My Grandfather’s Simple Prostate Cure…

Imagine waking up in the morning and having a desperate need to pee but as hard as you try, you can’t get it to come out. That has to be a painful and scary situation.

That’s what happened to my grandfather a few months ago.

My grandfather actually hesitated to go to the doctor. He really doesn’t like them and avoids taking medications. But this time he was trapped. It was something urgent as all of us know when we have to take a pee. It was my grandmother that forced him to go to the doctor.

If he didn’t go to a doctor or find an instant alternative, he would have died. The first thing the doctor did was to insert a catheter so he could urinate. Then they prescribed him a drug which was supposed to help him urinate. But after taking that his blood pressure went through the roof, so he needed a ‘safe’ alternative.

Prescription Drugs — The Road To Hell 

So he went back to the doctor and was prescribed Flomax. He had an enlarged prostate and the Flomax did the trick. He was able to urinate again, but at what cost? There were several so-called side effects to taking Flomax.

For one thing, he got very nervous and he could barely sleep and he had virtually no appetite. Imagine going from 6 hours a night of sleep to only 1.5 hours on average. The problems created were more numerous and health destroying than his enlarged prostate.

How could he expect to heal anything without being able to sleep? By taking Flomax it was a sure road to a painful and shortened life.

So to deal with the side effects of Flomax, he was prescribed Xanax to calm his nerves and to help him sleep better.

But Xanax also produces a lot of negative side effects, in fact quite similar to the problems created by taking Flomax. Plus he didn’t really sleep that much more anyway and that stuff is highly addictive.

When I found out what he was doing I was shocked. I told my grandfather that he could cure his prostate by simply eating a low fat and 100% raw food diet.

Health Re-education

I re-educated him on the benefits of eating raw foods. I told him that he didn’t have a Flomax deficiency and that he would very likely cure his enlarged prostate by going raw.

I gave him lots of information over the telephone. He told me he went raw. But after asking him to tell me everything he ate in a day, I found out he was still drinking coffee.

Later on I found out there were other things he was eating that weren’t raw. I decided I had to go up and visit him in Canada and show him exactly what to do.

Over the course of the coming months we talked often and I always found out that he really didn’t fully grasp the raw food diet concept and wasn’t fully aware of how dangerous taking these medications were to his health.

Most people are too brainwashed in the corrupt medical model way of thinking. It’s only natural since that is what the media spouts out day and night for your whole life.

They don’t even realize that often times there are natural and better alternatives to taking drugs and having surgery.

So last week I went up to Toronto to stay with my grandparents and show them how to eat raw properly and to hopefully get my grandfather fully off of his medications. We had talked about tapering off the medications and in fact, he had stopped taking the Flomax but not the Xanax.

To my surprise, when I got there, he had completely stopped both medications the day before I arrived.

The good news was that my grandfather was able to urinate without taking the Flomax. So it seems the raw diet has done the trick. It has been at least 12 days since he’s stopped taking the any of his medications.

Simple Prostate Cure: Eat a low fat, Raw Food Diet or what I call the Optimal Raw Food Diet

The bad news was that he had a very hard time sleeping while I was up there with him. Out of 7 nights, 3 of those nights he didn’t sleep at all.

His best night of sleep at the time was after taking 1 melatonin pill. He slept 4 hours but was more nervous than ever before during the day. So he didn’t take the melatonin anymore.

My Granfather the Zombie

He seemed to alternate between sleeping 2 to 3 hours to not sleeping at all. He had the biggest bags under his eyes you can imagine. It was really sad to see because my grandfather was a fairly healthy and fit man. He always exercised a lot and we called him the Moroccan, Jack La Lanne.

Even at 82 years of age he was exercising every day for an hour outside in the fresh air. He has a park nearby that he walks to and it’s his own private gym. Many years ago I made a fun exercise video with my grandfather.

Another of his problems was being able to eat. He had virtually no appetite. If he ate 500 calories in a day it was a lot. That and being anxious and nervous all the time was his lot in life. He had these problems for 10 days after stopping taking his medications.


But then the detoxification process started to end. Two nights ago he was actually able to sleep for five hours. He was much less nervous and his appetite is starting to come back.

I’m sharing this story with you to help you realize how dangerous it is in most cases to take prescription medications. Always look for natural alternatives.

In this case, my grandfather was able to heal his enlarged prostate by going on a raw food diet of fruits and vegetables. He didn’t eat 100% raw every day, but what little he ate, most of it was raw. Some days he was all raw and some mostly raw. And that was enough to shrink his prostate so he could urinate again without the use of toxic prescription drugs.

