How to Beat TV Addiction Without Ever Feeling Bored


I thought you might find it fun and useful if I were to write a series on how to beat TV addiction.

But I’m only going to write it if I get enough interest from my fellow Superbeings. If this is something you’re interested in then leave your comment below.

I’ve got a series of “Magic Ideas” that will help you break the TV drug addiction without feeling like you’ve lost your best friend. In fact, I’ll show you how to make it so that watching TV actually makes you bored.

I know because I’m a former TV and or movie addict. For many, many years I absolutely had to have my TV drip to even fall asleep at night. If for some reason my day was really busy and I couldn’t watch at my normal time, I’d just watch TV late at night even if it kept me up until 3am in the morning to get my daily TV fix. It really was a drug addiction for me.

It’s been an absolute blessing to be freed of this TIME, LIGHT and ENERGY sucking addiction for close to 3 years now.

And due to powerful energetic practices I do daily, I’ve gotten some incredibly useful insights on what is really going on with TV addiction and how to bust free of it as easy as changing a channel.

So if you’re interested, even if it’s just to share with a TV addicted friend (or your children), then let me know in the comments below.

If I get at least 10 quick (or detailed) comments below, then I’ll release the TV Addiction busting series this week.

And it won’t cost you a penny to learn exactly what to do to BREAK FREE.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
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“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

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How to Beat TV Addiction Without Ever Feeling Bored — 34 Comments

  1. Post your comments here. When and if I get at least 10 comments I’ll start posting the “How to Beat TV Addiction Without Feeling Bored” series.

  2. I know someone who is horribly addicted to the TV and anything that deals with a smartphone or other technology addiction. I would like to get your take on how to break this habit. I broke my addiction to TV and technology a long time ago but use the internet for business purposes and to keep in touch with friends but not all day long. I always thought there was something sinister about TV and all this technology and even wrote a book about technology addiction and how it seems to be taking over our lives. Anyway, I would love to hear your information and I hope you get at least your 10 comments on this topic so you can post it here and let me know when you do.

    • Thanks for sharing Tauheedah

      Yes TV is only one of the addictions. Then there’s addiction to Facebook, Email etc. It’s a HUGE problem but I think easily resolved if you know a few things about human motivations and how to break addictions.


  3. I finally gave up television for good. I tell other people about
    it if the topic comes up. Many people now seem to understand the
    danger. Learning to relax without television or to be entertained
    in other ways is a valuable journey for our times.

    • I’m not trying to string you along Scott. I just have to see if there’s even enough interest amongst my subscribers. And so far I’d say there isn’t. We’ll see because I have some amazing stuff to share.

      Maybe I should have first written a post about the 5 or 10 ways TV is ruining the lives of billions of people on the planet. I may do that just yet.

      Because I don’t think people realize the depth of damage from watching “programming”.


  4. TV is not that big to me, but surfing the internet is an addiction for me. I like to research a subject to death. I find it hated to get off the internet surfboard and get into the swim of life off the internet.

    • Thanks for sharing Yvonne,

      Well maybe I need to expand the scope of my focus beyond just television.

      The truth however, is what I’d be showing you guys can very much be used for just about any addiction.


  5. I’m like Yvonne. Once I find a topic of interest, I Google, Google, and Google some more, even revisiting sites I know I’ve been to to read the same info over again.

  6. Roger.
    I am guilty.Yes.But not TV.
    But I have always believed that if I am addicted even to one thing,there’s a possibility,given the right circumstances,to be addicted to a lot of other things too.

    • Yes indeed. Most humans are addicted to many, many things that are actually ruining their lives. But they’re addicted and can’t see that they’d be happier if they found a way out of their addiction.

  7. Yes would really like to know how to break the addiction to technology. Several relatives are addicted to their phones, facebook, tv and the internet. I am one of those searching and searching the internet on all kinds of topics and before you know it lots of times the day has gone by.

    • Thanks for sharing Eve.

      Yes it’s so easy to get lost surfing the net aimlessly when we could be doing something creative, learning something that could improve our lives or even exercising or meditating.

