Researchers discover how to multiply natural antibiotic 100X

Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop a virulent flu epidemic by doing something as simple as taking a vitamin?

I’ve been doing a lot of research today and thought I’d share with you some of the exciting findings.

Several years ago researchers made an experiment that really surprised them. They were studying what if any nutrients would increase the levels of a powerful and innate antimicrobial peptide that kills viruses, fungi and bacteria. When they administered a certain nutrient to the skin of their test participants they found that the gene activity of that antimicrobial peptide (like a natural or bodily created antibiotic) increased up to 100X.

This means we can have immunity to a plethora of infectious diseases if we simply have the right levels of this powerful nutrient in our bodies.

You know what else they discovered?

That the levels of this antimicrobial peptide increased in the presence of harmful bacteria invaders. This again shows the innate intelligence of the body. It only makes high levels of this natural antibiotic if it needs it. And it targets the harmful bacteria, visuses and fungi.

Well it turns out that if you get enough of this miracle nutrient in and you become virtually immune to colds and flues.

In fact, it’s worked for our family like gangbusters over the last 4 years or so. My last cold was in 2013 because I did not have enough of the nutrient with me in our house due to it being stuck in Hawaii after we had just moved back to mainland USA.

And this nutrient does WAY MORE than just stop the common cold and flu.

For instance studies have shown that if you have enough of this nutrient in your body your chances of getting pneumonia go way down too. In fact, there are a wide variety of diseases that you’ll be protected from if you have enough of this super important nutrient in your body.

In fact, all cells of your body need this nutrient to function properly.

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Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

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