These 2 Words Ruin Most People

These two words have the power to ruin your life or to make it an amazing adventure. I just discovered an incredible addition to the Magic Questions technique that you get if you’re a subscriber to the Superbeing Secrets Letter.

What if I get fired?
What if I run out of money and have to live on the streets?
What if I get cancer?
What if I have no friends?
What if this product doesn’t do what it promises?
What if I’m just a born loser and have no hope of achieving my dreams?
What if it’s impossible for me to change my habits?
What if I just don’t feel like exercising no matter what I try?
What if I were put in jail?
How do those questions make you feel? Not so good I suspect. Do you realize that most people are asking themselves just those kinds of questions all throughout the day on a subconscious level?
Now ask yourself these questions.
What if I were able to reverse those questions around in my mind? How would that improve my life?
What if today was going to be the best day in my life?
What if I figured a way to achieve my goals with no struggle or needless effort?
What if I could heal the world?
What if I became super famous and rich?
What if I could visualize with perfect clarity as if I were in the room and seeing, hearing and experiencing things perfectly?
What if I could travel anywhere in the Universe by just thinking about the place?
What if I could instantly heal my body via the power of visualization?
What if I loved eating raw foods and hated eating cooked foods?
What if I loved to exercise every single day?
What if everything went my way from now on?
What if I had a magical genie protecting me and helping me have the most incredible life possible? (Watch the classic movie "Harvey" to get your own.)
What if every problem I’ve ever had and will have leads to a better life?
How do those questions make you feel?
Therefore the two words with magical powers to destroy or create are:
What IF
Do you see the significance of this? By starting your day asking these POSITIVE what if questions you start off by feeling great.
Gratitude is so incredibly important and underated. It helps you to magically attract the ideas and people you need to succeed. Just look back at your own life and see if it isn’t true. When things are going well you have gratitude and then more amazing things start happenin to you.
Also many people have a hard time visualizing or using the Law of Attraction or The Secret. But with these questions you don’t even have to try and visualize. The questions themselves can create powerful visual images in your mind. You activate the Law of Attraction in your favor automatically by asking these positive outcome questions. It’s as simple as that and then following your intuition and taking inspired action.
I’ve often thought of myself as less than a great visualizer. But when I ask myself — What if I could visualize anything effortlessly as if I were seeing it with my own eyes?
I actually start visualizing things as if seeing them with my own eyes instead of the struggle I’ve often had to visualize images. For it’s much easier to just see something than to try and visually recreate it in your imagination. By saying What IF I don’t have to believe I can do it. I just imagine a reality in which I could do it. And it takes all of the pressure off me.
What if these crisp and detailed images are already there and you only have to open your eyes to them and you’ll see them? Are you starting to understand the significance of using these questions? Not just in the morning but all throughout your day when you have free time.
They automatically get you excited and get you focused on the things you want. Wouldn’t it be better to ask positive questions than negative questions no matter what you believe about the Law of Attraction?
Have you heard of the Biblical saying?
"Ask and you shall receive."
And it’s not just the questions you ask but the subconscious statements you’re constantly making to yourself.
I’m quite sure for instance that I have some people who buy a product from me knowing ahead of time that it won’t work for them. If you have that belief before you buy it then what chance do you have of succeeding with it?
You’ve predisposed yourself to failure. You’ve created the expectation of failure. Then you end up getting what you expect. More proof that these self-improvement products just don’t work. You knew you were right. This is all just a scam.
So isn’t it better to expect all levels of success and happiness for yourself, family, friends, co-workers, clients and the planet?
Sure you may not believe in the law of attraction but what kinds of thoughts make you feel better?
You have the What IF negative questions that most people ask. Or you can choose to ask the What IF positive questions. One thing you’ll know for sure, the What IF positive questions will make you feel better right away and get you focused on your goals rather than on your problems.
I want to thank Dr. Joe Vitale for making me aware of the power of What IF questions via his latest blog post. Go read that post and you’ll find out about What IF dinner parties and much more.
What if Roger Haeske really had the power to make it fun and easy for me to go raw and stick with the Raw Food Diet so I could turn myself into a Superbeing? What if eating raw is the secret to the most incredible life possible? What if I enjoyed eating raw so much that I’d never want to eat cooked food again? What if I started eating raw and it made me look so young, healthy and vibrant that women started asking me out?
What if I could have fun getting in shape and do so at home and in about 15 minutes per day? and
What if God did all my writing for me?
Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer
The 41-Year-Old Teenager
P.S. Are you starting to get excited? Can you see the significance of using these positive What IF questions? Please leave me your feedback in the comments section. Do you think this will change and improve your life or not? I’m very interested to hear what YOU have to say.



These 2 Words Ruin Most People — 7 Comments

  1. what a great way of putting it…..The Most High is doing the writing for you……well done Roger..if you believe you can you can and if you believe you can’t you can’t; either which way you’re right…….

  2. You’re right on, Roger. What people believe about themselves is what they WILL achieve. Believing in oneself, in one’s abilities, capabilities and possibilities – this is what MAKES someone successful.

    I really appreciate your insights on gratitude. So true. I constantly look back at my own life with gratitude when I’m looking for inspiration, and I see God’s hand in my journey – this is the ULTIMATE inspiration.

    What if my opportunities were limitless? (Guess what – they are!)
    What if my motivation were intrinsic? (Guess what – it is!)
    What if I could do ANYTHING I WANTED?! (Guess what – I can!)

    Inspiring words.

  3. Another great post, Roger. And a great reminder. I think I’ve been doing the neg. ones too much lately. Sometimes I have gotten into discussions on the power of questions with ones in my church community. I think it is an often over looked piece in the manifestation process.

  4. Thanks guys for your comments.

    Please let me know if you use this idea and of any specific examples of how it may have helped you.

    What if really focusing on this “What IF” concept and talking about it on Roger’s blog would help me make this idea more usable and real to me?

    There’s power in the doing.

    Cheers, Roger

  5. Thanks.


    What if you knew that you could NOT fail,
    what would you do?

    Though, when I first read your article
    headline, I thought “2 Words”
    for me would be “Hostess Twinkie”



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