3 Invisible Secrets To Infinite Potential

Yesterday I decided to take an easy day and didn’t get much work done. But I did go to see a movie. I saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with Keanu Reeves.

I really loved the first 3/4’s of the movie, but at the end the story was much too simplistic and didn’t make sense to me. The original 1950’s version of the movie was actually better in my opinion.

Just goes to show you can have all of the greatest special effects but without great writing. What the actors will say the movie will fall apart. You could have the best actors trying to act in a poorly written script and the movie will stink to high heaven.

Ok then speaking of Heaven. After the movie I made a realization. And quite frankly I’m not quite sure what to make of it. It’s not the first time I’ve realized this. But I figured I’d share it with you and maybe get some feedback in the comments section.

I simply realized that my greatest power and chance for improving myself lied in something completely illogical.

The greatest power in the Universe is IMAGINATION.

From this physical world perspective it doesn’t seem to be so. We live in such a slow moving world of matter that it’s very hard to perceive the power of imagination in everything that we’re doing here.

Of course in the end, all inventions are after all ideas formulated or gotten to by inspiration. There’s nothing built by humans that wasn’t in the imagination first.

What If We Had No Limits At All?

But I’m thinking well beyond this. What if we could unleash any power we wanted, have any ability simply by imagining it?

This is in essence what the teachers of "The Secret" are saying. I’m starting to wonder that with a properly trained imagination if nothing was impossible.

Certainly that’s what some of the great spiritual adepts claim. For instance there are some fantastic stories of what adepts could do in the book, "Autobiography of a Yogi."

I love the story of the Trailanga Swami. He was said to be about 300 pounds and yet he hardly ate any food. He also was often seen walking on water and sometimes he would spend hours or days under water.

He also happened to wear no clothing. He was completely naked and the police didn’t like that. So they’d arrest him. To their surprise he’d soon be walking on the roof of the police station.

Then they’d arrest him again and soon enough he was out. This Swami was no longer limited by being human. He clearly was a superhuman. One who had mastered matter and energy.

For we all do know that we are after all just energy. Matter and energy are the same thing just in different form.

So maybe, just maybe it’s possible for humans to convert matter into energy and vice versa if we simply believed it. Maybe we are all Superbeings like the Trailanga Swami but we falsely believe we’re humans.

Secret # 2

I think another invisible key or secret to your infinite potential is FREQUENCY. Every person and every thing has a frequency. And from many of my own experiences I know that humans can change their frequency.

Sound is a powerful frequency and many of the spiritual saints use mantras or words that have a spiritual vibration to uplift them into the spiritual realms.

We are all senders and receivers of frequencies. We’re all tied into a gigantic inner Internet. Maybe all you need to do is find the right frequency and listen to it and or feel long enough and then that frequency would start physically manifesting in your life.

I have had this happen for me as well. So I’m wondering what is the real limit? Is there any? We are after all divine beings. How much power do we really possess?

In any case, the first step to achieving these higher vibrations and unleashing your imaginational powers to their fullest is to be in tune with Nature.

Secret # 3

That’s easiest done by eating a natural and high vibratory diet. I know of no higher vibration food than raw fruit and raw foods in general. The Raw Food Diet makes me so happy and spiritually aligned that when I initially went raw I stopped feeling the need to do my daily spiritual exercises.


I used to do them all of the time to feel happy. But when I switched to eating raw I was happy all of the time anyway. So if you want to reach your full potential in life and do so without resistance, you simply must eat Nature’s Diet the Raw Food Diet.

This month member’s of HowToGoRaw.com are getting two audios I’ve recently recorded. They’re both similar topics but I didn’t quite handle them the same way.

The first audio is entitled. "The Fun and Easy Way to Go Raw" and it’s 43 minutes long. The second audio is the 1.5 hour recording from my teleseminar a couple of nights ago entitled, "The Easy Way to Do the Raw Food Diet and Stick To It."

That audio had about a half hour of me answering questions at the end. If you’ve been struggling to succeed with the Raw Food Diet then these audios will be perfect for you. In them I give many powerful strategies to show you an easier way to go raw.

It doesn’t have to be hard to go raw. All you need is the right skill set. It’s not a special talent, just something you can learn.

And of course one of the most important benefits of membership is being able absorb the Raw Food Diet mindset from me and other successful members of the forum. You’d be surprised how easy it starts to be to go raw, when you spend lots of time with people who are already raw.

What was so great about that for me was seeing how easy it was for them to be raw. What at the time seemed like such a monumentally difficult task for me, was easy, automatic and a habit for them.

They weren’t constantly thinking about cooked food. Eating raw is just what they did. So if you want that, you need to understand how these people think. You have to tune into their 100% RAW FREQUENCY.

Once you do, you’ll find going raw just rubs off on you. You’ll be attracted to it naturally and effortlessly.

So please enroll at HowToGoRaw.com before the price doubles. It’s going to increase any day now. I’ve held the line on prices for 3 years now. What you get for what you spend is the bargain of the century.

And isn’t being happy and healthy and young and slim important to you? You don’t want to risk getting cancer and other diseases unnecessarily do you? Going raw is one of the secrets to unleashing your full and infinite potential in life.

Ok then, enough of that. When the time is right you will make your decision to go raw. I’d love to help make it as easy as possible for you. Of course, any way you get there is great and wonderful.


Roger Haeske
Superbeing Trainer
The 41-Year-Old Teenager







3 Invisible Secrets To Infinite Potential — 1 Comment

  1. Roger,
    You are right on! Sounds like we are on the same wavelength…pun intended. 🙂 The only difference that I have noticed in regards to “secret #3” is that when I stopped doing my spiritual exercises I began drifting…I stopped visualizing (imagining), goal setting & journaling = things began to start falling apart. This followed into my diet too.
    For me I still have to do my spiritual exercises to focus my energy (since i have so much of it) on something productive and to stay on track.
    Thanks for the great blog!
    ps Anything IS possible…The Seth Material has helped me understand the deeper nuances of this reality.

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