edward Griffin calls the Fed "a cartel operating against the public interest", and once you start reading you’ll see why.

At times the statements Griffin writes are often shocking, and I was almost put off at first. But his footnotes are there to back them up with authentic quotes from prominent people of the era, such as the personal memoirs of the conspirators themselves, biographies, historians, and written testimony from the time. In fact do a search on the web for Congressman Louis T. McFadden, "An Astounding Exposure" to see why the Board of Governers of the Fed were brought up on formal charges on fraud, conspiracy and treason, which to this day has never been acted upon. Many other authors have written on the Fed but have not put together such a remarkable package as Griffin does. The summaries at the end of each chapter will be tremendously helpful in understanding as well. The book is splendidly organized from start to finish and the various historic photos are an added bonus as well.

Although 600 pages, it is nowhere near a dry and brittle read as you might expect. The author has managed to break the complicated mess into its simplest components exposing the greatest scams committed in its name, all concealed with smoke and mirrors. Once you read how money is really created, you will comprehend what the elitist one world money makers are really up to, and that the amount of greed and usury of the people knows no bounds. Not to be outdone, the World Bank was conceived right here in the good `ole USA in Bretton Woods New Hampshire, and in concert with the Federal Reserve, they have managed to do to the nations of the world what the Fed is doing to America.

There is simply too much in this book to review here. All I can say is that this is a must read book that will take you for an astounding ride through history. You will discover why…. Our founding fathers were so adamantly opposed to a central bank – How the first US bank came from England’s banking dynasty, and who attended the secret meeting on Jekyll Island – How fiat money is `made’ from debt – How the US taxpayer is being used to pay off huge foreign debts gone into default – You will learn the name of the Communist mole who worked in the US Treasury who helped form the World Bank – Why the gold standard was abandoned – Who helped fund the birth of Communism – The real reason for WWI and how the American people were driven to make war on Germany – the events surrounding the sinking of the Lusitanian – Who helped fund the rise of Hitler’s Fascism – The secret society created by Cecil Rhodes – the manipulation of nations currencies – the financing of corruption and despotism – the push for world socialism, the truth about the Council on Foreign Relations, and above all ….the reason for most wars.

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