Crafty Old Lumberjack’s Fitness Secret

It was early June years ago at a lumberyard in Oregon and that’s when they would hire college students to work for the summer.

Turns out that most of these summer lumberjack’s were competitive college athletes and the majority of them were huge football players.

So, after a few weeks chopping down trees days on end the college students were getting a little bored.

One day the boss called everybody over and he said, “Okay, every once in a while I do this. We’re going to give a bonus of $250 to whoever chops down the most trees today. So, we’re going to start as we always do at eight o’clock. Everybody is going to take an hour break for lunch, and then you’re going to hear the bell ring at five o’clock. Then, we’ll tell you tomorrow who won the prize.

Well, everybody’s geared up because these are all competitive guys, and about twenty of them, all college guys. There was one guy who was in his sixties. He’s been working for this company for years and years and years and years. Everybody totally discounted him.

Well, everybody started swinging their axe and felling trees and the energy level was high but the old guy like every hour to hour and a half, would just mosey up into a shed and come back fifteen minutes later and start chopping again. The college guys said, “What a loser this guy is.”

So, they’re chopping and chopping and then another hour and a half later, they see the old guy go up to the shed and all that. Okay, five o’clock, everybody ends with a big spurt, and everybody thinks they won.

The next morning at eight o’clock, the boss calls the guys over and he said, “Ralph, come over here. Here’s your $250.” The college football players say, “Are you kidding me? Ralph was the old guy. How he could win? He was taking breaks all day long. How could he chop down more trees?”

Somebody asked Ralph “What were you doing when you went up to that shed?” “I was sharpening my axe.”

And there you have the secrit.

A sharp axe beats frantic chopping from musclebound football players with a dull axe every single time.

Now the exact same thing can be said of your fitness program… you can workout smarter and get way better results than the people who workout harder. Just because you’re exercising to failure and coming home so sore you can barely walk does not mean you’re exercising in the most efficient manner possible. Not to mention that who wants to be sore all of the time?

You’ll find my fun secrits for working out smarter inside “Lazy Pig System 10” which is coming your way real soon.

Stay tuned to this Superbeing channel for more exciting details.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
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