She Was Bed Ridden for Almost a Decade After Flu Shot

Many years ago I read an article Chet Day wrote about the flu shot.

And in it he briefly spoke about the horrible experience his wife had as a result of taking the flu shot. Here’s what happened to her.

In February of 1990, right after my wife’s major cancer surgery in January, her doctor recommended a flu shot.

Almost immediately after the injection, my wife started feeling ill.

Overnight she came down with the worst case of flu she’d ever had.

She went to bed and literally didn’t get up again for more than a few hours at a time for years afterwards. Only now, almost a decade later, is she finally regaining full health and energy.

Can you imagine being so sick that you have to sleep for most of the day for years at a time? That’s like a semi death. She basically became an invalid and had to have her family take care of her. What an absolutely horrible experience after taking the flu shot.

Years ago my grandmother also took the flu shot.

The next day she got bronchitis. Do you think it was a coincidence?

Of course, when I found out she took the flu shot I immediately warned my grandfather and her about the dangers of the flu shot. And as far as I know she never took it again. They were already convinced that there was something fishy going on because she got really sick right after taking it. So when I explained the dangers and all of the highly poisonous substances in flu shots they decided never again would she take the flu shot.

There are literally thousands of other stories of people getting the flu and or getting horrible symptoms including autoimmune diseases like Epstein Barr virus and chronic fatigue syndrome or CFIDS soon after taking flu shots.

As for me of course, I don’t take flu shots and don’t ever get the flu anymore. In fact, it’s been close to 20 years since I got my last flu. But even though I follow an extremely healthy lifestyle by eating the Raw Food Diet and aligning myself with Nature as much as possible I still used to get colds.

That was until about 4 years ago when I accidentally discovered the secrit that defeats colds and flues every single time.

And for the last 4 years or so my family and I don’t get colds anymore either.

This is what we do to easily defeat any cold or flu without taking poisonous flu shots. It can even stop a cold or flu dead in its tracks even if you start getting symptoms. (Just make sure to follow the emergency 10-second procedure as soon as possible for best results.)

And until Sunday night you can still put it to the test for just a buck… a mere $1.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
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Chet Day Article:

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