What if a vaccine worker made a mistake?

Back when I used to work at jobs for a living I remember often times I made mistakes. I also saw coworkers make “mistakes” from time to time.

Haven’t you ever made a mistake at your job?

Come on be honest.

I even made mistakes when I was stringing tennis racquets and I didn’t want to make mistakes in that job because it was a business to me. The better job I did the more customers would come back and get their racquets strung from me. I made my money per racquet strung not per hour. Therefore the more racquets I strung the more money I earned.

Of course, most of my mistakes could not hurt or kill someone.

Now imagine if you’re a vaccine worker and you accidentally put three times too much of a certain ingredient into a batch of vaccines that is worth say 10 million dollars? And what if that ingredient where mercury or antifreeze fluid (yes they put that in vaccines)?

Would you say anything to your boss?

And if you did have the guts to say anything would they abort the $10 million dollar batch?

That’s a lot of potential money they’re losing there.

Maybe it won’t really harm anyone.

Maybe those babies who died soon after taking vaccinations really did die of SIDS and not from the poisons in the vaccines we’re making?

Or what if the worker made a mistake but didn’t even realize he or she made the mistake?

Or maybe the mistake was with the worker who does quality control. Maybe she didn’t pay close enough attention and something was off with the vaccine.

It’s scary if you think about it.

Do you really trust ANYONE to inject some unknown substance into your body?

You just don’t know what they’re putting into those vaccines at all. Most of the known ingredients of vaccines I’d never want to have injected into my body.

And why should I?

I have ZERO need for them.

For there are natural ways to boost your immunity up to Superman levels so that you will never catch any of these infectious diseases.

Let’s say for instance that you start feeling symptoms of a bad cold or flu coming on.

You’d be crazy to run down and get injected with all sorts of poisons hoping that you will get immunity. Not to mention that flu shots will only “protect” from a few strains of influenza virus.

Instead you do the 10-Second Emergency Cold and Flu Stopping Procedure in the Flummunity Protocol and then you’re done.

It will beat any and ALL strains of flu or cold viruses.

Not just a few.

You’ve now helped your body create over 300 different anti fungal, viral and bacteriological substances that are native and natural to the human body. Only problem is most people are so deficient in this nutrient that their immune system is suppressed too.

Why risk taking a vaccine that “accidentally” might have way too much of certain toxic ingredients in them when you can simply boost up your levels of a certain nutrient and gain yourself a get out of a cold or flu free card?

In fact, any level of mercury and anti-freeze injected into your bloodstream is just way too much. Even at the supposed “SAFE” levels that Big Pharma tries to convince you of being perfectly safe.

Don’t believe it.

They’re fracking lying.

Just do “The Flummunity Protocol” instead and never again worry about getting the common cold or the flu.


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Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – Over 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”


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