      I’m doing some reading and writing work right now (responding to you is a quick break) but if I were watching videos I couldn’t get this project done.


  8. Yes, please. I waste a lot of time I could better use improving my life and maybe even making a difference in the world.

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply Patricia.

      The first step is realizing that there is a problem. Then to realize there are ways to beat this and make your life so much more interesting and exciting.

      When we watch TV we’re watching someone else get paid a lot of money. Money that we could be earning ourselves if we weren’t so addicted to whatever program we’re addicted to.


  9. This will be useful info for millions of people. Cannot think of a more worthy topic, at this moment in time.

  10. TV cuts down on the time my husband and I talk to each other. When we sit down to eat in the evening and the TV is turned on, all conversation stops. We don’t talk until the commercial comes on. Sometimes, it is frustrating.

  11. I think tv taps into the reptilian part of our brains, that deals with sex, violence, and watching other people doing things. Instead of watching, we should be DOING. Nothing in life that’s worthwhile can be accomplished by in action. I still watch some tv, but it is greatly reduced in comparison to how much I used to view. I realize that the vast majority of tv programming (key word there), is a distraction, albeit an entertaining one. And I consider distraction one of the five elements of population control (the others dealing with oppression, illness, ignorance, and poverty). I love this idea of yours since it can actually help deal with several of the aforementioned problems. Keep up the good work.

  12. Aloha,Guru Hi there. I stopped to watch TV in April 2014. I do not care about brainwashing but I do care about radiation and deteriation of my eyesight from the TV set screen. There is a good guide for anything,a book called ‘Fuck it’,it helped me on many occasions except overeating,even on raw diet. Be well without a TV devil. Tauy KZ

  13. Hi Roger, I just wanted to give some perspectives and questions on this topic.

    – Sometimes it seems hard to justify missing out on the artistic aspect of media, be it TV, movies, video games, whatever. If we abandon screen based entertainment, aren’t we missing out on some truly wonderful art? Can’t TV and movies be used to enlighten and awaken about any number of subjects?

    – What about video games and virtual reality? For my whole life I’ve loved gaming and the experience of getting to interactively explore another reality. Should we ever create realities? In my perspective, we created this physical reality/universe and are exploring it, so why not create and enjoy others through technology?

    – Are books any different really? You can be addicted to a book series just as you can be addicted to a TV series. Either could distract you from other things you could do I guess.

    – How to find balance? Do you ever watch movies at all? Any other forms of entertainment? If we do at all, how can we not become imbalanced? Sometimes an entertainment is so engaging that it feels like other things don’t even matter. The thought process is something like “This is great. I’m already at the height of happiness with this entertainment/activity, why worry about doing anything else?”

    – What activities truly have value anyway? What is the criteria?

    – If screen based media is inherently lower vibing, what forms of media are not? I think it’s easy to agree though that the majority of screen based media is negative in nature and not conducive to the highest levels of happiness.

    – How would an enlightened civilization use screen based media? What kinds of art or entertainment would they create(will we create in the future)? Maybe they wouldn’t create anything that could be called entertainment because they would always be in the creative mode rather than the consumption mindset.

    I’d love to hear your perspectives on these questions. Personally I’m feeling very ready to drop this need for entertainment. I’m excited about this discussion because I feel like it will give me a more solid motivation to stay off of the screen junk.

    Thanks for writing about this Roger! I think we will find it very valuable.

    • Great questions Aaron. You’ve certainly given me many issues to address.

      Certainly there can be shows of value. I do for instance watch shows on But they’re educational and usually just interviews. It’s nothing at all like watching a mainstream TV show.

      Anyways, there’s much to talk about on this subject.

      The reality is TV or watching those same TV shows on your computer or other device is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. In other words, it acts on your system exactly like a drug. When you watch TV it’s the equivalent of taking drugs. Same with movies.

      TV watching is passive and does not contribute to personal or spiritual growth. “Although sometimes it can.” Sometimes a certain message can get through and uplift you. Uplift you to the point where you stop becoming passive and you take massive action instead.

      So if a TV show or movie leads you away from TV or movies it can be helpful.

