Can we really be that stupid?

Today I want to talk about something really stupid I did and likely you did or are still doing too.

In fact, it makes me wonder how incredibly gullible and easily fooled the human species actually is. And of course, realize I’m not criticizing you for having done this because I did it too.

The question is when will we wake up?

So what is the stupidity in question?

Well first let me tell you a story from when I was a young boy to fully illustrate the point.

In our house we were trained to have great reverence for science and doctors. So when I was a young boy I actually looked forward to doctors visits. I even looked forward to getting my shots even though they hurt a little bit.

Thinking back, how stupid could I have possibly been?

Or rather how ignorant could I be?

Almost everyone back in those days totally bought into this idea that you must get vaccinated as it will give you immunity from the disease you get vaccinated for. We all bought into the vaccination fairy tale told to us by the Medical Mafia.

Never once did I question whether this is good for me or not.

Never once did I think that getting a vaccine could have a DRAMATIC impact on my health. I just trusted that my parents knew better.

And so many adults do that these days.

They trust that their government is taking care of them just like their parents took care of them.

But as we can now clearly see in the United States the level of corruption in our governments and medical organizations is through the roof. You can just see the absolute corruption by looking at the revelations from Wikileaks which not only implicates Democrats but Republicans too.

Here are the top 100 most damaging Wikileaks:

Apparently they have an incredible track record of accuracy.

And little do we know that the main agenda of the US Government is NOT the improvement of our health and prosperity. In fact, I know that the US Government actually wants the population as sick, feeble and weak minded as possible. How else are they going to rig elections and keep the good old boy and girl network in power?

So of course, they’re going to tell us the GMO’s are good for us.

They’ll come out with their scientists in white lab coats telling us GMO’s are safe. And we’re supposed to believe them because they have white lab coats on and call themselves doctors or researchers?

What we really should be doing is following the money. What is the real motive of each person and organization? Might they lie to us like a sleazy salesman if it furthers their own personal interests?

For eating GMO’s will make us weak and sick so that we can spend even more money at the doctors and be less able to resist the freedom encroaching plans of our governments.

Of course, they’re going belittle anyone who criticizes the supposed safety track record of vaccines. But what you never hear about in the lamestream media is how there are whistle blowers from the CDC like Dr. William Thompson who in 2014 publicly admitted he and his colleagues had buried data that would have shown the MMR vaccine increases the risk of autism.

And other whistle blowers are starting to come out from the CDC as well.

You probably never heard the research that each time you take a vaccination you experience a micro-stroke. That information thanks to brilliant researcher Dr. Andrew Moulden.

What people don’t realize is that these companies are highly corrupt and secretly controlled by the very drug companies they’re supposed to regulate. They hide behind the studies that they do. Many of which you cannot believe the findings because they have been altered.

I personally know an MD who was not given a semester’s worth of extra credit in medical school when she was doing a study because they wanted her to falsify her numbers. In other words they wanted to doctor the numbers so that it would favor the drug being tested instead of telling the reality of the situation. And other times she participated in studies and they just falsified the numbers anyway.

Science and the medical system is largely bought and paid for these days in the United States.

It’s not real and objective science at all anymore.

So you’ve gotta wonder how foolish we really were to allow ourselves to be injected with highly toxic ingredients like aluminum, mercury and even human embryo etc?

Imagine people from the future laughing at us because we believed we needed to inject ourselves with something toxic to supposedly gain immunity from all sorts of infectious diseases? It would be as silly to them as the idea of bleeding a patient is silly to us in this “modern” age.

The people of the future all know that if you live in harmony with Nature and you have enough of a certain nutrient in your body you’ll have immunity to most diseases and also to getting a cold or a flu.

Taking a vaccine for the flu is dangerous and in most cases it does not work.

But Flummunity works every time. And there’s nothing to inject.

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Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
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