Coffee and a Couple of 6-Packs to Start Your Day

There’s nothing I love better than waking up to the smell of a pot of my favorite mocha-java brewing. I know that when I inhale that aroma and drink that cup my body will be shocked, stimulated and poisoned into an emergency state of wakefulness.

I love that get up and go and man do I crave that stimulation every morning. Don’t know how I’d get through the day without coffee.


Ok then, this is not my coming out party. Of course, I don’t drink coffee anymore (haven’t had any in over 20 years actually) but I have found a healthy and natural alternative to coffee. A way to wake yourself up gently and to give you a natural high and to speed up your fat burning metabolism all at the same time.

But first let me get back to coffee. The reason coffee wakes you up is because the body considers it a poison. The body revs up it’s metabolism (as in a crisis situation) in order to rid itself of the toxic substances in coffee within two hours.

And it will eliminate these toxic substances through your urine. That’s why coffee is called a diuretic.

I’m so incredibly grateful to how my parents brought me up. They always warned me about the dangers of getting addicted to substances like drugs, cigarettes and even coffee. I knew that if I started using these drugs on a regular basis that it might be hard to ever stop.

I always took pride in my body and wanted to be a professional athlete, therefore I never allowed myself to become addicted to these substances. I never smoked a cigarette though I did drink coffee on occasion and drank wine and beer as a child since it was considered normal for us Europeans.

I remember when I started working full time after college. All of these companies I worked for "and there were many" always had coffee breaks. I couldn’t believe all of my coworkers fell for the coffee addiction trap.

I ate my share of junk food during those breaks but not once did I allow myself to drink coffee. Why add to the misery?

I knew that if I started drinking coffee during these breaks that I might get addicted to it.

I know so many people who can’t function without their coffee and they love the smell or aroma of the coffee. I just think it’s disgusting and I have zero desire to drink it.

Just goes to show you that if you never had a particular toxic substance you won’t desire it in anyway. I’m even starting to feel this way about many cooked foods I used to love. Luckily, over time addictions weaken dramatically.

So what about the couple of six packs. I can’t possibly mean that I’m drinking two six-packs of beer in the morning.

And of course, you’d be right.

6-Pack # 1

Each day I start off with my coffee substitute, which is doing about 5 minutes of Lightning Aerobics. It’s a fantastic way to energize my day. I don’t know why but Lightning-Aerobics always seems to give me more energy than I put into it. And that energy burst lasts for a couple of hours.

Plus it wakes me up and makes me alert and it lifts my mood by pumping oxygen all throughout my body.

Then after I finish my morning routine, I have my 6-Pack…

A 6-pack of BANANAS blended into a blueberry and cherry smoothie that is.

6-Pack # 2

That is the 6-pack I have on my abs from doing Superman Push-ups, Wall Walking and 3-Second Abs and the other time saving multi-muscle exercises included in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

In fact, just doing 2-minutes a day of Superman Push-ups (spread out throughout the day) is all I need for the most kick-but ab workout. These special push-ups contract the abs at least 5 times harder than sit-ups or crunches and that is why they’re so incredibly effective in a mini-workout.

You don’t have to do all three of these exercises to work your abs properly. Variety is the spice of life and Wall Walking is actually a total body exercise for quick fitness bursts of 30 seconds or so.

But you can get all of these ab building and fat blasting exercises as part of the New, Improved and Expanded — Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

It’s new and improved because I’ve added four new videos that show you how to do the basic Lightning Speed Fitness Program exercises. Now you can learn much more quickly than in the past because it’s easier to learn how to do an exercise by watching than by trying to follow written instructions and deciphering pictures.

I’ve also added many audios and an audio follow along workout for Lightning Aerobics. Soon I’ll be adding a video for Lightning Aerobics as well.

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Ok then, now you know how to start your day with a natural coffee alternative and a healthy 6-pack or two.

Hope to see you and your 6-pack at the beach this summer,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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