Trump’s Too Plump

I’m 6′ 3″ tall and fairly muscular and I weigh about 165 pounds.

USA Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is also 6′ 3″ not very muscular and yet he weighs 236 pounds. Yup he’s at least 70 pounds heavier than I am and less muscular to boot.

Quite frankly he’s obese… yet because he’s tall and how he dresses he hides his obesity fairly well.

But it makes me wonder…

How are you supposed to manage a country when you can’t even manage your own weight?

In fact, both the Trumpster and Hillary are nowhere close to the lean category.

I want my presidential candidates to be paragons of health. And to be in reasonably good shape.

Because if their bodies aren’t fit than how can their brain’s possibly be?

For the Donald I suggest to stop putting so much focus on making billions and instead spend 20 minutes just 3 times per week doing the Youth Restorer Exercise. It will not only make him much leaner it will make him biologically younger.

Plus “The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory” suggests…

To really accelerate away from obese status he should start his dinner with a large, filling and raw Savory Veggie Stew that’s less than 150 calories. That will blunt his voracious appetite so he won’t have much room to take in anymore of that caca he calls food that he likely eats at his hotel restaurants.

Actually he probably has his own personal Cooked Poison Chef. It would be super easy to train his chef to make Savory Veggie Stews in less than 10 minutes.

I mean he used to be a rather handsome man in his younger days. But eating cooked food totally puffs out people’s faces and makes them look like old blobs instead of people.

Not to mention that in most cases it tends to pack on the extra pounds because of the crazy levels of toxins and chemicals in cooked food.

Plus by going raw he’d automatically tune into his higher self and start making a lot better decisions for his life and for the country should he become el Presidente.

And you know what?

I’ll even extend “The Donald” and “Hillary Clinton” a special discount on Savory Veggie Stews – The Cooked Foods Craving Crusher.

But they need to get in on the fun before midnight tonight when the price goes back to full.

Oh well, I don’t think they really need a sale considering they’re both at the very least multi-millionaires. Just wondering how Bill and Hillary have become part of the super rich by “earning” hundreds of millions by being a “public servants”?

Oh yah they earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for speaking for an hour or so to corporations. Then from what I hear they award those corporations all sorts of political favors.

And no I’m not a supporter of the Totalitarian Trumpster either. But I’d be much more inclined to support him if he started exercising a little bit while eating raw food and Savory Veggie Stews.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training”


Trump’s Too Plump — 3 Comments

  1. I know there’s a lot of BS on youtube but watched an interesting doco there supposedly released by Anonymous which reveals how the Clintons have made a fortune by way of the Clinton Foundation.$2 Billion put into the fund & only 10% put into the charities they were set up for particularly Haiti after the earthquake. The Haitians are no better off despite all the money pledged for support. If you want to see some interesting info regarding human induced climate change youtube Piers Corbyn & Prof Ian Plimer

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