One of the BIGGEST LIES ever told

There’s a lie you hear repeated over and over again in the mainstream media.

I’m getting sick and tired of hearing this blatant lie year after freaking year.

And the LIE is this that…

“There’s no cure for the common cold.”

The truth is that not only is there a very easy cure for the common cold but for the more intense variation of it or the flu. This is something the Medical Mafia definitely knows about from their studies but they’ll never tell you because they can’t make billions of dollars with it. They’ll never publicize the studies that show the inexpensive and quick solution that works almost every single time like clockwork.

The truth is that getting rid of a cold or flu for the next 20 years this way is way cheaper for you to do than to pay for just a SINGLE doctor’s visit here in the United States.

I’m here to tell you that there very much is a cure for the common cold. You’ll never have to suffer with it again once you understand and apply the simple instructions in The Flummunity Protocol.

It’s based on information I’ve gathered over many years of personal experimentation and health research combined.

Being a raw foodist for 15 years is a part of it. It has given me insights about the common cold that the average person could not understand. Though you definitely do NOT need to be a Raw Foodist to benefit from this way to beat the common cold.

Also traveling with my family to many different states, countries and climates gave me another piece of the puzzle.

And while doing health research on another topic I accidentally ran into the one of the most important parts of the puzzle.

The problem with the medical establishment is that they’re “very intentionally” working on the wrong end of the equation. They’re trying to get rid of the flu for instance by injecting you with it. By building up your “antibodies”. Does that make any sense at all? Especially since so many people come down with the flu IMMEDIATELY after getting flu shots.

The real solution is simply activating or building up the body’s natural or built in immune system.

And it’s easily done.

You can’t poison yourself to health. It doesn’t work and it’s absolutely not necessary.

Instead build up your immune system to Superman levels. Your body has at least 300 DIFFERENT substances that kill off harmful bacteria, viruses and even fungi. But in most people that immunity function is depressed. That’s the main reason people get colds.

Learn how to easily switch that IMMUNITY back on to FULL POWER with Flummunity.

And I recommend you make it snappy because I’m not keeping this low introductory launch price much longer. As you’ll see when you visit the page above.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – Over 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

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