Trump Tapes – Hillary is Fake – Deceitful Debate

Well just a few minutes from now they’re going to put on “The Most Ridiculous Show on Earth”.

The fake presidential debate here in the United States.

That’s what the presidential race in the United States has become and these debates really show it.

I mean how can Hillary Clinton have ever even been nominated to be the Democratic Party candidate? The only way possible is with the total complicity of the media.

She should have been in jail for over a 300 year sentence by now if the powers that be weren’t protecting her.

Just watch the original Clinton Chronicles and you’ll see how incredibly corrupt not only Bill Clinton is but also his wife. I mean what is revealed there is shocking. Like extensive evidence that the Clintons smuggled in plane loads of cocaine to Arkansas when he was governer. Not to mention the many “mysterious” murders of the very people who were trying to out them. They had complete control of the legal system in Arkansas so nobody was able to challenge them.

In truth hardly anybody really likes Hillary here in the US. I could care less what the fake polls are saying. Yes polls can be easily faked.

She has almost no support.

I can tell because I’ve been driving around a lot lately. I’ve driven all the way through California, into Oregon, all the way through Nevada, through much of Arizona as well.

And hardly anywhere do you see bumper stickers or signs for Hillary Clinton.

You do see a number for Trump but very few for Clinton. Even in towns that are liberal strongholds.

The fact, Hillary is as corrupt as they come and many Americans have awoken to that fact.

But that doesn’t mean the Trumpster is that much better.

I mean anyone who is not only a billionaire but had his own Network TV show is definitely an insider. We certainly know he likes women and seems to pursue them aggresively even though he’s married.

No matter how many people snub him and make it seem like he’s the candidate that is going to beat the Globalists you really have to wonder.

I have a feeling his candidacy was planned by the Cabal all along.

It’s very likely all part of the game to fool us ignorant peasants once again.

Even if he “wins” which we know the whole thing is fake. Talk about how many dead people vote these days in the United States. And the fact that electronic voting machines have already been legally proven to be easily rigged for any particular candidate and you have a system that is rife with corruption.

As for me I’ll stay away from supporting either of these two fake “candidates” and do something a lot better with my evening.

Right after I send this out I’m going to make a Beefy Bone Builder Stew with an exciting new ingredient. Normally I make them with collard greens.

Well, we were at an awesome Farmer’s Market in Flagstaff, Arizona today and I asked how much are the collard greens. But the farmer told me they’re not collard greens actually, they’re brussel sprout greens. But they look EXACTLY like collard greens.

Well I sampled a bit of it and it tasted really good. It actually had some sweetness to it.

We also bought arugula from two different farmers and both tasted amazing. But the best may have been this absolutely incredible purple kale. It was actually sweet and we ate it in the car raw as if we were rabbits.

And of course I will be using all of the above farm fresh veggies in my many Savory Veggie Stews this week.

If you’d like to try the mouth watering Beefy Bone Builder Stew or even the famous Pizza Stew then just join the Savory Veggie Stews family below.

You know I may put on the debate for a while.

For Donald Trump is certainly entertaining. And at least he seems genuine even if I don’t agree with many of his positions.

Then I also want to see which Hillary body double shows up and if she’ll have some kind of Parkinson’s attack during the debate.

Most everyone knows she’s really sick and it’s being hidden. And that she’s had to have this big guy and come over to her and tell her to keep talking several times when she was making a speech. Or the weird head bobbing incident which she blamed on the Chai tea.

The Cabal seem to want her in power at all costs. But we’re onto your silly bankster gangster tricks.

And I want to see again if we can catch Hillary cheating as it was now plainly obvious she did in the first debate. I love how they say it’s all impartial when she and Lester Holt were very likely working together to try and bring down the Trumpster in the last debate. And who was that little man who sneakily went in and took her notes for her after the debate?

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