How to Deal With Emotional Detox

This is a Raw Food Diet related question I received via email from one of my Lightning Speed Fitness Program customers. I was going to answer it on my teleseminar last week but didn’t have the time. So I’m answering it in detail below.


I understand about shifting my mindset to be raw, but how do you synchronize this diet with love and all things good and beautiful when you are going through wicked emotional detox??

You would have to agree, in this state it can be difficult to believe a mindset that goes against what you are feeling. If I am feeling god awful it is difficult to keep my mind in the frame of love, comfort, health because my current state is in direct contradiction to that?

This is what I have been struggling with. I KNOW if I can make it through a specific detox period, I will be absolutely fine. I KNOW THIS. But trying to synchronise these two battleing places is difficult and confusing.

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your question and I think I can relate just a bit. But first let me say that my answer is going to be a general one. There is no way I know enough about you just from this question. In my normal Raw Food  Diet coaching sessions, I have my students fill in a detailed questionnaire to get more insight.

But what I can do is just give a general answer and hope that maybe some of it applies to you.

Ok then let’s talk about Emotional Detox. This is something that happens to many people initially when going raw. Luckily for me, going raw was just the opposite, it made me very happy and very calm. I’ve seen this happen for many people, yet others initially can experience depression like symptoms, others can experience extreme anger and frustration.

And it’s not always so easy to control. For 6.5 years I went through my own emotional detox. I had depression during that time and life was pure hell. What was really bad about this was I was suffering in spite of all the incredible spiritual progress I made in the previous years.

Yet no spiritual technique I used was able to get me out of this cloud of despair. I had just a few rare moments of happiness and sanity during that time. Even heavy exercise didn’t do much except to make me feel slightly better.

I think it’s important for people first going raw to realize that it’s not the raw food that is making them feel this emotional detox. (Unless there’s some raw food your eating that you’re allergic to.)

There are a couple of factors working here. One is that when you go raw, your body has so much more energy that you start to detoxify. This means that toxins that may have been stored for years are now starting to come out quickly.

When they start coming out and get released into the bloodstream it’s not going to feel pleasant. It’s like a coffee drinker who gives up coffee. First few days and maybe even longer, you start getting headaches and other detoxification symptoms.

Yet NOT drinking coffee is not a known cause of headaches. We know it’s the toxins from the coffee being released into the bloodstream that are making you feel this way.

Then there’s another factor. You could call it:

*** The Incredible Lightness of Being ***

Wasn’t that a movie or something? Anyways, sometimes when people go raw, they start being forced to deal with their emotions. The cooked food used to act as a numbing agent and you simply weren’t as in touch with your emotions.

Cooked food can suppress emotions. That’s why so many people tend to overeat when they’re dealing with a lot of stress and fear.

To now have to deal with your emotions is something some new raw foodists are not prepared to do. For me this wasn’t a big deal since I had done years of spiritual and emotional work before ever having gone raw.

So all I felt was pure pleasure. I loved the emotional freedom of going raw. But for some it can be challenging at first.

I suggest a few things.

1. Firstly, just deal with it. You said so yourself: "I will be absolutely fine. I KNOW THIS."

This means you have some faith that if you stay raw long enough that you will feel much better. You seem pretty confident of that.

If that is the case, then simply bite the bullet for a month or two. Just go raw and know that within a short period of time you’ll have gone through the major detox and you’ll also start to be able to handle your emotions better as you get used to this Lightness of Being.

2. Second, I suggest you do some things to slow the detox. Eating a lot helps. Eat heavier foods like bananas. When you eat, it tends to slow down the detox because it takes so much energy to digest that your body has less energy to detox.

3. Thirdly, I suggest doing heavy or vigorous exercise when going raw. That will also slow down the speed of detoxification. When you don’t feel so good, do a bunch of LSE’s from the Lightning Speed Fitness  Program or better yet do a Lightning Aerobics routine which is also part of what you got when you purchased the LSFP.

Lightning Aerobics is a unique way to exercise that seems to release a natural high in most people. Try a 15-minute Lightning Aerobic routine every morning and see if it doesn’t make you feel better.

Sometimes believe it or not, the solution to this emotional detox is heavy duty exercise. It was the solution for one of our forum members at After posting many questions and doing some experimentation she realized she felt very good if she did heavy duty exercise. That was her cure for Raw Emotional Detox.

This could be another reason I never felt much in the way of an emotional detox. I was doing heavy exercise most of the time before going raw and after.

Each of us has a unique history. Some people have a 100 times more to detox to go through than others. A lifestyle of heavy drug use, prescription and illicit can cause you problems for some time. Yet your body is intelligent and will not detox it all at once.

You have to pay the piper if you want to experience ideal levels of health. Remember I went through 6.5 years of hell with my depression and I’m sure some people have suffered much worse than that.

A month or two of less than feeling ideal can lead to a lifetime of feeling incredible. There is much more I could suggest you do and if you become a member of we could go over many more options in the forum.

Each day as your going 100% raw, I can be there to listen to you and to give you feedback and suggestions. It’s much easier when you have a raw friend or two to help.

I hope this gave you some insight and always remember these famous words, "I can get by with a little help from my friends."

To Your Radiant Health and Happiness,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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