Superfan needs help

Here’s an email I received from Nancy. I answer it below.

I’ve been a fan and follower of yours for years.
I have your exercise and food books.
I had read the tennis book and power pause pages before and didn’t get it.
Last night I read the material with new vision.
I am in a major transition having quit my job to follow my dreams.
I am at the lowest financial position I have ever been in.
I so desperately want to get the power pause and all the bonuses.
I want to immediately start using the idea factory to 100% of my capacity.
Your exercise material has kept me in shape and made me an example to my friends.
I have a lot to share with the world and I want to model your websites to share my passions.
I swear to God as soon as I get the money I am downloading the power pause.
I promise to use every secret all the time for the rest of my life and to share it with others.
If there is anything you can tell me that will help me get this material now I will be forever grateful even sooner.

In Love and Light

Hello Nancy,

I’m so glad you’ve been doing well with my fitness and raw food diet programs. Not sure what you mean about wanting to get the Power Pause and yet already having read it.

However, let me give you some quick ideas.

Firstly, I don’t know what your current financial situation is or how much time you have left before you are "out on the street" — so to speak.

But I can tell you this. I was in that situation. The biggest problem I had at the time was that I was constantly worried about money. I was constantly visualizing my financial doom and seeing myself as eventually being forced into homelessness.

And that almost came to pass. At one point I had to borrow money just to pay the rent. I completely drained my IRA while looking at building my dream business. I was going nowhere fast.

But a key breakthrough for me was to stop focusing on my financial destruction and start actively looking for ideas that could make me money right away. I started asking Magic Questions and seeing my problems as solveable.

As soon as I did that, things started turning around. I started making money again. All sorts of ideas and opportunities started popping up that I just couldn’t see when I was focused on doom and gloom. I took some part time jobs to keep me afloat while I was working on my dream job which I now do full time.


Which is basically writing to you guys, creating helpful fitness, health and peak performance products. Now I do what I love and I get paid quite well for it.

But please make sure to be practical. Some businesses take quite a while to get going. And I already had many years of marketing education behind me and I still couldn’t get things going.

Here’s an exercise you can try…

Have a conversation with God.

Simply ask God to help you solve whatever problem you have. Just write your question to God sincerely. And remember to focus on what you want.

Then as you are forming the question, God will be giving you the answer. You’ll just feel it. You almost get the answer before you ask the question.

But pretend you’re God and actually write out the answer — AS IF — God was writing the answer to you. I think you’ll be surprised sometimes at what answers you receive. They’ll be Divinely inspired answers and may not be what you expected.

That’s when you get an inkling that maybe it was God answering your questions for you.

We are all Divine beings but we tend to forget. The more we worry, the less gratitude we feel the less Divine we feel we are. But remember this.

"Riches are all around you for the simple reason that you live move and have your being in God, and God lives, moves and has his being in you. God is omnipresent, therefore all of his riches are present everywhere, within you and all around you."

That was a quote from Dr. Joseph Murphy.


Another quick idea in terms of making a fast profit in business is to help a business owner to make more money. Most of us need marketing help and better ideas.

A great course in that (it will blow you away) and I recommend doing it first before doing the Power Pause as it will give you tons of ideas to get instant financial jackpots. It’s by the best marketing guru on the planet – Jay Abraham and it’s called "Your Secret Wealth"

It’s an audio program and it could change your life and thinking forever. You’ll start seeing so many opportunities that you can’t take advantage of them all. The cheapest way to get that program is to order it from Ebay.

You might be able to get it for $20 that way. I bought it years ago (1996) from Nightingale Conant. You can get it new from them for about $80.00. So try the Ebay route first.

If you’ve been thinking you have no opportunities, then all you have to do is fully listen to what Jay Abraham teaches and then do the exercises he shows and you’ll see every single person on the planet has tons of practical opportunities all around them that they just can’t see. Jay Abraham will give you a new pair of eyes.

I’m not talking just philosophically. I’m talking about real world opportunities. For even if you don’t have a particularly marketable skill there are many, many others who do, but who don’t know they have it.

You can find the best practices of companies and individuals and sell them to others. So you don’t even need talent you just have to recognize talent or something useful. You’ll become a value detector and not just a value creator.

You may not have many of your own resources, but that isn’t necessary. You can learn to set up joint ventures and make money by bring two parties together. Recently a young man did that for me and he earned a couple of thousand dollars because of it. His time in the project was less than 20 hours.

Most people take for granted their talents and downplay them. But they’re way underachieving because they don’t know how to get the most of what they’ve got. That’s what Jay will teach you in countless examples and case studies he shows on the program.


Ok I hope this gives you some ideas Nancy and anyone else who might be in a similar situation.

And remember…

There’s Gold Dust in the Air,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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  1. Great answer and help for Superfan, Roger. Superfan, as Roger talked about how his worry about finances kept him in the state he worried about, the main key is to learn to direct your thinking to what you do want rather than dwell on what you don’t. This does not mean to ignore your current situation but to not dwell on it. Invest as much of your thought time as possible focused on what you do want, and apply as many actions as possible that lead in the direction of your desires, even if you must continue to work at something else to keep yourself afloat financially.

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