      But for the most part it’s highly addictive. It was created by beings who are intentionally trying to keep your vibrations low and in a state of fear and limitation.

      There is a much greater adventure awaiting for some people beyond the television. That is your replacement.

      And although reading can be addictive too, it’s a much safer form of entertainment than TV type of stuff. Although I find it really depends on what you read.

      About a year ago I read the original “Dracula” novel. Boy did I get some negative vibrations after reading that book.

      From there on I decided I would not read anymore horror novels.

      And really I hardly ever read fiction. Fiction is generally a waste of time in my experience.

      I read non-fiction stuff related to improving myself. It can be business, self-help, spiritual etc.

      If what you’re doing is passive and not letting you grow as a spiritual being it’s likely not a worthwhile activity. You’ll have more fun in being creative than you will be addicted to the TV screen. More fun creating your own incredible reality.

      Don’t let others create your reality for you. For that is what happens when you watch TV. You’re letting someone else do your creating for you.

      More to come later.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful reply Roger! I really love this statement:

        “There is a much greater adventure awaiting for some people beyond the television. That is your replacement.”

        That got me thinking about how great of an adventure it is to take action in a new direction and make a life out of that type of living, which really is much greater than living through entertainment.

        This is really good too: “Don’t let others create your reality for you. For that is what happens when you watch TV. You’re letting someone else do your creating for you.”

        Thanks, I’m excited to read your next email on the subject!

        • Glad I’m able to help in some way Aaron.

          I’m in the process of putting together a video on this. Also I got many replies from my subscribers that I want to include as well. So hopefully I’ll have the next installment on this TV addiction issue later today. What you’ll soon learn about the dangers of TV watching may be quite surprising to you. It’s far, far worse than you may have ever imagined.


  14. Several years ago, when television went from analog to digital I was without television for a few years, and, although I could still watch DVD’s, my thinking changed. I found I was not consuming as much, and I felt less “foggy”, as though my thoughts were mine only, and I was confident in them.
    I have been wondering recently if Television has the same effect on increased dopamine production, as does sugar,fat, salt, cocaine, and alcohol. Is there any available info. on that?

    • Yes as far as I remember there are some studies or findings that TV does indeed act very much like a drug. I know it from personal experience. So if you look it up you’ll likely find the evidence of how drug like TV really is.

      And this druglike effect makes it much easier for your subconscious to absorb the harmful subliminal and not so subliminal messages in TV “programming.”

  15. Pre recording TV shows and fast forwarding through the adds has given me hours back in my life. Plus it means only watch what I want to watch!

    • Thanks for sharing Rohan,

      Once I start revealing what I have learned about the dangers of TV watching I think you may reconsider. It’s definitely not just the commercials that are a problem.

  16. just turn off the idiot box and take a walk, do some pushups and lightning speed exercises, meditate, close your eyes and do some deep breathing, it does wonders. For me the worse offenders are the cellphone addicts, even at social and family gatherings, they often check their phones at the dinner table, constantly excusing themselves to check their messages. Kids are walking down the street bumping into light poles, as they are so transfixed with their IPhone.
    Any suggestions that you have to help these people would be a public service!

    • Good points Bob and thanks for your input.

      The problem is most people don’t see TV watching or constantly checking their “smartphone” as a problem. And even if you told them to just shut it off they would not want to do it because there’s literally a drug like addiction or feeling change that happens when you watch TV.

      However, yes the key is finding a replacement for TV that you like better.


  17. I lived in S. Korea for a little over 2 years 12 years ago. I had a TV there, but the shows were all Korean except for a very few in English. When I returned, I was out of sync with the current shows, and not getting a TV was easy. However, the 2 years away from the US, and out of touch with TV left me culturally disconnected. Phrases, names, etc. that mean things to others, I lost out on completely. Today the internet can keep that disconnect from happening, culturally. So can newspapers. But I did discover that when the TV is on, I am mesmerized, and stare no matter how I dislike what ever is on. The effect is so immobilizing. I don’t watch TV at home.
    I find it easier to limit the amount of time I spend on the internet,
    But I still like a movie on DVD sometimes.

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