Roger and Rama are Instant Juicing on TV

Do you remember my recent post entitled Rama’s Magnetic Miracle Juice? Well today I’ve uploaded a video interview with Rama in which we demonstrate the easiest, quickest and in my opinion healthiest way to juice. Rama also shares how the Raw Food Diet transformed his life and made it possible for him to do what he loves for a living.

Imagine being able to get all of the health benefits of juicing and in fact gaining much more than typical juicing while never needing to use a juicer or to have to clean the juicer. If you’ve ever juiced you know how time consuming that can be.

This is the no muss, no fuss way to juice. It’s Nature’s Way.

Rama also shares how in just two days of eating raw he totally transformed his life. Eating raw is what enabled him to open up to new spiritual levels and is what allowed him to become a spiritual counselor, guide and healer.

Rama first learned how to do the Raw Food Diet properly via my websites. I met him in person at a recent talk I did at Arnold’s Way in Pennsylvania. We’ve become fast friends because we have many things in common.

And supposedly he’s known me for many lifetimes. I can’t say I remember him or these particular lifetimes but maybe at some point my memory will start coming back to me. He’s really quite intuitive and doing great work to help heal this planet and the people who come to him for his spiritual counseling services.

Without further ado, you can watch me interview Rama below on the Internet Version of TV — Youtube.


Rama’s Website:  


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Having you tried going raw and couldn’t stick to it. Did you feel like you were deprived and missing your favorite meais? Over the years I’ve discovered a number of powerful techniques to make it as fun and easy as possible to succeed with the amazing Raw Food Diet.

It only takes about 2 seconds to make the difference between feeling deprived and loving being raw. It has to do with what I call mini-visualizations. It’s a powerful peak performance strategy used by the top sports psychologists and athletes. You’re already using these mini-visualizations but I bet for most people this is happening on an unconscious basis.

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Staying Warm In The Winter Time While Being 100% Raw – Video Evidence

I’ve also thrown in video evidence showing how and why I have a high resistance to cold weather. I know you thought that going raw would make you cold, but that isn’t the case for me and I show you why.

Why should I be cold if my circulation is so much better than ever before? That’s a hint.

I also reveal the common fruit you must avoid if you don’t want to be freezing cold on a raw diet. Yes I’ve found some fruits to be highly cooling, you don’t want to make those your staples in the wintertime. But they will keep you cool in the summer.

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