Do Germs Cause Colds or Is It Simply the Body Expelling Toxins?

I got this in the other day as part of an email from one of my subscribers. I’ve cut out the rest of the email as it was not relevant to what I’m writing about today.

This email is from a person who eats a lot of his food raw but sometimes cheats with cooked food and tends to pay the price by getting colds as a result. He has very likely been taught from a Natural Hygiene perspective that colds and flues are not caused by germs but are simply a natural process of the body expelling toxins.

To some people who believe in Natural Hygiene principles there really is no such thing as a cold. It’s rather a healing crisis. Or it’s just your body getting rid of toxins. Below is  snippet from his email and my response to follow.

I think any “dis-ease,” whether we call it colds or flu are nothing more than the bod trying to expel toxins.


Thanks for sharing Dave,

My experience has been different. For I eat a very clean diet and have for over 15 years but it happened like clockwork year after year as soon as the cold fall weather hit in New Jersey.

I had been a 100% raw foodist for a number of years (IE I’m eating a super low toxin diet) and yet still I would get cold symptoms (albiet a lot less intense but still a pain) at about the same time every year.

Yet on the other hand I also had the absolute WORST flu of my life that lasted 6 long weeks when I was initially trying the 100% Raw Food Diet way back in 1997. Prior to that in my cooked food days my absolute worst flu lasted only 2 weeks.

What’s funny is that I told about this 6-week flu experience I had to the Natural Hygiene raw food support group I was regularly attending in New York City. And many of them laughed and talked about that my flu was just a healing crisis. It was just my body detoxing and that is why I got cold symptoms. They were trying to tell me it was nothing more than detox and that it was not a cold.

But I can tell you now from over 15 years of 100% raw experience that is definitely NOT what happened to me.

They were completely wrong and I knew it even way back then.

The reason I got so sick for so long even though I had been eating a very pure and very simple raw food diet at the time was because my diet was out of balance. Do you know what my main or staple food was for months on end?

It was oranges.

I would sometimes eat tiny salads and occasionally eat an avocado or two and a banana or apple here or there but the main bulk of my calories came from acidic oranges day in and day out.

They had a really good crop of oranges that year and at the time I didn’t even know that bananas were ripe when they started getting some black spots on them. That meant I hardly ever ate bananas because I didn’t really like them. This was way back in the winter of 1997 when I was an absolute newbie at this Raw Food Diet thingy.

I was eating mostly oranges and after about a month of eating like that it totally changed my body chemistry. Soon I got to the point that simply taking a single bite from a room temperature orange gave me shivers down my spine as soon as I put it in my mouth. This shivering sensation happened to me for weeks on end but I stubbornly continued eating oranges.

Of course, in my early raw naivete I thought to myself that as long as I’m eating raw then I’m being healthy.

I was very stubborn.

I didn’t want to go back to cooked food. And yet week after week I suffered with this horrible flu. It made it very hard to work and make a living. My tennis students and parents complaining that I should’t be teaching tennis because I was hacking away coughing like crazy.

And boy was I cold all of the time too.

And getting thinner and weaker all of the time. I mean I got very thin I think less than 150 pounds because I was trying to semi fast my way to health. Boy was that a mistake.

Turns out my flu was definitely NOT because of detox. It was because eating mostly oranges day in and day out eventually did something to my body to take it out of homeostasis.

In fact, I have found that I cannot just eat acid fruit weak after weak or even day after day. If I do so I get physically out of balance quickly. Same exact thing happens to Karmyn except even quicker than it happens to me.

This is one of the reasons that Savory Veggie Stews — and Savory Raw Carbs — are so important for keeping your body healthy and in homeostasis when eating a 100% Raw Food Diet.

And constantly eating oranges made my immune system very weak and I was then much more vulnerable to getting a cold or flu.

Of course, I eventually had to admit that there was something not quite right about the way I was eating raw. So I started incorporating some cooked food back into my diet. And what do you know… I started feeling a lot better very quickly.

I felt more like my old self. And my strength came back too. That’s the main reason at the time I went back to eating cooked food because I felt I was running on only 80% of my normal strength. I just could never get full on the Raw Food Diet at the time and I erroneously concluded that I need complex carbohydrates to properly fuel me.

In any case, the flu never returned either. Even after over 15 years of “detoxing” on the 100% Raw Food Diet. I never again got flu-like symptoms.

So to say that colds and flues are nothing more than the body expelling toxins is just plain wrong in my experience. For one thing the body expels toxins every single day. It has to do so to survive.

We’re constantly expelling toxins. But we’re not (at least not most of us) constantly in a state of having a cold or flu.

There’s definitely something else going on when we get a cold than simply the expelling of toxins.

Now I have found with 100% certainty that whenever I did get a cold as a 100% raw foodist the symptoms were ALWAYS much less intense than in my cooked food eating days. I had way less mucus production during my colds. And the overall symptoms were much less severe and painful.

I also had less coughing, lower fevers and less sore throats.

So my theory on colds is a bit different than what is standardly taught in Natural Hygiene.

Toxins definitely play a role.

Because as you can see when I went raw and did some heavy cleaning out of the gunk in my system I found my colds were less frequent and less intense.


I still got them.

And I’d still be getting them if I continued to believe and live by the Natural Hygiene theory. Luckily for me I was open to new theories and approaches.

And with luck back in 2012 I accidently found the final missing pieces of the puzzle and now I never get colds anymore. And as long as we’re topped up on the vital anti-cold nutrient then no one in my family gets sick anymore either.

That includes my children.

It’s just amazing but they don’t get colds anymore because they used to get them more frequently than us adults did.

If you’d like to permanently stop suffering with colds and flues yourself then may I recommend you get a copy of FLUMMUNITY. Just keep in mind the price increases at midnight on Sunday night.


I’m so excited for you and your family. I mean think about it. You’re never again going to suffer with a cold again so long as you follow simple to do Flummunity Protocol. And for most people following step # 1 by itself is enough to beat colds and flues 99% of the time.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – Over 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

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