He thinks I’m healthy only because I’m vegan

I got this email in yesterday from one of my subscribers.

My response to follow…

Hi,Roj.    I think u do successfully mainly because u are vegan not because u are raw foodist.  The same for your father,at first to reject animal foods, then slowly reduce cooked food.    This is my humble opinion.


Thanks TKZ for sending in your comment as it’s vitally important people understand my answer. I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a long time and your comment provided the perfect opportunity for me to do so.

Now for the truth of the matter.

Sometime in the early 1990’s I tried becoming a vegetarian after reading an amazing chapter in a Peter Burwash book called Total Tennis. In that chapter Peter described how his fitness went through the roof and the only change he made was going vegetarian.

I mean he had specific athletic tests done in some kind of University environment that he did the previous year to test his level of fitness. And he had been doing that test for many years but when he switched to a vegetarian diet his fitness numbers improved dramatically. Yet he had made no changes to the way he was training.

So of course, that chapter really inspired me to try going vegetarian.

However, that is NOT what happened to me.

I did not notice any particular changes or improvements at all. Sometime later I decided to go from just being a vegetarian to taking a bigger step by becoming vegan. I believe I was vegetarian / vegan for well over a year.

And between both changes in diet I noticed barely any changes to my health, fitness or state of mind. Although my lungs did clear out quite a bit when I went vegan.

Keep in mind during the early 1990’s I was going through depression. So while I was eating a cooked vegetarian and then cooked vegan diet I still suffered through depression and panic attacks.

In fact, it got to a point where I realized I was starting to feel a little worse than in my meat eating days. So I eventually switched back to eating meat… hard as it was after all of the vegetarian books I read. I had to block out certain important facts from my mind.

But then in the fall of 1996 I read “Fit For Life” and I then decided to experiment with adding more raw foods to my diet.

Talk about getting an instant wallop.

This is the change I had been looking for.

On the very first day that I switched to eating 50% of my diet as raw that was the day that my 6.5 years of living hell (depression) went away. The only time I ever experienced depression again was when I experimented with eating a mostly cooked food diet. Each time I did that the depression came back right away.

Going vegan did not do it. Going vegan actually made my depression slightly worse not better.

I mean I had many other benefits that I absolutely did not get by going cooked vegetarian or vegan.

Some of The Benefits of Going 100% Raw that I Personally Experienced…

1. My depression went away and I experienced a physical euphoria (happiness from the cellular level)

2. My skin got much tighter and younger looking.

3. My lungs totally cleared up (cooked vegan did not go all the way as my lungs were still clogged) and I was for the first time since childhood able to take really deep breaths.

4. The infections I used to frequently get in my gums never happened again.

5. My receding gum line stopped receding.

6. My arthritis went away completely.

7. I felt much happier and more spiritually connected.

8. I started wanting to be out in Nature much more often.

9. I realized that I was much calmer and less likely to get angry.

10. Got much fewer colds and when I did the symptoms were way easier to handle than in my cooked food days

11. I became virtually immune from infections. When I got 12 stitches I did not take the antibiotics the doctor recommended and I did not get an infection.

12. I was able to handle hot weather a lot better. Felt like it was 7 degrees cooler to me than before. Yet my winter ability to handle cold weather stayed about the same as in my cooked food days. (Though it did initially take some time for my body to adjust to being raw in the winter. When I first tried going 100% raw I was freezing. But I had made many mistakes and some of it is just a matter of the body adjusting and getting used to new fuels.)

13. It helped me to be true to myself and follow my dreams and do what I love for a living.

I’m sure there are other benefits that I don’t recall at the moment.

And still to this day I experience these same benefits. I mean just getting rid of the depression alone was a life saver. As long as I had depression my life was going nowhere fast. I was stuck in low paying jobs and often getting close to getting fired or actually getting fired. And that was mostly because of my depression.

So to answer TKZ… his humble opinion in this case couldn’t have been more wrong.

Sorry because I have to be blunt.

This is too important for my readers to know.

Too many people do not recognize that they’re destroying their health with cooked foods. This even goes for vegans and vegetarians. The cooking process itself does an incredible amount of damage to food.

Is it any wonder I’m so passionate about a properly done Raw Food Diet?

Eating raw is like attuning yourself with Nature.

Instead of fighting Nature why not join it?

The fact of the matter is there is a HUGE difference between any diet that is cooked versus a nutritionally complete version of the Raw Food Diet that I teach. I would even venture to say that people who are eating a raw type of diet yet include raw animal foods like the Instinctos, are still doing much better health wise than cooked vegans and vegetarians.

Going raw makes you feel like Superman in comparison to any cooked food diet.

And by the way, technically I’m not a full out vegan as I do use raw honey.

The great news is that it’s WAY easier these days to succeed with a Raw Food Diet than it was when I first started doing it 20 years or so ago.

And a BIG reason for that is the advent of the myth busting Savory Raw Carbs.

This is the missing link to feel satisfied (easily beats cooked food cravings) and to avoid the eventual nutrient depletion that many people end up experiencing when going raw for more than a year. And they get it because they overly restrict their diets.

Savory Raw Carbs gives you at least 25 different food options that most raw foodists would never normally eat because of old school Natural Hygiene and other raw food brainwashing. But you can eat these foods raw no problem and they’re high calorie carbs plus savory.

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If you want to have radiant health and feel that experience of happiness for no particular reason then I recommend you start adding as much raw food to your diet as quickly as possible.

Don’t waste another day of your life experiencing the aging, uglifying and disease producing misery of cooked food.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training”

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