Videos After Dr. Graham’s Raw Food Diet Talk in NYC

The 41-Year-Old Teenager Caught on Video for the First Time

Here are a few of the videos I took in NYC after attending Dr. Douglas Graham’s Raw Food Diet talk in Bonobo’s Restaurant in New York City.


In this video you can see me on the right and my friend Stephen Parker on the left. Stephen has a great raw food blog Stephen was one of the founding leaders of our support group in NYC, The Raw Health and Happiness Society. Unfortunately we no longer meet regularly. But it was great while it lasted.


I was able to catch Doug as he was leaving. His mother was there and urging him to hurry up so he could catch the next train. In the future I hope to do a longer video interview with him.

You can however listen to an extensive audio interview I did with him about the topic of "Fruit or Fat" in which he goes over in depth all sort of questions I asked him regarding the problems with a high fat diet and in which he busts many of the myths around fruits. You’ll discover the genetic reason of how and why bananas can and do grow seedless in the wild. Turns out our bananas have not been artificially hybridized by man. All of this and many other interviews, low fat raw recipes and coaching from me are available for a very affordable price at


This is a brief interview I did with my friend Robert Dyckman. He’s a very pure 80/10/10 raw foodist. He won’t touch anything unless it’s organic including his clothing. He used to be one of the leaders of The Raw Health and Happiness Society in New York. He’s also the leader of the largest raw food meetup group in NYC. He’s a great guy and he shares some insights about eating raw. We’re in a brand new raw food restuarant in NYC. And by the way, he doesn’t even eat in raw food restaurants. He just ordered some bananas.

Here’s what the menu says. Famous Italian Chef Sal Anthony has GONE RAW. LIVE RAW VEGAN Food & Drinks 100% Organic. They’re on 119E. 17th Street, Between Irving Place and Park Ave. South, New York, NY. 1-212-74-6677.

My good friend Joel Brody, the one with the white beard in the background is the one who showed us this new restaurant. While I was talking to Robert he was talking to Sal Anthony the owner. Apparently he still has several other Italian cooked food restaurants. This place used to be a flower shop and is right near Pure Food and Wine.


This video was taken just after Doug finished his talk. This will give you a little flavor of what it was like in the room. You can see Doug up in the front and then I just walked around a bit.

Hope you enjoyed this videos.


Roger Haeske


Videos After Dr. Graham’s Raw Food Diet Talk in NYC — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Roger this was really cool. Totally enjoyed it. Real inspiration! Thank you!

    By the way…did Robert Dyckman say that he never eats nuts, seeds and avocados or was that just a month’s experience?


  2. Thanks for the videos, Roger. Great to see and hear folk on raw food and to get some tips. Of course questions do arise, but there is so much info. on your site to browse through to get the answers. The recipes being made is also a help.
    Greetings from Berlin

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