“I’m Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free” Well, La Di Da

The other day I met a very nice woman who’s about my age but looks positively aged compared to me.

I don’t know what triggered it but somehow she started telling me that she was gluten, corn, soy and dairy free for like 3 years now. Of course, then I told her I was a raw foodist.

But what she said gave me a great idea.

Because now instead of calling myself a raw foodist I can just say I’m “Cooked Food Free.”

And the thing is, when you go raw you don’t really ever think about being gluten, dairy or soy free. Just by eating your natural diet you automatically get rid of virtually all of the dangerous food categories. Not to mention one of the worst health and beauty destroyers of all… cooked food itself. For even a healthy food, when cooked is damaged in numerous ways rendering the food as blood sucking poison to the system.

By going raw vegan, or in my case raw beegan (because I eat raw honey) I’ve automatically eliminated all of these foods and substances from my diet.

1. Meat
2. Coffee
3. Alcohol
4. Sugar
5. Aspartame
6. Preservatives
7. Salt (Mostly – When I eat recipes other raw foodists create I’ll not object to a little bit of salt. But I rarely add it to my own foods. Haven’t had any salt in months.)

And naturally I’m free of her list too:

1. Gluten
2. Corn (Some raw foodists will eat raw corn but it actually makes me sick so I don’t)
3. Soy
4. Dairy

I’ve probably eliminated other stuff as well that I just don’t remember at the moment. But I don’t eliminate just to eliminate or brag. That’s not the point.

In the elimination comes the freedom and the new life that was simply unimaginable to you while you were eating cooked food. I mean does a rabbit feel deprived because no one buys him an ice cream cone or that he can’t eat French Fries?

Trust me it’s no hardship to give up things that are making you unhappy. I had depression for 6.5 years in my twenties and the very first day I ate 50% raw it went away completely.

But you know what?

I was in absolute ecstasy when I tried going 100% raw.

There’s no comparison.

Honestly most people don’t even know what it feels like to be truly happy on a bodily level. They can’t with all of the cooked toxins in their systems.

Not to mention all of the drugs people take both legal and illegal. And yes I’m talking about alcohol and marijuana or cannabis as well. Doing these drugs can take you umpteen years to recover and detoxify from. And it does horrible damage to your inner bodies and ability to connect to the infinite love from your higher self.

Now this woman was very nice to me and I’m not at all being critical of her.

For I totally applaud ANYONE who’s taking very positive steps in the right direction. But she still has huge toxins in her life including coffee, alcohol and cooked food.

The result is that even though she’s managed to free herself of all of those toxic foods she’s still at least 40 pounds overweight and prematurely aging. Yes I couldn’t believe it but I saw age spots on her hands.

And when I told her I’ve been eating 100% raw for over 15 years now, she told me she could never do that. (At least she knew what a Raw Food Diet was.) Then again, that’s because she doesn’t know what I know.

If she knew how much happier she’d feel, how much better she’d look and how many fewer diseases she would have, she’d be crawling on her hands and knees over broken glass and rusty nails to go raw. Yessiree, it’s that monumentally life changing when done right.

But only the strong and freedom loving non-conformists will dare to challenge their own addictions and peer pressure from society. For to eat raw food means to go above and beyond the ordinary.

It means you’re willing to take the red pill and learn what the Matrix really is.

The problem is people who have tried going raw (or even just thought about it) think its so, so difficult. That’s because they’ve been doing it the absolute wrong way Jay.

When you eat raw the right way it hits the spot like eating a hamburger and French Fries feels to the average person who has no clue about real nutrition.

When you do raw right you don’t give up flavor, satisfaction or texture.

In fact, the flavors actually increase while you never feel the painful let down after eating a cooked meal. Cooked food’s only positive is that it tastes good. Once it goes down your gullet is when the torture begins.

How do I know?

Because I’ve often gone out to eat with friends at cooked food restaurants. I’d just order the salad or salad bar or have the chefs make a raw concoction for me. And or bring in some of my own raw food too.

I’d always leave the restaurant full of energy and thinking clearly. But my friends would be lumbering about in a coma after their meal. And that used to happen to me too but not with raw food.

Let’s face it… In many ways cooked food is like herpes. Great fun catching it but not so much fun to live with every day.

So if you wanna free yourself from the daily punishment you’re putting your body through may I suggest that you learn how to do a Raw Food Diet the right way. A way that’s tasty and yet long term sustainable.

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Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teenager
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