What you never knew about ‘Low Fat Raw’

In today’s email I’m going to compare two low fat Raw Food Diet systems. What you learn may surprise you even if you’ve been a long time raw foodist.

The Low Fat or High Carb Raw (as I prefer to call it) Raw Food Diet falls into two basic camps.

1. The 811 Diet
2. The Savory Raw Carbs System

Both systems have their positive points and both have some limitations as well.

Let’s start off with 811:

This diet emphasizes the consumption of sweet or carb based fruits as your main source of calories. For instance avocados are a fruit but they’re very high fat and low in carbohydrates. So these are eaten sparingly maybe at most a half an avocado per day (depending on your caloric needs – as a tall and active male I could eat a single Hass avocado per day) as your total source of fatty foods for the ENTIRE DAY.

In many ways this is great.


1. Fruit digests really rapidly and cleanly.
2. Fruit is the ultimate food for sports because it’s water rich (not bananas and dates) and because it’s easy to digest.

The 811 system also emphasizes the importance of eating mono meals of just one food at a time. Although they definitely do have their own simple recipes. And this will also make for less digestive problems and more overall energy to compete athletically and or just to do hard physical labor or your job better.

This system frowns upon consuming most other kinds of sources of raw carbohydrates that are not fruit. There’s always some reason as to why it’s not a ‘natural’ food for humans to eat.

With the Savory Raw Carbs (SRC) System you also eat a great deal of fruit.

But we do not frown upon making smoothies if that is more convenient. Certainly eating mono meals is highly recommended especially for the morning meals.

But the SRC system also teaches how to do sequential food combining so that you can eat several different kinds of foods or even recipes while still maintaining good digestion and avoiding negative food combining issues.

The difference with SRC is that we also eat many non fruit sources of carbohydrates. Those we tend to stick to in the evening if they’re harder to digest. (NOTE: Some Savory Raw Carbs foods are not much harder to digest than fruit and can even be eaten for breakfast and as snacks.)

For instance, “The Anticraver Secrit Recipe” is definitely a later in the day meal because it’s much harder to digest than fruit. It’s a very savory dish too that is loaded with carbs and is actually a complete protein food as well. And even if you eat the food by itself without using the Anticraver recipe it still tastes amazing on its own.

And that in itself is a huge advantage because one of the biggest problems in the 811 system is almost a total lack of savory foods. Certainly a lack of using most Savory Raw Carbohydrates food sources.

The other big advantage of the SRC system is that you get a wider array of nutrients due to the fact that you’re eating many raw foods that are completely ignored by the 811 system.

For instance there are 7 different categories of Savory Raw Carbs food sources and at least 25 different types of Savory Raw Carbs foods that can be eaten 100% raw.

These are foods that have a lot of nutrients in them that you’re not going to find in high numbers in fruit alone.

Fruit is great for the water content, vitamins and antioxidants but it is often low in minerals.

So the great news is that with the SRC system you pretty much get the best of both worlds. You get all of the energetic and athletic advantages of the 811 System during the hours of the day when you need it.

But you also get the main advantage that you can fulfill your natural craving for savory foods too.

For example:

Today I started by eating 1.5 mini watermelons. So this is a juicy mono meal and I’ll have loads of energy (due to very easy digestion) to do my workouts and athletic endeavors.

Later for lunch I’ll make a quick green smoothie. Not as easy to digest as watermelon but still very easy to digest and about 30 to 45 minutes after eating I’ll be ready to start exercising or doing sprints again.

Then when dinner time comes I’ll make myself a Savory Veggie Stew — or two to start my dinner. And I’ll likely finish up with my usual dinnertime staple which is “The Anticraver Secret Recipe” which is part of Savory Raw Carbs – Premium.

Here’s the big limitation with 811.

All sweet all of the time makes for rapid boredom with your food. And it makes for severe cooked food cravings especially come dinnertime.

The answer many 811’ers use is to just eat more fruit.

And in the attempt to beat down their over sweet induced cooked food cravings they end up eating way more fruit calories than they need and they end up putting on the pounds rapidly. While at the same time they’re demineralizing themselves because of an over reliance on mineral poor fruit.

And since they don’t really love greens or their plain Jane salads they hardly ever eat enough greens. So soon enough they start having a number of nutrient deficiencies.

Which is another big issue because they are against supplementation. They call supplements ‘detriments’.

It’s a clever name with many valid points.

But me personally, after over 15 years of being 100% raw I’ve found that there are a few supplements needed to achieve ideal health on the Low Fat Raw Food Diet. With B12 being one of them.

If you don’t take these supplements you will almost certainly run into tooth decay problems and even bone density issues like osteoporosis.

The Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder System addresses those issues in detail.

Now, if you’re interested in adding more HEARTY, DELICIOUS and SAVORY raw food recipes into your current diet then may I suggest you check out the Savory Raw Carbs Recipe System during our Election Week Celebration.

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Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory – Over 15 Years 100% Raw
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet training”

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