Breaking News: “Doctors Have Discovered A Cure for the Flu”

Well that’s at least what should be major headlines in newspapers across the country and the world.

For the truth is there is a cure for the flu and the common cold.

And the Medical Mafia darn well knows about it as you’ll see below.

But of course, why would they want a cheap and effective way to beat colds and flues virtually every single time and in every case?

Take this example…

Several years back there was this incident at a certain hospital for people with mental and physical disabilities.

There was a breakout of the flu at that time and it turns out that less than 1% of the patients or .4% got the flu but 12.9% of the staff treating the patients got the flu.

How did the patients not get the flu since they were interacting with the staff that did “catch” the flu?

Why is it that percentage wise, the staff members got the flu 32 times more often than the patients?

Well it appears that all of the patients were given a certain vitally important nutrient daily in doses higher than the average person gets but not really that high.

This was a remarkable finding in a medical institution. And yet the state epidemiologist didn’t want to study it further when the doctor heading that hospital forwarded him that information.

This is absolutely breakthrough information that the obviously bought off state epidemiologist wanted to keep burried.

Talk about bad science. Wouldn’t you be excited to investigate this?

Of course you would but the Medical Mafia would make zero money from visits to the doctor and have no chance to poison you further with annual flu shots that don’t work.

Then another group of doctors studying this same nutrient sent their findings to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and yet they’ve been completely ignored.

So if our governments and the Medical Mafia had our best interests in mind virtually no one would be suffering from colds and flues anymore. It should be ancient history. Something as dated 8 track tapes, record players and the horse and buggy.

Me personally, I have not had a single cold in over three years so long as I followed a few simple steps. The same with my family.

I lay it all out in the Flummunity Protocol audios and PDF files.

And what’s really cool is that if you start to feel cold symptoms you can quickly stop it dead in its tracks. I’ve already done this a few times and only had very minor cold symptoms that went away rapidly. In one time in particular I remember that the symptoms went away in 15 minutes.

Usually I didn’t even pay attention to how long it took. I just did the procedure and moved on.

Instead of being laid out in bed for a few days to a week or longer I just went about my life as normal because at least I know the secrit.

There’s just no reason to ever catch a cold or flu again once you know the three step Flummunity Protocol.

And by the way the people in that hospital were only doing step # 1 of the three step Flummunity Protocol. In fact, they did step # 1 at a much lower dosage than I have found that works best.

If they instead followed the instructions in the Flummunity Protocol I highly doubt that even that single patient would have gotten the flu.

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