Even My Grandmother Eating Much More Raw Foods

The other good news is that I influenced my grandmother to eat much more raw food as well. She thought that bananas were fattening. But when I showed her that bananas only contain 3% of calories from fat and that they don’t make me fat, she changed her mind. She loves bananas and now she’s eating many more of them.

Plus she’s also making large and raw spinach salads. These are good signs. In the past I’ve tried to influence my grandmother to eat raw, but she really didn’t want to make any changes.

But she’s had some major health problems as well and I think because her husband is going raw, that now she feels more comfortable to do so as well.

I was also re-learning Spanish while up there. I used to speak fluent Spanish up until 7 years of age. So now I’m in the process of reactivating it.

All in all I’d say it was a successful trip.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. Did you know that you can cure most diseases simply by eating a Raw Food Diet? Of course, it doesn’t work for everything and in all circumstances, but I’ve seen testimonials of almost every kind of disease being healed. We’re talking cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, lupus, most autoimmune diseases and so much more.

Eating raw is the only natural diet, all other diets are inferior and produce sickness and disease. Cooking food destroys the nutrients and creates millions of toxins, carcinogens and mutagens. It’s slow poison. It’s old age, disease and ugliness.

Life doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re sick and you want to heal, then you should consider some of the raw food resources I have to make it easier for you to go raw. The trick is having the right information and the right support.

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  1. I’d like to read followup articles on your grandparents – both of them – in how they are keeping up with raw foods.

    While I am not 100% raw – my family thinks I am crazy and fanatical being a vegetarian and using salads as the base for meals – rather than having salad in the 4oz cup on the side of the “real” meal – if at all……
    Great story – but followup maybe once a month might get interesting….

  2. Hi Janice,

    I know at least three people who have improved dramatically with M.S. One person, Matthew Grace was wheelchair bound.

    Another would do better if she stayed 100% raw. But she attests that going raw and fasting gives her the best results.

    I also know of another personal trainer who had MS and who went raw and now is fully recovered. Just look up something like “MS and Raw Food Diet” in Google.

    Here are some more testimonials: Note the Hallelujah Diet is not necessarily 100% raw, nor exactly what I recommend, but it has a wide following and many testimonials have been generated.

    There’s even more testimonials if you search that site. In fact you can use their search function to find people healed of most any disease. Simply go to this page and use their search function.

    All one needs to do is some research on the net and you’ll see that most diseases have examples of people being cured simply by going raw.

    I know these testimonials are usually real because I have met and coached many such people under many similar circumstances and diseases who have healed themselves.


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  4. I’ve been having trouble getting up every hour or so to urinate. I’ve been 100% completely raw for 2 months and 99.99 % raw for 1 year before that. I’ve lost somewhere around 120#s and whereas before I was sick and tired all the time now I’m constatlt on the move during my day. My day starts at least a half hour before sunrise and goes sometimes until 2 ish am.
    Having a wonderful time. Raw food and fasting have worked for me.

  5. William,
    So are you saying that going raw has “cured” your need to urinate every hour or so (not clear from your statement above)?
    That being the case, do you consider yourself back to normal now?
    I’d also be interested to see which “eating lifestyle” (I hate the word diet), you’re using for these results. I’m a bit concerned that if I use this method, I may not be getting everything I need each day, and also understand that some of these more radical eating changes can lead to depressions due to detoxification! Comments would be most helpful!

    Is Roger still frequenting this blog? Would be good to hear a follow up!

  6. hi
    cleaning up favarites on file I found your acticleon enlarged prosstate ur mentioned flomax i was reading about it flomax the phone rang walgrens said my flomax waS READY iHAVE AN ENLARGED PROSTATE OFF THE SCALES THE DOC SAYS 74 PSA WAS 57 LAST MARCH HE WANTS TO DO A30 NEEDLE BIIF GREATLY PROSTATE CAN BE NOMAL SIZE AGAIN WITH RAW DIET HAVE YOU HAD ANY TESTOMONYS OF THIS HAPPENING tHANKS nORM eRICSONOPSY PUT ME TO SLEEP FOR 15 MINUTES CAN YOU TELL ME

  7. Hi my friend was diagnosed with prostate enlargement after finding difficulties when peeig for about two days. He has been referred to another hospital to have it removed through operation. Can I tell him to try raw food diet since he not yet on any drugs. Thanks.

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