Remove this… & you’ll love exercise and reverse aging at the same time

My friend Matt was really pissed that he couldn’t exercise due to a rib injury. I found that funny since it seems that most people do anything they can to avoid exercising. Heaven forbid they have to park their cars 200 feet away from the fat and ugly making mall.
About a month ago I was reading a great book on fitness but I was stunned to see what this author believed. He felt that humans by their nature hated to exercise. That you almost had to trick them into exercising otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
To a certain extent I believe that’s true. In other words it applies to most people. But not because they’re HUMANS, instead it’s because of something they’re doing which isn’t natural. When you remove this unnatural thing exercise and life becomes a joy.
If exercise where so bad and unenjoyable for humans then why do children love to run, climb trees and move around like crazy. It’s their older parents and old people in general who are always trying to get them to stop moving, being happy and using their imaginations.
As if moving where a bad thing.

But the bad thing is the old age mentality and vibes of restriction that most people experience when they become older. Luckily I’ve learned how to bypass this completely and on a number of levels.

Let me show you what I mean and how to do it yourself.
Back many years ago I was the Youth Representative in New Jersey for the spiritual teaching I was involved with at the time. I did this for a number of years.
I created seminars and events for teenagers through people 25 years old. Actually I did talks for all age groups as well. But I also spent a lot of time in the children’s room at our seminars. I remember one day something just hitting me.
I remembered exactly what it was like to be a child. Because I had completely forgotten by the time I was in High School and so do most people.
From that day forward I became like the Pied Piper for children. I could get just about any child to fall in love with me and want to play. Just give me enough time and even the really shy kids will want to play with me all of the time. I’ve charmed kids at least a hundred different times.
Contrast this with when I was about 13 years old. I was going through some really hard times, it was my first depression. There was this little baby girl walking outside my apartment. She was maybe between 1 and 2 years old. I looked into her eyes and it scared the crap out of her and she started crying and wobbled off to her mother. For indeed I was crying inside and she felt my pain through our soul to soul eye contact.
One of the things that really helped me initially with children was that I was in pretty good shape. I had enough energy to play with the children at their level.
Children are very physical and they live in a world of imagination. Understand this and you understand children. Of course, you have to be physical and live in your imagination as well.This is what I remembered and now I can relate to children who are anywhere from 1 to 8 years old.
Once they start getting older they tend to lose their strong connection to the Divine and therefore to their imaginations. I always try to look at children in their eyes. They are not afraid to stare and they really enjoy looking back at someone who shares their joy for the Infinite.
Ok so how does this relate to you and to making exercise a pure joy?
If you want to enjoy exercise you have to become innocent and pure as a young child. I know one way to make this happen very quickly.
But first another quick story about what happens with my friends to illustrate my point.
I often meet with a group of my friends. We usually meet at one person’s home or another and often have potlucks. It’s about 5 of us and we all absolutely love to exercise.
When we get together, we don’t just talk or watch TV (never did that actually) we always find time to do fun exercises with each other. We actually use each other as exercise machines.
We are all innocent like children and we all love to exercise. It is part of our culture.
And I might add that this joy of exercise, imagination and youthfulness also translates to our physical appearance. We’re all extremely healthy and vibrant with glowing skin and a youthful and thin appearance.
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Besides exercise and open hearts there’s another commonality between us. We all eat a Raw Food Diet. And it’s not just any old raw food diet, but a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in fat. Their diets are quite similar to what I teach here on this blog and to members of
So if you want to adore exercise like my friend Matt and I do and if you want to reverse aging at the same time then you need to remove as much cooked food from your diet as possible. And the easiest way to do this is to simply add more raw food to your diet gradually so you have less room for cooked food.
One of our female friends is a high fashion model that works for an agency in New York City. I always found it funny that guy who calls himself Raw Model. It just sounds funny to me.
Well anyway we have in our midst the female version of the Raw Model. She tells me I would do well in modeling and that I could make a new career of it. But don’t worry, I won’t be getting into modeling, I like helping people to improve their health, happiness and fitness too much.
Many years ago I discovered that the more raw fruits and vegetables I ate, the more I wanted to exercise. Sometimes I just have a burning desire to exercise.
Even my father noticed the same thing. The more he ate raw foods the more he loved to exercise. I wrote a detailed blog post about it.
My father always did his daily exercises but to him it was more of a pain. But when he started eating more raw foods he noticed that he really enjoyed and desired to exercise. He wasn’t even near 100% raw and yet it worked quite well in upping his desire for exercise.
Fruits and vegetables are like miracle foods given to us by the Gods or God. They open you up spiritually with their sun-charged, electric joy vibration. They make you young again and remove the crust of old age and false propriety. Life is more fun and creative as a kid.
How To Love Exercise
If you want to look younger almost immediately and start to actually enjoy a vigorous energy boosting and anti-aging fitness program like my then I suggest you start adding more fresh, ripe, raw and whenever possible organic fruits and vegetables to your diet.
You’ll feel better than you have in years and start getting younger and wanting to exercise. In just a few short days you’ll start to feel much better (I overcame my 6.5 year depression in less than 24 hours by going 50% raw) and you’ll want to exercise.
No one will have to force you to exercise. You’ll do it because it’s super fun to move your body because that is how you’re supposed to feel. We were designed to move and be active throughout our entire lives. For even more tips on making exercise enjoyable check out Cocainercise.


But cooked food ages, poisons and closes up our childhood spiritual centers. It makes our skin look horrible and gives us arthritis, migraines, depression and virtually every disease known to man.
Once you start adding more raw foods, you should start to notice you’re losing weight effortlessly. And then you will naturally increase that weight loss by increasing your NATURAL DESIRE to EXERCISE intensely and daily.
Fruits and exercise go hand in hand.  A simple way to start is by just eating more. A great way to do this is to replace your normal breakfast by eating as much fruit as you care for.
Then make sure to bring fresh fruit snacks with you to work and to have salads before every meal besides breakfast.
Do this and you too will start to experience pure joy in moving your body. It’s time for you to come home to your true self. A great first step is in eating foods that are natural for all of humanity.
Choose our species specific diet: The Optimal Raw Food Diet and get ready to blast into a new and better life. Once you know what you are doing and have been raw a few months. Staying raw will be effortless and you won’t even be thinking about cooked food.


That is when a new life will begin for you.
To Your Infinite Potential and Joy,
Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

P.S. If you want help while transitioning to the Raw Food Diet then I’m your man. I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world to give up cooked food once and for all. My most comprehensive resource breaking cooked food addiction and doing the Raw Food Diet right is available at a dirt cheap price at

P.P.S. I have many more techniques for you to get to where you love to exercise as much as me. Take a look at and you’ll learn the secrets to making exercise a joyous daily habit.




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  1. You make a very good point about how we are conditioned to age and discouraged to move, until it just becomes our lifestyle. Unfortunately I don’t remember ever having boundless energy, even as a child. I believe I was susceptible to my poor diet even then. I feel that I am way healthier now than at any point in my life, including childhood. But it’s never too late to regain your health. 🙂

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