5 Lazy Fitness Tips

Too darn lazy to exercise are ya? Or maybe ur too darn bizzy holding down 3 jobs ever since the goverMINT been spending all of your moolah.

I know it, times are tough and in times like these you need to be in the best physical and mental shape possible to stay ahead of the pack. And in order to do this ye’ve got to exercise.

But you should get these 2 stinking myths out of your mind right away.

1. I Can Only Workout In A Gym

Going to a gym takes a lot of time. And heck it costs a lot of money as well. I used to trudge on over to my local Jack LaLanne gym which later turned into Bally’s. But I’d only go three times a week and always scheduled it so I wouldn’t go at busy times.

Hated waiting for machines and having to get lockers. Parking was a pain. What a waste of time and gas. One time I figured I save at least 2 hours a week compared to the days I worked out at the gym.

These days I can do my workouts just about anywhere. At home, outside, at a friends house, in a hotel or out in nature. I can do so because my body is the gym and that alone saves me a ton of time.

2. My Workout Must Be Long To Be Effective

Nothing could be further from the truth. I have a special full body workout in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program that is a total body exercise and most people couldn’t even last doing it for two minutes let alone the recommended 4 minutes.

The truth of the matter is I do mini exercise sessions whenever I’m inspired to throughout the day. Some days I feel like doing a longer session like 15 minutes or even longer.

Other days I do 2 minutes here, 15 seconds there and another for a minute. You can get superfit in mini-bursts of intense exercise. And you don’t have to start out so intensely, you build up to it over time.

You wouldn’t want to scare yourself away from exercise would you?

I like doing things that are fun. To me my exercises are a ton of fun. I get pure joy from doing them. I’m feeling it write now as I write.

I can’t wait to getting back to my workout. I never felt this way when exercising in a gym. Plus I’d have to get dressed and get in my car and go there and have all sorts of other people watching me exercise.

And I know for some of you who’re a wee bit plump might be extra sensitive to exercising in front of strangers who might be silently mocking you.

So here’s what I suggest you do.

1. Always wear sneakers.

That’s what I do, so that I can always get in a mini-workout with my legs whenever possible. I just love doing a quick sprint. Even if it’s only 10 steps.

If you can’t always were sneakers, then try wearing black sneakers that look like shoes. Or get shoes with really comfortable souls that you can exercise in.

2. Always wear exercise or loose clothing.

I love wearing sweat suits as some of my friends will attest. First of all they’re comfortable and secondly it’s easy to exercise in them.

In the summer I prefer shorts of course, because I have even greater freedom of movement. So set up your life in ways so that it’s easy for you to take quick 1 minute exercise breaks.

3. Get a copy of my Lightning Speed Fitness Program: http://LightningSpeedFitness.com.

It’s got speed in the name for two important reasons. For one it will make you run faster. It made me run faster than when I was on my college tennis team.

Secondly, it can get you into shape in record time because you don’t do a million crappy isolation exercises.

My exercises train many muscle groups at the same time and this is the way we were designed by God. It’s actually much better to exercise like this for functional or real world strength.

When you go to the gym and do isolation exercises you can easily imbalance your muscles and cause yourself a lot of injuries due to isolation.

So stay tuned as I reveal more kewl Lazy Fitness Tips. In fact, I’ve got a new fitness program called Lazy Fitness that should be coming out soon. Keep your eyes peeled.


Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

P.S. All of the exercises in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program can be done in mini exercise breaks. Time to give up those life stealing coffee breaks and start taking life-energizing exercise breaks. They’ll give you extra energy and not rob you of vital nerveforce reserves like coffee does.

Check out the speedy Lightning Speed Fitness Program today.




5 Lazy Fitness Tips — 4 Comments

  1. I completely agree that gym memberships and long workouts are entirely unnecessary.

    I’m definitely one of those people who prefers to work out alone than in a gym environment. I’m not a fan of the often underlying competitive atmosphere, the mirrors, or the regimented feel of a class. Not to mention the time and expense that it takes to get there and back. I’d rather do something that I really emjoy, and in short bursts as time permits throughout the day.

    It’s not always practical for me to dress in workout wear, or even to wear sneakers on a regular basis. But what I’ve found is that it’s a good idea to keep a change of clothes and an old pair of sneaks in my car, and then I can change really quick during work breaks or whenever the need arises.

  2. Correct, gym memberships are so much a justification that people are doing good to them even though they may not use the membership at all. Sure, there are exercising machines that may help with developing some specific skills, but very few of them cannot actually be done somewhere else with a little bit of creativity.

  3. Hey Roger

    I like this, you are so right about he gym absolute waste of money, I do your lightning fast fitness and cycle 20 km 5 out of 7 days. My only cost is maintaining my bike. I think that you need to find something that you enjoy and just do it.

  4. Hi Roger,
    I agree with you that 5 or 10 minutes effective exercise are better than nothing. I often will trick myself this way. If I have not enough time to go to gym, I just do a few poses from yoga in the short period of time. Even short workout makes me feel good.

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