“what exactly are you offering here for $1.00?”

I got a couple of questions in from email subscriber Steve about the Flummunity Protocol and since this was confusing to him I thought it might be confusing to you as well. So below you’ll see my answers.

“what exactly are you offering here for $1.00?”


Aloha Steve,

I’m offering the INFORMATION (and only information) of what you need to do to never get a cold or flu again. There is a supplement you can buy separately however I also provide a couple of alternative methods of getting in that nutrient without supplements.

You’ll get 9 tracks or downloadable mp3 audios and the written pdf transcript of those audios.

The program itself reveals my proven 3-step protocol for never getting a cold or flu again. It’s pretty simple to do.

I hope that clarifies this a bit for you. If you have any other questions then feel free to email me again.

Take care,



Then Steve sent in this followup question.

“Then what is the additional $9.49 every month for two months about?”

The $1 is a 7-day trial offer.

That means the full price for the information in Flummunity is $19.98 over the course of a $1 trial payment for 7-days and then two monthly payments of $9.49.

I’m letting people try Flummunity out for $1 for 7 days. If they don’t like it for some reason they can cancel the other two payments and they’ll have only invested a measly dollar.

This also makes investing in it easier for some people so that they don’t have to pay the full amount all at once.

But I do believe most people will find that investing about $20 to learn how to get rid of colds and flues for the rest of their lives and that of their family’s lives will be the bargain of the century.

Flummunity is easy to do for just about anyone. And no, you don’t need to eat a Raw Food Diet for it to work. I’ve had this work with several people on a cooked food diet. And the research done supporting one of the steps of the Flummunity Protocol was all done with people who eat cooked food.

Suffering with colds is not only a major pain and something I used to dread but if you’re in business for yourself it can cost you money in lost productivity. Because if you’re sick in bed you’re definitely not working.

Certainly suffering with colds is a waste of enjoyable life. While you could be outside hiking, playing tennis or doing something you really enjoy, you’re stuck in bed or just feel miserable and don’t feel like doing anything fun.

Of course, some flues can be so intense that people actually die. Or it could turn into a pneumonia which is some serious business and many thousands of seniors die of pneumonia every year.

I’m offering a way for you to get back what would have been months of lost time over the course of your life plus a higher quality of life for a little less than $20.




If you’d also like to never get a cold again like our family has been doing then you can get a copy of Flummunity and put it to the test for a week for a mere $1.


If you have more questions about Flummunity then please respond to this email and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – Over 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

P.S. My last cold was in the fall of 2013 when I did not have nearly enough of that magical nutrient in my body. I had left that supplement packed in boxes in Hawaii. They were shipped later on but by that time I had gotten cold symptoms.

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