Why 6.5 years of Hell was the BEST thing to happen to me

Hell2Heaven3-650-x-433Life can be strange sometimes.

Sometimes the best experiences or the most useful ones are the most painful by far.

Case in point.

Yesterday we were at our friend the veterinarian’s place (we met him and his family one day a few months ago while at a restaurant that served young coconuts) and we were there to get our cat “broken” so that she could not have little kittens anymore.

Anyways while there and after our appointment we continued speaking with our friend for a long, long time. He told us he thought vaccinations were dangerous because they were injecting a virus into your blood. Of course, there are many other reasons that vaccinations can be dangerous and deadly because they are literally loaded with poisons. And we told him our children were never vaccinated and they don’t get sick like most other children. He was quite surprised and I didn’t get it if his son was vaccinated or not.

But I also noticed his 4 year old son eating one piece of pure junk food after another. I was absolutely stunned.

He made a whole meal of pure shit. I’m talking sugary marshmallow like candies, nacho chips, crackers, soda and you name it.

Nowhere did I see him eating any real food. None of that do I even consider as edible.

Also our vet friend’s wife works with him and she is pregnant. And earlier on when we arrived she was constantly complaining about how incredibly hot she felt. (Yes certainly pregnancy itself can affect this.)

Personally I felt just slightly on the warm side but was perfectly comfortable. But for her it felt like she was taking a visit to Hell.

When later on I saw her eating chips, soda and all sorts of junk food and I told her in Spanish THAT is why she felt so hot. And I went on to explain why as best I could. Her hubby Fernando wants her to eat better and tells her too but she hasn’t made any changes as of yet in that department.

Apparently the people in the town where she comes from don’t have very open minds to nutrition and new things. And they just eat whatever they see people eating on the Turd-Vision box.

And this got me to thinking. Back in the day I thought the only requirement for a food to be eaten is that it’s something that’s served in a restaurant or sold in a supermarket. I mean if it’s sold in a supermarket it must at least be edible right?

And very sadly this is how most people think.

If it’s in the supermarket or advertised on TV they can eat it. They may even think it’s junk food but they still consider it FOOD.

And so I started thinking back to all of the incredible knowledge and experiential insights I have attained about health and nutrition and why was it that I was so “lucky” to know what virtually no one here in Mexico knows.

Why is it that I don’t suffer with the “old age” diseases like arthritis? (In my mid twenties I had arthritis but not anymore.)

Why am I so thin and vibrant looking?

Why do I have so much energy?

Why am I so happy most of the time?

Why do I look so young for my age?

And it occurred to me that the main reason my life went in the way of discovering these things was because I went through 6.5 years of living in Hell early on in my adult life.

That incredible pain my depression (and no I don’t ever want to live through that again) was the prod I needed to change my diet to a mostly Raw Food Diet.

For the very day that I started eating a lot of fruit and or about 50% of my food as raw was the same day that my depression went away.

And just getting rid of the depression was a GREAT BLESSING and major relief. I mean my life completely changed and rapidly improved simply by getting rid of my depression.

But my blessings are so far beyond that it’s amazing.

And I might have never even been looking for information on the Raw Food Diet had I not had to find a solution to my Hell.

Literally my Hell turned me into a Superbeing compared to most other people.

I’m not trying to brag but it’s just so, so obvious when I see other people of how much better off I am and my family is in most ways than they are. Again, I’m not trying to brag but to illustrate a point.

Most of humanity is suffering and asleep on so many levels.

But because I learned about the Raw Food Diet and actually practiced it for 20 years I have discovered MANY amazing things that are simply not known by the average person.

There is so much incredible suffering out there because people continue to believe that as long as it’s sold as food in the supermarket or at “Crap in the Box” that they can eat it.

But who would eat crap that’s disguised as food if they knew it were crap?

If you want to unleash one miracle in your life after another then do your best to align your life as much as possible with Nature.

That’s what I’m about to do myself. To cut up some oranges and spend a half hour outside at the beach and barefoot eating oranges and getting in tune with Nature.

I’m not going to bring soda, beer, potato chips and Dorshitos out to eat at the beach as I see so many sleeping people doing here.

The miracles you discover when you leave the limitations of society behind are forever life changing. You will  jump leaps and bounds past your unconscious neighbors.

Society is intentionally designed to dumb you down and make you weak and sick. “Society” is the big scourge on this planet. All of the major ills we face as humans can be brought back to the evil influence of “society.”

Group think is almost always at a very low level. It’s designed to enslave.

So when you begin the freeing up process by going raw and many other things as well you have to break free from the clutches of what other people think and do.

You have to tell everyone to go FUGK themselves because I’m not eating that effing crap you are trying to shove down my throat anymore. You can kiss your crappy group think up my arse because I’m not digging it.

And maybe when they see your miraculous improvements it will spark in them the idea that maybe they can do it too.

Maybe they’ll wake up and finally realize that just because it’s advertised on the Turd Tube or sold in a supermarket or on the menu at Bugger King that it sure as Hell doesn’t qualify it as friggin food.

Now that I’ve had my fun little rant and force fed you the truth, may I make some suggestions to make your transition to a freeing raw life much easier.

Think and Go Raw 3.0

Savory Veggie Stews

Yummy Greens

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King


Why 6.5 years of Hell was the BEST thing to happen to me — 2 Comments

  1. Roger, you look great! Could you answer a question for me, do you follow any form of intermittent fasting? Thank you in advance.

    • Well I don’t call it intermittent fasting. I call it the no breakfast plan.

      I usually don’t eat my first meal until 3 to 5 hours after waking up. And I do that mostly because I’m not hungry yet and I want to get in my workout before I eat anything. I do a lot of different exercises (not just physical) and activities before my breakfast meal.

      Cheers, Roger

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